Dunedin (University and Chocolate Town), NZealand

Life: Fair and Unfair, My adventure holiday

The Clock Tower

Well hello..hello..and hello. Greetings from down under (uh.. not Australia. It’s New Zealand. Currently i’m in Dunedin, South Island of New Zealand). Well before i begin my long winded story, i would like to ask how’s everyone back home? Miss you all heaps and hope everything is alright, great or good for everyone.

Let me begin my story: Dunedin, the university city which is located in the southern most part of south island of New Zealand (well not exactly southern most). This city is consist of 80 ~ 90% of students from University of Otago and Otago Tech. So imagine, during summer holiday, the city is pretty quiet aka dead because almost all the students go back to their hometown, countries or go to north island to get part time job.  That is why it is known as the University City.  Do you know why i called this place as Chocolate City (think think..)? This is because Cadbury Factory is located in this city =PA lot of people that i have asked said that New Zealand is a beautiful place especially South Island and i also did asked whether Dunedin is a safe, clean place to stay, rest and relax. Well..the answer was yes.  Well probably i had very high expectation on this city and university. All turned out not true and fairly disappointed once i touched down on this “wonderful” place.Let me tell you the good and bad points about this city and University



  • Yup, it’s really a TRUE University City. So, it’s a good place for study especially for Undergraduate program.
  • Scenery : Fascinating (especially The Clock Tower, Octagon, Train Station, Dunedin Botanical Garden, Cadbury Factory, Town Hall and St David Lecture Theatre, University of Otago) as shown below.
  • As for the kiwis, they are pretty friendly and good manners (some).
  • Food: There are pretty a lot of Asian restaurants here (Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indian – all these restaurant can be found in George Street aka Shopping and Busy Street). As for malaysian food, hmm got one stall in Meridien Mall.
  • Shopping:  Grocery – I usually go to K-Mart, New World, Count Down. As for Asian food (rice, asian junk food, instant noodles) : New World and Korean Shops (pretty near to Botanical Garden).  Books: University Book Shop (just right next to NZ post office at  and Volume One (this shop very near to City College).


  • Nice place to do undergraduate especially for Health Science and Law. As for postgraduate, it is recommended to do research (not coursework).
  • I love the science labs (oh my..). Really well-equiped. Facilities are so much better and up-to-date technologies (pretty difficult to explain here).
  • LIBRARIES! I really love the libraries in University of Otago especially the central and science ones. Central library is the one that always shown in the University of Otago’s website. True enough.. it is really GORGEOUS, HUGE and MODERN *will show the photos later*. As for the science library, that’s my favourite library. All the books and journals that i’ve been looking for during my undergraduate, I FOUND THEM here. WAh hahaha..very happy!

Bad points about the University Town (especially the campus zone):

  • Broken glasses everywhere. Yes, it’s University of Otago students’ culture.
  • Burning wooden couches is also another huge event in Dunedin.

So never go out alone (warning to girls especially at nights). For me and my flatmates from Flat (unknown), we always stay at home.PLEASE BE ALERT OF THIS CASE!!!:Now i’m back in Malaysia for good due to unexpected and shocking event that i never thought it would happened on me. So please make sure that the subjects and courses that you chosed and they offered are REALLY offered this year. If not, seriously.. (just warning from me), please don’t be the next victim like me. Seriously, not only the shocking news affect me, it’s also affect my family (physically and emotionally).


Eye on Malaysia…

My adventure holiday

YES.. FINALLY, i  saw Malaysia’s Ferris Wheel : Eye On Malaysia (mua hahaa..). I would like to say lot of thank you to Kak Azlina aka Mummy. She is the one encourage and teach me or actually also show me the importance of photography.

Well, during my 3rd year (we two always have funny idea), she took me (or i suggested it) to Putrajaya on one of the SATURDAY, for my very own first photography lesson. That’s was the best experience.

So, I went to campus on last wednesday (during mid semester break) to meet up Kak Azlina.

We went there around 10am in the morning. ALL I CAN SAY is:

“I love the view especially Eye On Malaysia and this was my 1st time went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. J’ADORE”

I took a couple of pictures and luckily got my Xi Fu there to guide me. Kak A, i really really happy. Thanks for the ride and also the photography lesson. The view is just so AWESOME and Spectacular or i should say Magnificent!

I’ll think of another venue.. for the next photography lesson. Can’t wait for the next lesson!

My 2nd Photography lesson

Date: 11th April 2007

Time: Morning till afternoon

Venue: Eye on Malaysia , Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Hope you all like it.

Ya.. visit MALAYSIA very own Ferris Wheel “Eye on Malaysia”.

I’ll go there again(DEFINITELY)! This time hopefully can go there around night (especially Weekend or SATURDAY). I heard there are fireworks and so much more! FUN, FUN..FUN!!






Kuala Selangor.. Here i Come!

Environment/Nature, My adventure holiday

WOo HOo.. tomorrow i’ll be going to Kuala Selangor. Yes, it’s time to leave busy town or city to a more quiet and peaceful place or town. WAh haha.. ! Yes i know.. i should have rest at home (due to my workload!). Anyway, i’ll be following my environmental management and also my field trip friend, Lavy (WAh haha or LAvenia.. i love to call her by this name..) to Kuala Selangor. Yup, Lavy will be driving! Hold on.. wait a minute, i should say i’ll be following all the BIO2011 or Ecology students, Meera and Dr Cathy.

That means i’ll be going to Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP) and join the BIO2011 Students to do their sampling work in the Mangrove (Tough..but hopefully i can overcome my fear..yeah the last time i went there, i had bad experience) and at the Secondary forest in KSNP. Woo hoo.. hopefully the silverleaf monkeys (both adults and juvenile) present or waiting for us. I just love the juvenile. Besides that, hopefully i get to see mudskipper, otter,and flidder crabs. OH.. another god’s creation: the sunset which is a must to see from the famous light house (Altingsburg Lighthouse) at Bukit Melawati!

On the last day (Sunday) of this trip, we will be going to primary lowland forest at Gombak to collect samples. Leech – might be a challenge for some people.

If you want to know my past experience in KSNP, you can view by clicking on this!!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day!


My adventure holiday

AQUARIA which located at KL Convention Centre, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA. Whoever that don’t know where is KL Convention Centre. Ok, it’s my pleasure to direct. KL Convention Centre is just RIGHT NEXT to KLCC or TWIN TOWER. (Whoever that don’t know where is KLCC or TWIN TOWER, PLEASE CHECK OUR TOURIST CENTRE or any website that tells you where is KLCC!!)

Before i begin my story, this is my 3rd time to AQUARIA. I know it’s crazy to go Aquaria for like so many times. Some people think i’m crazy to visit that place for like 3 times. Well, i have to admit.. if i’m given a chance to work, i’ll definitely choose Aquaria. The reasons are

 1) I love all types of  turtles (terrestrial to marine) that present in Aquaria, KLCC

2) I love all marine animals (I know Steve Irwin was killed by a STING RAY! That’s life. I still love Sting ray!)

3) I love the environment (Make me feel like this is what i want in life!)

4) I make feel calm and relax (Remind me of my REDANG trip)

Ya..my 3rd times to KLCC aquaria was with Ee ling (My best pal). We sort of planned to go there like.. one week (the reason it took us so long..to plan because of the weather). So on the 30th of November (around 10am), we left campus to Aquaria (I was so happy.. and she also!!). Both of us headed to Taman Jaya to take LRT to KLCC (Man.. time flies! I haven’t been to Aquaria for like 3 months *whink*). We reached there around 10:30am. The reason we went there early was to vaoid jam (Human Jam in Aquaria). Wah haha.. we were damn lucky. There wasn’t a lot of people there (PHEW!) at that time. The Operating hours starts from 11am to 8pm (including weekends, school and public holidays). Theme for this month or this holiday in AQUARIA : PIRATES OF THE HIGH SEAS!! All the staffs have to dress like something related to PIRATES (A HOY). Besides that, there were some decorations such as swords, treasure chest, canon and etc (take a look at the below picture)


Awesome, right?! (took this in The Living Oceans aka Underwater section)

AQUARIA is divided into a couple of sections (from rainforest to deep blue sea):

From Entrance 

1) Marine turtles (Green and Hawksbill hatchlings)  [3 tanks ] and River Terrapins aka Freshwater turtles (hatchlings) [1 tank, if i’m not mistaken] —> FROM SEATRU, KUSTEM and Department of Fisheries.


Green turtle (Hehe..!! Yo DUDE!!)

2) Genetically modified fishes (fluorescent or in layman term “GLOW IN THE DARK”

A) Jewels of the Jungle

3) Spiders (especially tarantula), FROGS (EEE… especially the huge one… forget to write down the name), LIZARDS (i dislike or i have phobia), Gekko, insects, beetles and etc.

B) AMAZON and MALAYSIAN Flooded Forest

4) Malaysian Flooded Forest have soft shell turtles, LOTS of Fishes and what else. Oh ya.. River and Painted Terrapins. It’s hard to differentiate between river and painted terrapins (Probably i need to work in CTrec.. wah haha PELF, employ me..!!). I only know (well it’s very obvious) how to differentiate between River and painted MALE terrapins during breeding season.


Meet TURTLE (i wonder what turtle is this?)

C) The Coast

5) In the Coast, you’ll find a lot of marine turtles (YUP, it seems like you will see hawksbill and green turtles EVERYWHERE!!)


 (This is HAWKSBILL Turtle as you can see the carapace (shell) is differnt from other turtle)

D) THE LIVING OCEANS (MY favourite section)

Yup, this is my Favourite section. You can see different types of aquatic animals such as STING RAY , Moray Eels, Nurse Sharks, Black Tip Sharks, Groupers, Parrotfish, Tang (blue) and etc and CORALS. Not to forget, the shipwreck that present in the living oceans. The length of the underwater tunnel is 90 metres.


Giant Sting RAY ( i wonder what ray is this? hmm..it’s HUGE)


Meet Bruce the Shark (keke… sound familiar? Relate to clown fish *whink*)

One of the reason why i love to visit Aquaria KLCC is the service. Whenever you are curious about the underwater creatures (for example, the types of sharks), there are someone to assist you. The guy i asked (can’t remember his name).. He is very friendly.

After the living oceans section, there are AQUATHEATRE (a section for you to watch shark feeding : MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. Time : 3pm-4pm). I think i only seen once (The divers are very friendly. They waved to the kids).

After all these exciting journey from rainforest to deep blue sea, there is a gift shop in AQUARIA. The name of the shop is ATLANTIS Gift Shop. There are t-shirts (for adults and kids), magnet, collectable coins (from royal mint), key chains, bookmarks, and etc. For me, the price is ok (depends on what you want to buy as souvenir). I bought key chain (soft toy) and coins.

Overall, i can say i really love this place. it’s a great place to know about our rainforests, freshwater and marine environment, marine creatures and to learn how and ways to conserve our Environment. So what are you guys waiting for, DO visit our very own AQUARIA. OH ya, for student, please bring your STUDENT CARD.


Student (with STUDENT CARD) = RM20.00

Adults (Malaysian) = RM28.00

Adults (Non-Malaysian) = RM38.00

Child (Malaysian/ 3-12 years old) = RM22

Child (Non-Malaysia / 3-12 years old) = RM26

Child (below 3 years old) = FREE

Senior citizen (60 years old & above) = RM18

Do VISIT our very Own AQUARIA. Cheers, mate!!

(All the informations from pamphlet (Aquaria, KLCC) and official website for Aquaria KLCC http://www.klaquaria.com/maina.html)

Ma’Daerah Trip , Kertih (T’gganu)

My adventure holiday

My wish really came true……..

This was my 2nd time visit Ma’Daerah Turtle Sanctuary in Kertih , Terengganu. I was so crazy about turtle especially marine and freshwater turtles this year (thanks to my wonderful malacca trip). The whole SCM3011 class were there for 3 days 2 nites (29th April till 1st May 2006). All of us left campus around 9am. The whole journey.. a couple of us didn’t sleep (Si babi hutan and Si penyu). We reached Ma’daerah around 3:30pm. The first thing i wanna see from Ma’daerah was the beach. My.. really remind me of my first trip (2004). Dr Cathy was so happy about the beach and so excited about swimming in the sea because the sea water was so clean and crystal clear.


WeLcome to Ma’Daerah’s Beach (on the 1st day)!!

On the first night (29th April 2006), there was one female adult landed on the beach for nesting (We were DAMN lucky cuz it’s not the peak nesting season!!). Anyway, all of us was so excited.. and this time (learned from my lessons) , i’ve managed to take a short video clip (well.. the background was very dark.. but still managed to see turtle’s eggs). My roomates for this trip were Wei yeng, Charlotte, Jac and Dareen (Si biri-biri) and also MahenDora (Si babi hutan). When we had no activities to do in the afternoon, all of us either chit chatting, play cards or told silly jokes or riddles. We also did a few of creative post when we took our beach’s photo (kekeke…).

1) L (Si Penyu). O (Jac). V (W. Yeng). E (Si biri-biri) with love sign (Si SoTong).

L.O.V.E … WEe…

2) Album Cover (hehe.. Si babi Hutan) – It’s really a candid shot. Neva know it turn out that well. Bravo to Si Penyu.

MJ’s picture (Sorry MJ, I have to say u look good!)

Anyway, beside took tonnes of pictures, we also managed to see a lot of turtles’ tracks (got two U-turn) and one part of the carapace (Prob from the dead turtle).Unfortunately, on the first day, one of the turtle being killed. The possible reason was got entangled by fishing net (GRrrr…….GEram betul).

img_0333_resize.JPG img_0334_01.JPG
Which one is : Turtle Track (Guess ?!?!)

Part of the carapace (turtle shell)…sigh 😦

On the 2nd day (around 3pm), a couple of makcik (prob fishermen’s wives) came to Ma’Daerah to show us some of T’gganu kraf tangan and also snacks. The kraf tangan very nice and beautiful (creative..) and the snacks (keropok and keropok lekor) were very DeLicious. All of us had the keropok till we forgot about the afternoon tea (from the catering).


T’gganu Kraf Tangan… (Nice Huh?!)

Anyway, there was no adult turtle came up for nesting. On that night, i wasn’t feeling that well and happy due to some reasons and also dind’t get enough sleep on the first day. Well.. i have to say WE ALL ARE SO LUCKY TO SEE TURTLE .. and i’m very proud of it…!! AT last, EVERYONE love the turtle trip and very excited to see turtle landing..keke..!! Thank you, Dr Cathy and Meera!! Without you guys, i don’t think the trip will be successful!!

Special Note:

Just want to inform you all –> PLEASE PROTECT OUR TURTLES (marine, freshwater and terrestrial) !! STOP BUYING any turtles’ products esp EGGS and SHELL (hawksbill)!!

To fishermen and villagers: PLease DO NOT throw the old or “ghost” nets into the sea or river (Turtle will get entangle and cause suffocation).

Turtle Trip , Malacca (Ep. 1)

My adventure holiday

After received bad news from CTRec (Pasir Kumpal, Dungun in Terengganu), i thought this was like the worst holiday. FORTUNATELY, my beloving friend, Ee ling managed to get another turtle trip. I never know that there is a turtle centre in Malacca (Masjid Tanah). Finally, both of us got to see turtle and do some conservation work for the TURTLE (wee…). On the 21st of February, Eeling and i took the quite earliest bus to Masjid tanah. Around noon, we reached Masjid Tanah bus station and wait for WWF officers to pick us up. The first reaction from the WWF officers :” Wah.. u two goin to stay for quite sometime, is it?” This was because me and Ee ling carried our big backpack (thanks to my tripod and sleeping bag). Anyway, they brought us .. to have our first lunch in Masjid tanah. The food was ok..Oh before i started my turtle conservation trip story, let me introduced.. the main characters:

Si Penyu, Ee Ling, CarroL(L to R) and Ashraff (in front)

and Min Min (the scientific officer)

Ashraff, Caroll and Min min.. all of them are very friendly, caring and helpful and also very FUNNY and TALKative!! On the first day, min min asked us how’s the trip from KL to Masjid Tanah. Both of us (Me and Ee Ling) said it was ok. The first assignmnet we had was to key in data. It was quite interesting cuz there are a lot of data to key in (egg hatched, egg failed to hatch, how many turtle land for nesting and bla bla bla). I felt very happy and excited cuz got to know what do they do for turtle’s conservation project. Min min and Caroll gave us another 2 assignments: 1) Survey with the fishermen on 3rd Day and 2) Made turtle (out of paper and cardboards) and boardgame (like snake and ladder). Two things i love about this trip was able to learn and being pampered. We were provided with good food (jalan jalan cari makan) and charlet.

On the first day (evening), me and Ee ling decided to do beach survey. The beach wasn’t as good as the east coast beach (such as Ma’daerah). But, both of us were very lucky cuz we able to watch the sunset (Caroll also said we are lucky). The first day.. wasn’t that bad after all. We slept around 11pm.


 Sunset in Pengkalan Balak (outside Carrol’s Chalet)

Yup.. Sunset. Very nice.. me and ee Ling took quite a few pictures. All turned out not bad. During our survey on the beach, a fisherman asked his son ( i think) to give us a welcome gift. Guess wat’s that…? … COme on.. Guess……………….




4………………….. (Give up?!)

5…………………………………… (I”m Going to tell the answer…hurry up!)


7……………………………………………………(The results .. on the way now..!)



10……………………………………………….. the answer is a fish ( but dunno wat fish is that?!). The kid told us the fish is very pretty and gave us as present. So sweet of him!!


ANyway.. i’ll continue my Melaka’s turtle trip story… soon….(to be continue..)

Good and bad news for my end of summer holiday..trip

My adventure holiday

At the beginning of February, Ee ling (one of my eco-tour mate) smsed me whether i’ve notice an article about river terrapin (tuntung in Malay) in the Star NEwspaper (31st Jan 2006) and have any interest to join the volunteer program. Usually when i go back to Penang, i hardly read newspaper. After received this news, i quickly went down to grab a newspaper. Thank god..got it. At first, i paid not many interest on this project becuz Ee ling said she will write an email to ask.

Days after days, weeks after weeks(guess the following week), Ee ling said no reply from Ctrec(Centre for turtle research & conservation). So she asked me called seatru or Ctrec to ask whether they receive the email. I’ve tried to call several times, but alwiz didn’t manage to call thru. Tried to search by google, didn’t manage to get any contacts beside kustem and Prof Chan’s contacts. Prof Chan is the head of this project and also turtle conservation program. Thank god.. one of the Master student (RA) for this project has a blog. Her name is Pelf (very friendly and sweet gal.. and she quite talk a lot). I left a couple of messages about the trip to dungun and program (Pray hard can get reply from her asap).

EVen though, have tried several on the phone, my sixth sense tell me not to give up. So one of the evening (can’t remember which day) around 6:30pm, I managed.. man.. I really did make it. One of the RA from seatru (Sea Turtle Research Unit) picked up the phone. Her name is Yun Yun. At first, i was quite shy to talk to her (first time mah.. ask about the program). But then after talk for like 10 minutes.. i asked her whether is it ok for me to talk with her in Chinese. Both of us very happy about it.. and manage to ask lots of stuff and also she gave me her hp no becuz she said it’s quite hard to receive or accept any phone calls in dungun (bad reception!!) and only 019 can be used.

ONce i got the information, i quickly called Ee ling about the good news and we also set the date to go and stay there. That time.. i was realyl really really happy and excited about the project becuz it’s my first time join in volunteer project (beside Ma daerah.. which didn’t count .. becuz more to really on vacation than.. really hands on on the project). But my happiness and excitement only last for two days… on feb 12th morning, pelf and yun yun smsed to me said that the project site was flooded and everybody was evacuated. THe Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) forecasted that it will pour until the end of the week. Tat time, my mood was very bad and really worry about the terrapin and its eggs and keep on have “oh Shit!! WHy like that one? ” on my mind. OH well.. maybe it’s fated that i can’t join in the project this year. OH well.. wat to do.

THen i quickly smsed to Ee ling about the bad news. SHe said she will try to look for other project..(kinda last minute). So.. now waiting for the good news.. hopefully can join the tuntung project (CTReC) or other turtle project. Pray hard for it..!!


PAINTED TERRAPIN (Pengkalan Balak, Malacca)


Port Dickson trip at Tj. Tuan

My adventure holiday

PD (Port Dickson) trip……..

The first time i went to PD was during my 1st year. Dr Khoo KS, my lecturer and supervisor introduced this wonderful but superb dirty beach to any students including myself. Well, the last time i went to PD was during my 2nd year 2nd semester.  I remembered Dr khoo aka ah pek khoo (my supervisor) always asked me and the rest of my friends whether we want to follow him to PD to collect samples such as different types of seaweeds and corals.

Ok ok.. finally, on 29th of December 2005, a number of students including myself and Dr Khoo decided to go (This was like my 3rd or 4th time to Tanjung Tuan). I still remembered that place well. You know why? Let me give you a couple of reasons. For instance, the beach was very dirty due to irresposible locals and visitors who loves to throw rubbish such as polystyrene box, food, bones everywhere (E..E..W..E!!), quite a number of hawkers stalls and so forth. Okok..now i would like to introduce the PD E.S.C.A.P.E member: Kar li, April, Li Laine, Melvin, Eileen, Sammie and Kai Ming. Dr khoo brought along his kids (Minnie, Mickey, Hao hao and Eunice). We left campus around 10:30am. The kids in dr khoo’s car behave themselves very well. Introducing the four superb active doggy:


(L to R: Minnie, Mickey, Hao Hao and Eunice).

We arrived PD around lunch time and it was raining (well.. thank god not that heavy). Since we couldn’t start our sampling, photography, kayaking activities, we decided to have our lunch. Guess what we had for lunch? (Give up?) The answer is …..KFC.The last time i had KFC was two years back (Jeez.. that’s so long time ago). Anyway, what i know, the kids love it so much. Eunice and Minnie fought for KFC (Bad Girls..).

Right after lunch, i sort of busy started my photography activity ( This show my prayers came true…thank you, god!). Here i would like to show off my SE and Canon camera. Just need a couple of minute to enjoy my wonderful photos.

Here are the pictures of the beach:

 img_1408_mod.JPG img_1407_mod.JPG img_0149_resize.JPG img_0155_resize.JPG

and here is a picture of myself:

img_1409_mod.JPG (Cool, huh?)

Around 2pm (the weather changed from bad to good!), the sea water level increased due to the amount of rainfall. Anyway, all of us started our kayaking activity.  PD E.S.C.A.P.E team was divided into two groups: 1) Me (Eileen) and kar li in one boat and 2) April and melvin in the other boat. We had a kayaking race see. The race was whoever can spot dr khoo while dr khoo snokling consider the winner. Guess who is the winnder? Wah haha.. NO ONE (it’s quite hard to spot him!).

So, after an hour, all of us had to return the boat. I forgot to let you all know about the price…RM15/hour for each person (Don’t you think it’s way expensive?). All of us enjoyed the kayaking activity. After all the adventurous activity, all of us start our sampling activity. Along the shore, we had collected quite large amount of padina (Guess must be the season). Around 4pm, dr khoo also stop his padina and soft coral hunting. Before we left Tj. Tuan, we took a group pictures. Here are the pictures:


(L to R: Li laine, april, kar li and melvin)


This is dr khoo and the kids (Thanx dr khoo..)

After all those sweat and tiring activities and able to collect large amount of samples, all i can say this trip was really worth it. Thanks to dr khoo and my team mates friends . Before i end this post, i would like to wish everyone

HAPPY, JOlly holiday and a Happy New YEar !!

Alamanda, Putrajaya

My adventure holiday

Last sunday, as usual with my crazy ideas (again) , without think twice whether my dad will scold me with these silly ideas.. i just approached my dad and asked my dad whether we can have a family day in Alamanda, Putrajaya (somemore they had their merdeka rehearsel on that day…).

Guess wat.. after i asked.. i just realized that (oooohhh…ohh..oppss). But then thank god.. my dad also have the same idea with me. He also wanna bring my family to Putrajaya since after my Putrajaya trip with Kak Azlina. WAh haha… (my mom think that me and my dad got some problems… wat to do.. father and daughter..). My mom told my dad.. he better don get mad.. if her daughter (that’s me) dunno the way to Alamanda. Well.. guess my dad is superb good mood.. he straight away said..” Aiyah…, sure can find one. DOn worry…”

Around 9am, we left our house (yippee.. i can take some shots..). One thing i love about family trip esp to Putrajaya or Sepang, my mom will explained to me what place is? and told me last time it used to be.. wat plantation? How fertile the soil used to be?

My mom love to show me which part of the forest undergo deforestation or fragmented… cut and burn was done… That’s how i got to know some stuff about environment. Well… besides that, i would like to thanx to conservation of bioresources class.. it really make me think why, how, what and who…?

“Why still got these problems occur (still not afraid of HAze is it)? How can it be solve and stop? What are their purposesof using this method (cut and burn)? WHo suggested this ideas?” Sigh…

Anyway, we reached Alamanda around 10am (That is like kind of early).

This is Alamanda at Putrajaya (Nice?)

Alamanda, Putrajaya

Another picture of Alamanda


BTH2800 Field Trip

My adventure holiday

This is my 2nd time to United Plantation. I still remember the different types of oil palms, the factors that affect the oil plants’ growth and so forth. We left campus around 8am. United plantation located at Teluk Intan, Perak. It took us roughly around 2 to 3 hours to reach our destiny. Along the road, we could see lots and lots of oil palm trees. 


Oil Palm Tree

We had breakfast which was prepared by the UP bakery and officers right after we reached UP. The bread was fantastic. After breakfast, Dr Gurmit Singh explained the different types of oil palm , how to differentiate between male and female oil palm tree and what type of oil palm produce the best or highest amount of oil. Besides that, he also showed us the different types of coconuts and bananas. After all the explanation given by Dr Gurmit Singh, we went to tissue culture laboratory. I have to say the laboratory is so much better than the labs in my campus. Before we entered the tissue culture lab, we need to take off our shoes (to prevent contamination).

UP lab

UP tissue culture Laboratory.

After visited the laboratory, we went to oil palm plantation. I can said it’s fun for myself. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoy. For instant, some juniors couldn’t stand the heat under the hot sun macam puteri lilin. After visited all the oil palm plantation, we went to UP bakery. Oh my god, the cakes and breads were delicious and fantastic. I bought two cakes and breads (The results were DELICIOUS and highly recommended by EILEEN).

Anyway, after UP trip, we went to Sekinchan to visit the padi field. Wow!! The padi field was so beautiful. The scenery just make people feel very relax and calm. Besides that, all i can say is the scenery is nice and gorgeous. That is why, i just love to take this beautiful scenery. Oh, my padi field (how i wish!!). We stayed there for an hour. Dr Surjit and Dr Joe busy explained the pest, soil and part of padi. Dr Surjit also mentioned about how the farmers manage the field. He said the chinese (keke..sorry to say have to be racist) know how to handle the field better than other racist.

padi field

Padi Field in Sekinchan

Overall, the trip was fun. Each lecturer told us about their experience on their own field: Dr Joe told us about the soil and padi field, Dr Omar told us about pest, bacteria and other types of microorganisms and Dr Surjit told us about padi field and oil palm. Hooray to all the lecturers!!