Bidding Farewell is always the hardest thing to do.

Life: Fair and Unfair

It started with a great day with great weather (Saturday Morning: 9am) when i was on my way to accupunture clinic at Old Klang Road. While i was waiting for my turn to get massage or check by the Xin Sei, so i thought i can occupy my time with reading chinese newspaper which i hardly get the chance to even touch it.

Oriental Daily which was just right in front of me. Hmm.. on the main page, i saw familiar face which was a Black and White photo and with sad and unpleasant title. In my mind was like: “It can’t be. ok.. ok. Hmm.. probably not. ..then.., that looks like.. SHIT! Oh dear !! SHIT!!”. Shit and oh dear were the words that appeared in my mind. Seriously, i couldn’t believe what i saw in the newspaper. *One of My very first batch of Chemistry students whom i tutored them, Nick. Nick Tan. *

The only person i can think of after i saw the article was Hamdi (my very first batch of chemistry student).  I called Hamdi to ask him whether it is true *which i really hope it’s not him*. Reason i called him because i know he is really close with Nick.’s the most shitty news i’ve ever received. Yes, it’s Nick. Nick whom i know in my lab. Nick whom i’ve marked his chemistry reports. Nick whom i ‘ejek’ him during crop science lab last semester. Nick whom i’ve had dinner with him and the rest of the close friends before i left to New Zealand.

Ah.. here, i’m not going to type out the news because i still in the “can’t believe” situation.

Nick (if you can hear from all the lab demonstrators), All the demonstrators whom taught you before : want to SLAP you, want to ask you to wake up, want you call or at least write an email complain to us. Nick, how could you?

*there is a moment (eventhough i’m not close to you), in my heart.. i kept on think that i should have stay in Monash be lab demo so that at least i get to see you around campus and able to see you and the rest together happy.*

But then again, i know it’s late to say that. All i can do is respect and hate the decision you have made.

Today afternoon, after the funeral, i called Hamdi to make sure he is alright. This is one part of our conversation: I told Hamdi: ” Ah..Nick, so good. I think now he is an island..enjoying himself with turtles and other marine animals. Relax and rest .. oo.. can see smile and happy face” . Then Hamdi said: “Ya, with pretty ladies also”.

Message to Nick:
May you rest in peace. Remember now you have a new task is to be a guardian angel. *We’ll remember you, my friend*

Message to God:

God, protect this wonderful child. *Probably can ask him to be a chef because i heard a lot of his friends said he really can cook good food*.

Message to all my fellow friends and students:

Let us pray for Nick. Now we know he had gone to a better place.  *hugs*



Love to share this poem…

Life: Fair and Unfair
A poem received from Theodora (My lovely friend which i got to know her during my day in Dunedin, New Zealand).
According to Theodora:
” It’s very famous in china,the poet once was considered to be the most talented poet in that period but he killed himself 19 years ago on today. He layed on the railroad,like anna do in 托尔斯泰 novel because he is so idealism,the society cannot make him happy (this makes me think that he is unsatisfied of what he have. Am i correct?). He hated all the dark things in the society,so he is so painful to face the world
but his poetry are loved by many people, because they bring a feeling of pastoralism.”
Therefore, i would like to share this wonderful poem to you all.
After i read this poem, i felt that i should be like this and really wish i can tell everyone that i’m so LUCKY  (‘xin fu’). The 1st sentence pretty catchy because ever since i came back, i was pretty negative and kept on blaming on what had happened in these two years. But once i read this poem, i seriously need to knock my head on the wall and should wake up from my this negative dream. I should be like what the 1st sentence said. I really wish i have this attitude : “Every morning, i’ll tell everyone how lucky i am!!!” and with a big smile like sunshine. hehe.. anyway, enjoy and do drop some comment on this poem.

Dunedin (University and Chocolate Town), NZealand

Life: Fair and Unfair, My adventure holiday

The Clock Tower

Well hello..hello..and hello. Greetings from down under (uh.. not Australia. It’s New Zealand. Currently i’m in Dunedin, South Island of New Zealand). Well before i begin my long winded story, i would like to ask how’s everyone back home? Miss you all heaps and hope everything is alright, great or good for everyone.

Let me begin my story: Dunedin, the university city which is located in the southern most part of south island of New Zealand (well not exactly southern most). This city is consist of 80 ~ 90% of students from University of Otago and Otago Tech. So imagine, during summer holiday, the city is pretty quiet aka dead because almost all the students go back to their hometown, countries or go to north island to get part time job.  That is why it is known as the University City.  Do you know why i called this place as Chocolate City (think think..)? This is because Cadbury Factory is located in this city =PA lot of people that i have asked said that New Zealand is a beautiful place especially South Island and i also did asked whether Dunedin is a safe, clean place to stay, rest and relax. Well..the answer was yes.  Well probably i had very high expectation on this city and university. All turned out not true and fairly disappointed once i touched down on this “wonderful” place.Let me tell you the good and bad points about this city and University



  • Yup, it’s really a TRUE University City. So, it’s a good place for study especially for Undergraduate program.
  • Scenery : Fascinating (especially The Clock Tower, Octagon, Train Station, Dunedin Botanical Garden, Cadbury Factory, Town Hall and St David Lecture Theatre, University of Otago) as shown below.
  • As for the kiwis, they are pretty friendly and good manners (some).
  • Food: There are pretty a lot of Asian restaurants here (Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indian – all these restaurant can be found in George Street aka Shopping and Busy Street). As for malaysian food, hmm got one stall in Meridien Mall.
  • Shopping:  Grocery – I usually go to K-Mart, New World, Count Down. As for Asian food (rice, asian junk food, instant noodles) : New World and Korean Shops (pretty near to Botanical Garden).  Books: University Book Shop (just right next to NZ post office at  and Volume One (this shop very near to City College).


  • Nice place to do undergraduate especially for Health Science and Law. As for postgraduate, it is recommended to do research (not coursework).
  • I love the science labs (oh my..). Really well-equiped. Facilities are so much better and up-to-date technologies (pretty difficult to explain here).
  • LIBRARIES! I really love the libraries in University of Otago especially the central and science ones. Central library is the one that always shown in the University of Otago’s website. True enough.. it is really GORGEOUS, HUGE and MODERN *will show the photos later*. As for the science library, that’s my favourite library. All the books and journals that i’ve been looking for during my undergraduate, I FOUND THEM here. WAh hahaha..very happy!

Bad points about the University Town (especially the campus zone):

  • Broken glasses everywhere. Yes, it’s University of Otago students’ culture.
  • Burning wooden couches is also another huge event in Dunedin.

So never go out alone (warning to girls especially at nights). For me and my flatmates from Flat (unknown), we always stay at home.PLEASE BE ALERT OF THIS CASE!!!:Now i’m back in Malaysia for good due to unexpected and shocking event that i never thought it would happened on me. So please make sure that the subjects and courses that you chosed and they offered are REALLY offered this year. If not, seriously.. (just warning from me), please don’t be the next victim like me. Seriously, not only the shocking news affect me, it’s also affect my family (physically and emotionally).

It’s my BIRTHday =)

Life: Fair and Unfair

Woo hoo… yes, Today is my Birthday! This year, i can say it’s a very special birthday because1) Celebrated my birthday in New Monash Campus with whole bunch of friends whom always there to cheer me up, give me lots of advises and encouragements and give me a lot of helping hand to help me go through those down moments.2) First time.. got so many birthday wishes not only from my friends, but also from MY STUDENTS,  One friend from KT and my Long lost high school friends from Int. School.WOO HOO…3) Got a suprise present from Da Jie (Woo hoo..can’t wait..from Australia).4) My Mom and dad bought new handphone for me!! (Woo hoo..) My list will just go on.THank you everyone!!!!!!!p/s: Will post up the photos later. Need to get the photos from EZ.Anyway, sorry didn’t update the blog for ages because busy with assignments from UM and work from Monash.Hugs!!!

My 3rd Week in UM

Life: Fair and Unfair

Oh well, life in UM isn’t that bad afterall (but i still have ..the thinking of going to overseas to further my studies! Sigh.. i really wish i can stop thinking about it.. and just let it be!).

So coursemates (especially girls) have been very lovely and helpful. Well i can say my course has quite a number of international students (iraq, iran and china). Every monday, the lady from iraq (her name is Hudah), she will pass us all the lecture notes and past year exam questions. She is our class monitor. She really funny. We two always discuss a lot of our volunteer experience. Sharing experience (especially my turtle conservation experience) with her is so fun or actually the whole class. Now my coursemates will tell me anything about turtles (even the ones from Monash). Hehe..anyway, that’s Hudah.

Then..the one from Iran (her name is Pupak). She is really lovely and caring. Oh and also when she speaks..really really motherly. Yeah she is like our mother which take care of me and Hudah. She will offer us her biscuits and ask us whether we are alright. Really good. She also monitor our studies (make sure we start our revision for the upcoming test..hehehe..).

As for the other lady (her name is Rani), she is from Malaysia (sama dengan saya). She..really funny and talkative (she is also my lab partner). It’s so funny.. that when she found out that i’m lab tutor in Monash (can imagine her reaction..when she look at me). also another partner to discuss about problems since both of us..are employed. So we two always complain about our work and studies. Hehe…

As for the guys in my course, well.. i think i’ll take another week to get to know them.

Well..that’s what i would like to share in this post. Oh ya.. and today my first practical in UM. I love their academic lab. Really good. I’ll try to put up some photos in the next post. Anyway, before i end this post, i would like to remind you all.. PLEASE SUPPORT my friend, Pelf Nyok (Blogathon).


Blogathon..Please support my friend, Pelf Nyok

Life: Fair and Unfair

A quick note or ANNOUNCEMENT from me :

I’ve received this reminder from my friend, Pelf Nyok.

This is what she wrote:

” This is a gentle reminder that the Blogathon will start at 0600 PST (which is 2100 Malaysian time, +0800 GMT), which is less 9 hours away!
I’d be very delighted if you’d drop by The Giving Hands and be my cheerleader and leave me lots of comments (not spammy one, please..) and sponsorships, pretty pleasee..? You could also help by blogging about the Blogathon, and what we are attempting to do in the 24-crazy-hours.. Or better still, you could send some of your readers over to The Giving Hands, LOL.. I am attaching a “Blogathon Cheerleader” button and I’d be very very happy if you’d paste it on your blog :))

I will be representing Eden Handicap Service Centre, I know, I know I’ve been mentioning this for like, a thousand times but please bear with me, OK? Eden Handicap is a Malaysian charity but that doesn’t mean that they do not accept foreign donations! Do check out Eden Handicap’s Donation Page for more information.. So to give you an idea of what I will be blogging about:

  1. The Malaysian charity — Eden Handicap Service Centre, and the people behind the organization
  2. My personal experiences with people with disabilities — I have a disabled aunt
  3. A couple of interviews with bloggers (volunteers) with disabilities
  4. Disabilities-related issues and what the public can do about it

The main idea of the themed-posting is to create and spread awareness on issues pertaining to disabilities in the society.. If you’re reading this and would like to contribute an article or two about disabilities, please feel free to email them to me, I’d be very glad to include them in the Blogathon..

Till then, see ya guys! :))



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Thank you very much!

Really appreciate all the helps! Thanks!

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Mini Gathering..

Life: Fair and Unfair

Last friday, our very close friend or jie mei, Ervinna came to Kuala Lumpur to pay us a visit. The last time i saw her was during Yik ling’s convocation. I still remembered that time when she saw me…she started crying. Hehe..not because i bullied her, ok. This was because we haven’t met each other for like 2 years. Oh my..time flies.

What i remember about this petite girl : smart, friendly, talkative and of course helpful. I still remembered she helped me lots during my 2nd year especially CHM2741.  During 3rd year, she and a couple of my coursemates went to Gippsland campus. That’s why we haven’t met each other for like..2 years. Now, she is a working lady. She work in Singapore.

Ok. So last friday, we (fanny, kiat yee, yik ling, wan feng and me..of course) met up Ervinna at Medan. During the lunch gathering, we talked about future plan, new campus and about our current work. I miss the good old times during undergraduate.

Here i wish EVERYONE all the best and MAY all the DREAMS COME TRUE! (that’s also apply to ME!) HUGS!!!!


That’s Ervinna, Aunty KY, Fanny, Me and Aunty YL (Miss you girls!). Photographer : Wan Feng


9th – Aunty Kiat Yee

12th – Mei Yee

16th – Syaf

29th – Mommy Meera

Week 10 :CHM1011

Life: Fair and Unfair

This week is the last week for me to work as lab demonstrator for chm1011 (Chemistry I), CHM1022 (Chemistry II) and Crop Science.

In other words, I’ll be officially unemployed next week besides marking reports for instru (i guess)!

This semester:

The highlights!

CHM1011 : It was fun. I will miss my 12 students. As for wednesday group, hehe.. that class was superb funny and noisy eventhough some of them are quite cheeky. I’ll miss all of you.

My tuesday class


My students : GUYS – Vincent, Abi aka Bujang and Husni. GIRLS – MJ, Eevon, MH, Amy, Angeline, YS and JX. (two missing : Jolene and Ahmad…because not feeling well on that day).

Eventhough the no. of students less than other class, mua haha..all of us very close to each other especially during gossips (about..hehe..). I miss you all. Well hope to meet you all soon icon_wink.gif.

Anyway, CHM1011 students.. miss you all and wish you all the best for your upcoming EXAM! HUGS !

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

It’s the time of the year…! Well  me and my mom (mother and daughter) had  been quite busy for well a month (Chinese New Year preparation) to prepare tonnes of CNY stuff (from baking cookies and cakes to cleaning house).


This year my mom baked three types of cakes : Orange and lemon cake, Chocolate cake with chocolate rice and chips on top and lastly.. my favourite among all.. FRUIT CAKE. All the cakes are NON-HALAL. My mom also baked 5 types of cookies for this year (Pineapple tarts, Almond cookies, Cashew Nuts Cookies, Oatmeals Cookies and Pineapple cookies).

Chinese New Year’s Decoration:

Well.. this year, me and my brother busy decorate the house with all the Chinese new year decoration (lots of banners, flowers (in pots and flower vase), God of Wealth, 3 pairs of Golden Boars, 2 Bags of Mandarin Oranges and so many more. As for my dad, he sent all the cars for washing.

Today we did the last minute tidy and clean up the house.

Overall, it was fun eventhough all of us were very tired.

Chinese New Year’s Message:

This year is the year of Golden Boar. So here i would like to wish everyone :

May all your dreams come true. May the year of Golden Boar brings lots of Fortune, Wealth, Good Health, Joy , Happiness and Properity!!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

            GOng Xi Fa Cai!!

                             Wan Shi Ru Yi!!!


Picture 1. Aren’t they cute? wah haha…


Picture 2. I just love my garden.. especially “Kat Chai Xu” and the pots


Picture 3. Decorations.. at my living hall (SHow of my creativity skill..s..!)


Happy Valentine’s DAy!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

Happy…HAPPY Valentine’s day inlove.gif to Everyone that i know and i don’t know . Wow time really flies.. superb fast (just like the speed of light…!) hehe.. anyway, i still remember last year, my brother and i bought a Valentine’s cake from Baskin Robin’s for my parents heart.gif. Well.. as for this year, due to my car brokedown in NPE (Yes, that’s right! Brokedown in NPE highway), therefore, i can’t go out to buy cake or flowers for my parents. But i heard from my dad that he want to bring us out for dinner. WAh haha.. Yippee!!

Message to couples and singles:

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY flowers_turtle.gif!!

 and.. GONG XI FA CAI..oink oink!!

Lots of love and hugs!


Well, my dad brought us to Victoria Station , Taipan. Overall:

1) Service : Poor ..*sweat!*

2) Food Quality : Poor.. (Not worth!)

3) Price : BLek.. (Not worth. The cost for Vday set is RM100)

In the end, i bought Tau Foo Fa for my parents to cheer them up (My initial plan to buy them “CHOCOLATe INDULGENCE” from Secret REcipe. Highly recommended by EiLeen! Anyway.. all of us enjoy our V DAY!! Muaks to Papa and Mama .. and of course to my brother.