Env.Prophecy: Beautiful!


This weekend, i’ll be off to PWTC to attend the talks/seminars at MIDE expo. So ok, what’s so special about it. Reason #1: It relates to my work at Wild Asia ; Reason #2: I’ve been crazy over marine conservation especially turtle and new ones *seahorse and * coral reef and Reason #3: I’ve always wanted to pick up scuba diving *still can’t because of $$.

Come back to my topic,  Today was my first day to attend the talks when i was in MIDE expo. So what happened was i was late for one of the talks organized by WWF Semporna. Well i was late for 10 minutes and this really thanks to KTM.

Anyway, thank god i didn’t miss the best part. During the talk given by Daniel (WWF Semporna Team Leader), he told us that he would love to share a prophecy which he’ll never forget. Seriously, i’ve to admit that I’ve never heard such a *WOW* prophecy in my entire life. I really have to admit this is *so far* the best prophecy I’ve ever heard.

Want to know why i’m so in love and would love to share this prophecy to everyone.

Read and understand:

Indian Creek Prophecy
“Only after :
the last tree that has been cut
the last fish that has been caught
the last river that has been poisoned
then will we realised that money cannot be eaten”

Don’t you think this is so true with our “tidak apa apa” attitude to the environment?


I wonder what will happen  to our mother nature in future. What i know is it won’t be fair to our children which they don’t get to SEE with their own eyes of how wonderful is forest, coral reefs, indigenous animals..and so forth.

Recent years, There are a lot of big hoo-haa about environmental issues in our country but not many actions have been taken. People pushing/finding faults and put the blame on each other like as if by this method can solve a lot of environmental issues.

What’s wrong to stand up and help to give tender, loving and care to the environment? What’s wrong to help the country to protect/conserve the national treasures? Why there are still people that love to take these for granted? Why can’t they use these extra time and energy to think how to solve rather pint point at each other?

I guess a lot of people still think that the environment in our country or in world still perfectly alright. I guess this is the time to slap everyone and ask everyone to wake up (how i wish there is a HUGE alarm clock to wake up everyone’s brains).

From the last sentence of the prophecy, Money can’t buy or do everything. National treasures given by the god cannot be buy/purchase/sell/rent.Guess we still haven’t realise the importance of all these natural resources which we have.

Message to everyone:

We, human being are here to conserve and protect and help to improve the environment condition in our country. We’re here not to destroy or reduce them.  Try to understand and think of ways to keep our environment in healthy condition.

A healthy environment benefits to all living creatures including US (symbiosis relationship).

*Thanks to team leader from WWF Semporna for giving this great opportunity to know and understand this prophecy and to MIDE Expo too because get to meet all the conservationist and eco- and licensed divers*


WA and AMP Radio Stations’ TREE PARTY!!!


Last weekend was the best weekend i’ve ever had!!! IT was a GREAT and AWESOME weekend and experience with the WA (Wild Asia) and AMP Radio DJ and Crew Members!! Yup, that day i was fortunate to be assigned as photographer (1st time) for this meaningful event. I was thrilled about it when i heard from one of my team mates, Su Li (one of the members for KKR..*nyek nyek nyek).  This fun event took place at Tanah Merah, Selangor (passed Formula 1 circuit, Sepang) for two days.

So on the 1st day (Saturday), Su li and i went to Chooi Lan’s house (hehe..team leader for this event). Wow her house was..awesome (esp. the gardens..oo i really love it). Anyway, continue with the story, we started our journey around 830am (hehe..Su li and I were a bit late because of hmm.. jam?? just kidding!). Journey to Tanah Merah, i have to admit:  it’s really Fun! I enjoy the ride everytime i go there and the scenery there as well.

The weather on Saturday was a bit not promising (haih..). Well a bit moody.. (dull), but this didn’t affect everyone’s tree-planting mood because everyone was so ready to plant a tree especially the announcers from all the AMP radio stations. (Woo hoo.. that’s more like it!). Well the event went well on Saturday. The weather actually weren’t that bad after all because …people like me didn’t sweat that much on that day! *he..he..he..*. This is the list of announcers from respective radio stations that came on 1st day of Tree Party!

1st day ( 7th June 2008 )

7th June 2008 (Saturday)

Sinar FM – Jamal Jamaludin and Najman and ERA – Linda , Ray & Aimee

(Description: They are the most noisiest group especially Ray from Era FM. Why? Take a look on the clips on ERA FM. They really really enjoyed the tree planting activities!! Hooray to ERA and Sinar. )

Awesome group!
Mix Fm – Jojo & Sham

(Description: Love these two announcers and the crew members. Hehe especially SHAM. I can say he is the most funniest and talkative.. oh oh.. and he planted quite a lot of seedlings. Wow.. i guess a lot of ladies keep on looking at him especially when he planted a seedling or dug a hole). Great job to MIX fm.

Sham and Jojo
THR Raaga – Revathy and THR Gegar – Rezlynn

(Description: Got the chance to talk to Revathy. She is really sweet. Rezlynn : She is such a sweet lady. I love to take these two announcers and the crew members’ photos. Having fun to talk to them as well. Cheers to all of you!!)

Rezylnn and Revathy

It’s group photo’s time! Can all the announcers and crew members come to the front to take photos? Wah.. this is the time when all the photographers (Wild Asia, newspaper, magazine and Sime Darby) busy especially the cameras and external flash.

Sinar FM, Mix fm, THR and Era FM

Sinar fm, MIX fm, THR and Era FM

Overall, i should say ” GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!”

Enjoy the rest of the photos here. Give a round of APPLAUSE to all their marvellous tree-planting efforts!!

WOO HOO………!!

They planted Pianggu (Lempoyang paya) They planted Pianggu (Lempoyang paya) They planted Jurai-jurai (Pokok gajah beranak) They planted Jurai-jurai

Announcers, Anu and crew members

World Environment Day’08 – Do Your Part!


Hello Everyone!!

So how’s everyone’s weekend? Hope it has been GREAT and Exciting (or pretty relax, chilling type)!

Have a look on my title for this month, see that? Yes, that’s right! The World Environment Day is back! Woo hoo…!! (I know, i’m pretty excited about it just because now i’m working with Wild Asia. Will tell you all the story about my life in recent months, weeks or days).

Tell me, when is the World Environment Day? Make a wild guess!! 1…2…3… Bingo! It falls on 5th of June (every year without fail).

The theme for this year is ” climate change with a focus on moving towards a low carbon economy and lifestyle.”

This year, this event hosted in WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND (Ahhhhhhhhhhhh………)!

As for the slogan (which i really love it) is “Kick the Habit” (the ‘carbon’ habit)”


Therefore, this year, Wild Asia and AMP Radio Deejays came out an Awesome Campaign :-

World Environment Day ( WED’08 ) 2008“PLANT A TREE FOR THE PLANET!”

Wild Asia and AMP Radio Deejays will be planting trees on the 7th and 8th of June as part of a campaign to plant more trees.


Why do we really care about planting trees?

Wild Asia believes that everyone (includes all the living creatures) need more natural areas in order to improve our mother nature’s condition. Reasons? It’s pretty simple. This is because it is the responsibility of everyone!

Therefore, one way is to encourage private land owners to use their land for conservation purposes. This is what Wild Asia is doing right now. Wild Asia hopes to see more wild and healthy lands in the future (not only for our future generation, but also for others as well -living and non living).


what are you waiting for? Or you really still waiting? ?

Oh come on! Start working on it!

Visit Wild Asia website or

check out “Wild Asia and AMP Radio Djs Plant-A-Tree For the Planet!”

Next, all you have to do is make a contribution by pledging then purchase seedling(s) from WILD ASIA. They (Wild Asia and AMP Radio Deejays) will plant for you. Just leave all the work to them!

That’s for sure!

Thank You! Terima Kasih! 谢谢!




I still remember the Earth Hour happened in Sydney, Australia last year. I found it ..really a great project to help the mother nature, EARTH.

What the Australian did was swithced off all the lights for an hour.. JUST 1 hour. By doing this, i can feel that it seriously helps to reduce the energy consumption. I forgot the percentage but it did helped anyway. So come on everybody, what are you waiting for. Let’s join in and help to reduce the energy consumption for this year and the year after (if can, every year is the best answer!).
So this year, the Earth Hour falls on:
DATE: 29th of March 2008
TIME: 8pm (at your local time)
Please switch off all the lights but the best is all the electrical gadgets (if possible).
Thank you for participation. Please help to spread this message to everyone!

Kuala Selangor.. Here i Come!

Environment/Nature, My adventure holiday

WOo HOo.. tomorrow i’ll be going to Kuala Selangor. Yes, it’s time to leave busy town or city to a more quiet and peaceful place or town. WAh haha.. ! Yes i know.. i should have rest at home (due to my workload!). Anyway, i’ll be following my environmental management and also my field trip friend, Lavy (WAh haha or LAvenia.. i love to call her by this name..) to Kuala Selangor. Yup, Lavy will be driving! Hold on.. wait a minute, i should say i’ll be following all the BIO2011 or Ecology students, Meera and Dr Cathy.

That means i’ll be going to Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP) and join the BIO2011 Students to do their sampling work in the Mangrove (Tough..but hopefully i can overcome my fear..yeah the last time i went there, i had bad experience) and at the Secondary forest in KSNP. Woo hoo.. hopefully the silverleaf monkeys (both adults and juvenile) present or waiting for us. I just love the juvenile. Besides that, hopefully i get to see mudskipper, otter,and flidder crabs. OH.. another god’s creation: the sunset which is a must to see from the famous light house (Altingsburg Lighthouse) at Bukit Melawati!

On the last day (Sunday) of this trip, we will be going to primary lowland forest at Gombak to collect samples. Leech – might be a challenge for some people.

If you want to know my past experience in KSNP, you can view by clicking on this!!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Another sad story (May it R.I.P.)


a01.gifnother sad (that really make me angry and sad) news about freshwater terrapins… Sigh and  icon_cry.gif . This time is the rare freshwater terrapin. Guess what type of freshwater terrapin? Anyone? I don’t think anybody take note of that. The answer is the Asian Giant Softshell Freshwater Tortoise(Pelochelys cantorii) . This carcass was found in the state marine park unit dock (two days ago) in Terengganu.

I have to admit that Terengganu is a wonderful state in Malaysia. Do you know why? This is because you can find different types of turtles (marine and freshwater.. not so sure about terrestrial) and nice beaches such as Pulau Redang.  After a few visits, really make me want to go there to stay or do my conservation project (probably in the future).. Anyway, if you would like to know more information about the news, please visit pelf’s blog (Postgrad doing her Master project on turtle. She is my xi fu. Really envy her lots. )

    b01.gifefore you proceed or visit pelf’s blog, i would like to ask : Have you read that news about the freshwater terrapin? If not, please take a look —-> Click Here

What a shame icon_mad.gif! Seriously.. what a shame or pity that a lot of us especially not to mention (cough cough), do not notice or realise how important these animals to us or ecosystem.  A lot of people ignore or not aware of these kind of issues (Especially on environment).

I would like to say that We should be bless that each country (especially the tropics) have different types of animals (from terrestrial to marine). A couple of friends of mine asked me why i’m so into environment or concern about the environment especially on turtles. Well.. i guess this shows that not a lot of people know that environment is very important to us. There are some people still can’t accept the fact (especially ah hmmm.. uncle and aunty) that study any field that relate to environment will help to solve a lot of environment problems such as HAZE , water pollution , land degradation, land slides, a particular animal population decrease or extinct and so on…. What i know that they only know study any course that relate to environment..will end up work in NGO or work as volunteer (means tak ada  gaji or work for FREE!! Jeezz… icon_mad.gif).

What a shame! serious.. what a shame ! I really pray to god that I really hope that in the future (hopefully soon), there are more conservation works or projects on any type of wild life.  A message to the community: “Please take good care of our mother nature or wilderness! They also need LOVE AND CARE!!”.

    May it REST IN PEACE…. !! (Hope they find the causes.. in order to bring justice for that poor fellasad.gif)
    Sigh.. i guess this sad story is like another never ending sad story (but i really hope i can end one day..hopefully as soon as possible). Why did i said it’s a never ending sad story? Well..i received another sad news about this tortoise. End of January 2007, another Asian Giant Softshell Freshwater Tortoise(Pelochelys cantorii) carcass found in Terengganu (around the same area). Sigh.. what a pity! Oh well, now really hope the government take serious action about all these cases.

GoodBye… Steve Irwin “Crocodile Hunter”

Environment/Nature, Life: Fair and Unfair

I was shocked when i heard from my brother that Steve Irwin “Crocodile Hunter” which happen to be one of my idol or super hero for environment (especially after i watched the documentary about marine turtles in Northeast Australia which is QUEENSLAND) pass away. I couldn’t believe that he pass away (until now i still couldn’t believe he leave all of us..) icon_cry.gif

I quickly went online to search news about him. It’s very sad.. that he pass away around 11am (Australian time). It’s sad to know that he was killed by STING RAY’s bard. Of all the animals, he was killed by STING RAY in GBR (Great Barrier Reef, Queensland). All of us were very sad about this shocking news. May Steve Irwin rest in Peace sad.gif

This is the news about steve irwin’s death.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Irwin

Haze = Air Quality BAD


Once again, Malaysia’s air is under attack. Guess everyone know what’s the factor that caused this EVENT to be happen? Ever since last week, the air is heavily polluted due to open burning from our beloved  neighboring country , Indonesia and our beloved peat swamps in Cyberjaya. [I guess i have chose a perfect topic for my terrestrial’s essay: ” The impact of shifting (slash and burn) agriculture on Tropical Rainforest” which can fit into this issue.]

Still never understand that why people (Human being ; scientific name : Homo sapiens) want to disturb/destroy/ cut down more trees that belongs to the tropical forests (both Primary and Secondary).

Do we know that cutting more trees means more killing actiivities are done at the same time and destroy all the innocent living creatures habitats and disturb the carbon and water cycles? No i don’t think.

As usual, i love to wonder and ask why. So, still wondering, is this the only way for those who want or desperate to set up a agro-plantation such as oil palm estates simply by  wipe out the piece of rainforests ? Can’t they re-nurture the unused or abandoned piece of ex-estates?

Think carefully! Beside slash and burn method, there are definitely still got many alternatives since our technology is so ADVANCE.

Another important steps before slash and burn, there is thing call CONSULTATION. Did you all did that before any action taken. There must be a consultant (out there) that willingly to provide consulting service such as Environmental Advisors, NGOs or any agronomist??

Now see what happen?! Not only their own country’s environment is badly affected, all the neighboring countries’ environment are badly affected as well.

So what happen to our Country?? (keep on guessing and take a look at my topic). HAZE.. which never fail to visit Malaysia every year. Now, residents from Selangor (Klang valley especialyl), many of us, our health are badly affected especially for elderly, kids, pregnant women and those that have difficulty in breathing like asthmatic patients.

Morning sun (Having hard time to to breath at that time)

Take a look.. How bad is the visibility.. ( Still remember when i took this picture.. got smoky smell.. i can feel that my chest.. feel irritated and hard to breath)

From the pictures… our haze.. (well i have no comment on that) level..sigh… Not only human being, animals and plants are all affected as well (OMG…). Here i would like to mention the types of sickness..

a) Flu
b) Cough
c) Asthma*
d) Irritate eye, nose and throat
e) Irritate upper respiratory tract
f) Mood swing (very easily get bad mood..anger, dull, sad..)
g) Fatigue – another words : tired easily
h) Dizziness
i) Headache
j) Migraine
k) Nausea

and the list can go on…. (*Notes for asthmatic patients : PLEASE BRING INHALER ALONG with you!)

In order to reduce contacts with HAZE, here are a few suggestions:
2) Drink more water
3) Wear masks (if can, re-used type)
4) Eat more fruits and Vegetables

To all the smart-a** that still with the “tidak apa-apa” attitude that love to do all those silly, illegal activities to create more HAZE and reduce the air quality, i have two word to tell you all : STOP IT!!

FINE! Don’t listen. Oh well,  in order to become a good citizen with at least a make more sense thinking, here are the ways to help and stop those idiots from harming our beloved air.

Ways to reduce haze and improve air quality:

a) PLEASE STOP all the OPEN BURNING (Stop them immediately since representative from Department of Environment said that they will be fined on spot by the officer.

b) Please off the car engine while waiting – messages to all the drivers especially parents that wait for their kids.

c) Stop smoking : which can  help to improve smoker’s health condition and to the air as well.

d) Make use of our public transportation (Really hope that Subang especially USJ area IMPROVE their public transportation System *still praying very hard on this point*. Please more Bus or the best is KTM/LRT in USJ).

Take care and hope the haze will be gone soon.