Ola from Eileen!!

Eileen.. Eleonore…艾 琳

I’m typical Malaysian Chinese. Born in Kuala Lumpur..(City of Traffic Jams, Pollutions and etc) but luckily, bred in Penang (Ah.. The Island that j’dore!) . That’s why i ends up know how to speak a couple of dialects. *thank you! thank you*

I’ve studied in three different types of high schools (Typical Chinese – Penang, International – Guangzhou, China and Private – Subang Jaya, Selangor *the worst high school ever!*).

All my friends described me as : Cheerful, talkative, open-minded (hmm not really), funny, helpful and etc. Well, from what i know, i’m just a normal girl who loves to listen, speak out and help people that worth helping.

The list of things i love to do (wooo…. ):

1) Hunt for good quality and cheap food (if really can find this combination, it’s PERFECTO)!! – Typical Penangite (Proud to be also)!!

2) Love to travel around the world (if this really does happen, i would love to thank to my current or future jobs and my previous and future studies). * Currently, still saving money.. next target : EUROPE!*

3) Still trying to improve Photography skill (That’s where i spent my moolah the most).

4) Love to join all types of Volunteer Programmes especially on marine *Turtle* *Seahorse* *Coral Reef – really hope this comes true!* (Must Learn and Get my Scuba Diving license)

5) Love to chit chat with my friends *sisterhood* !! (honestly speaking, i think more on gossiping! kekeke..)

That’s for all *i guess?? * ! Oh well, if you really want to know more about me, you can always message or comment in any of my posts in this blog!! Enjoy !!


3 thoughts on “Ola from Eileen!!

  1. Hi Teng,

    Thanks Thanks. I’m actually honoured that you added me in ur blogroll. Can i add you as well? Thank you very much.

    Don’t mind, i would like to know more about you (Probably a brief intro about yourself).

    Thank you.


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