On a Long, Long Break

C'est La Vie

Hi readers…

Sorry i have not been able to update this blog due to some … well obstacles (The usual excuse will be ” Aiyah.. i’m busy or I’m tired”. The real excuse.. i’ve been lazy to think and to type.)

There will be new post coming on the way. So do check this blog time to time. Will keep you all updates!


Eileen (signing off!)


ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!! Meh…Meh..land, here i come =)

C'est La Vie

Not sure to be excited or “going to miss my home sweet home” feeling. Anyway, dear fella friends, bloggers, university mates, A levels mates and high schoolmates, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. I’ll be leaving to New Zealand on next thursday. Ya, i know it’s a Valentine’s day! hehe.. thank god, my parents are coming along with me. Without them, i think i’ll be totally lost (just say i’m a spoilt brad..i have to admit) and will definitely CRY. Ya..i cry very easily.

 I know some of you might ask why i keep on changing university for my postgraduate. Oh well.. let’s just say it’s my faith. I’m glad that my parents allow me to do that and they are proud of my decision after all the ups and downs had happened to me in the past 2 years. Well, finally..my dream come true. Well here i would like to say :

Papa, really thank you a lot for all your supports. Sorry that i caused so much problems and makes you feel so stress and under lots of pressure. Without you, i seriously almost going to collapse (emotionally and physically). Thank you for always be there for me. You had give me lots of moral, finacially and lots of supports. I seriously hope i can fulfill your and my dreams.

Mama, you too! You had been always there for me to listen to all my ups and downs stories (mostly nagging and complaints). Ma, i’ll take care of my health. Sorry to make you worry. Ah..(tears running down like heavy down pour).

My bro…my beloved bro, going to miss you so much. You had been a great brother. Ready to give me lots of hugs and supports. In this two years, i can see that you have grown up lots..woo hoo..big boy lo. jie jie, going to miss you so dearly. hehee… =)

Grandma..my popo, the one that i’m pretty worry. oh well, i know you’ll be fine but seriously, i really hope that all the grandchildren will take care of you. POPO.. hugs. (to be honest, the only person that can make me cry a lot is you..my dearest popo)!

To ALL MY RELATIVES in KL and PG, i really hope that we all still unite, help and care for each other especially Grandma. Thank you all the supports and man.. going to miss you heaps. (Ps..all my cousins, PLEASE COME TO NZ to VISIT ME YA..! Don’t let me sing “LONELY.. i’m MIssy..Lonely..down there…hehehe.. =) )




MJ: Ah…take care and don let someone bully you ya!! Wishing you ..may all your dreams come true!!! I’ll pray for you and your family.

YS: YS… YS…hope to see you in Australia. I really hope i can go to Australia for holiday or..*cough cough* for my other degress. mua ahaaa… most probably holiday. Take care and wish you all the best in your studies. jia you jia you!

YL: YL..all the best in your phD. Take care and remember ..bully Tse Yuen. mua ahaa..!

KY: KY..i’ll miss you heaps. BE STRONG and remember what i’ve told you. hugs…

JT: JT…..JT… hope to see you soon. hehe..and hope to meet you and JC and TN in NZ.. heheee

JC: JC.. my gossip partner. Thanks for all the supports. You and JT have always be there to give me lots of supports and always ready to listen to all my stories. Without you two, i don’t know ..where or which direction i’m going to.

SZE: SZE…………….i’m coming!! Really hope to meet up with you and Caleb. WAh hahaa…. can’t wait to see all my beloved babies. hehe… anyway, you take care. Really happy to meet up with you. Thanks for all the help. Ah.. i really lucky! =)

As for the rest…

Thank you very much for all the supports and help. Do keep in touch. Will see you all end of this year! hugs…


Whoever that want to come to NZ, please let me know. I’ll send you all my contacts and mailing address. SEE YOU!!

Before that, i would like to wish everyone:



Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ^o^

Bon Appetite!, C'est La Vie

Happy Mooncake (Mid Autumn) Festival, EVERYONE!

Yes, this year, my mom decided to made mooncake (Woo hoo..homemade mooncake).

I can say i’m really lucky to have a mom that love to cook or create a lot of delicious dishes and bake a lot of nice, yummilicious cakes , cookies and mooncake. (MOM, i love you!)

Anyway, here are the photos:


Photo 1: Traditional mooncake (lotus ; red bean; pandan pastes)


Photo 2: Shanghai Mooncakes (Lotus ; red bean pastes). So far, my friends said this is really delicious. As for me, i prefer this ALSO!


Photo 3: My goldie the goldfish lantern. Yes..these are my mom’s creations.


Photo 4: My Paper Lanterns and Goldie the Goldfish (right at the end)


Something missing..in my life

C'est La Vie

After i went to the Raptor Watch (10th and 11th of March 2007) at Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson (my 2nd time), i think i’ve left out a lot of my adventurous, nature activities or i shall say i lost in touch with my activities. I can say ever since end of last year, i’ve lost in touch with all the activities which i used to join during my undergraduate time. I miss all the beautiful or i should say WONDERFUL beaches at Terengganu especially the one in Kertih and Redang Island. I miss all my turtle volunteer camps at kertih, Terengganu and Pengkalan Balak, Malacca. I miss the turtles (hatchlings and adults) and terrapins as well. All my Taman Negara where i still remember the wild boars’ tracks and orang asli community, fireflies at Kuala Selangor or KSNP (Kuala Selangor Nature Park). AHHHH…I MISS ALL THESE WONDERFUL ACTIVITIES!! JEEZ.. what is wrong with me???!! (Eileen.. WAKE UP!)

I’ve been thinking ..lately i’ve been very lazy on everything ( you name it.. sure can get correct answer! Mua haha..). Lazy to join activities (i should blame myself), lazy to brush up my photography skills (another blame), lazy to think about my future plan (or i think i’m sort of giving up!), lazy to go out or hang out with my friends which i used to go out with them quite often (probably $$  not enough or quite tight), lazy to exercise (WAh haha.. that one since long time ago), lazy to BLog.. (see my blog very empty).. and my list can just go on. Man, I should slap myself for being so SO So SO Lazy..!

Ah… i think it’s time for me to catch up with all my activities. Hope i can join more MSN weekly or monthly activities, or at least join the turtle volunteer program before (if and only if) i go to Australia in June or July (man.. at that time, i’ll DEFINITELY miss all my activities in Malaysia!). Well.. i always have think that there are PLENTY of Time..(man, i think it’s my huge mistake!).

Oh well.. really hope that i make full use of my precious time…especially these few months. I can feel that the time passing by very fast just like speed of light (uh.. i think that’s way too fast!). Anyway, i got a few photos that i took from Raptor Watch 2007. Enjoy and hope to hear any comments from anyone!

Hugs and cheers, mate!


Picture 1. I guess is Oriental Honey Buzzard (OHB) (I think all the raptor look like OHB…AH..!)


Picture 2. My nature-lover friend, Ee Ling. She is the one that really show me how beautiful nature or wilderness is. Thank you, Ee ling!


Picture 3. Just reminded me when i was young at the beach. Love to play with the waves (or trying to save myself from the waves! hehe..).


Raptor Watch is a must to attend event (on 1st or 2nd weekend of MARCH) especially birders..or those who love raptors or birds and nature-lover. It’s a great event to learn or gain knowledge and to RELAX (most importantly) because of our hectic and heavy workload (should i say STRESS!). I’ve learned a lot from this event. For example or the best examples are:

1) how to identify raptor such as OHB (Oriental Honey Buzzard), Black Baza, Goshawks and so on from the expert especially the speaker whom i forget his name (which i’ll put his name up later!).

2) You’ll definitely improve your photography skill from the experts (Their cameras and lenses.. WOW.. Salut them!) and communication skills also (Got to meet my another turtle Lao SHi, Min Min from Pengkalan Balak , Malacca and Halmiee from Ma’Daerah , Kertih). I miss them so much.

So guys and girls, what are you waiting for? Join the RAPTOR WATCH!

Want to know more information about Raptor Watch, please visit The Raptor Watch’s website : www.raptorwatch.org

New Year Resolution for 2007

C'est La Vie

Woo hoo..okok i know it’s a bit too late to put up this post (i have been busy settle my honours program in MUM : Now i officially out of this program. Reasons of why i left..Nuh i’ll keep it secret!).

Ok now, let me start my story.

What are my new year’s resolutions?

1) Need to learn how to face numerous challenges.

2) Hope i’ll be able to improve my writing, speaking, stress management and analytical skills.

3) Hope i enjoy my honours year (*finger cross*).

4) Hope i do well and able to continue my studies in somewhere (PRAY hard my wish comes true!).

5) Grow up! (Hopefully i can change my bad behaviour).

6) Hope my passion to help my little fella (turtles) still keep on glowing and growing (I miss them heaps!).

7) Hope i learn how to be a mature adult

8) Hope my family live in harmony, happy and most importantly HEALTHY!!

That’s all for today!

Note: Well sorry for the last minute changes, i have to announce that i no longer doing my honours in MUM due to several reasons (which support why i discontinue my program). Thank god my family members understand how i felt. Phew.. now i officially out of that program. Now i work as lab tutor in the campus (again!).

FINALLY..I have make my DECISION!

C'est La Vie

From my title.. i hope you guys still remember that one of my previous post said that it’s quiet hard for me to make my decision whether to stay here or to go to Aussie land to continue my studies and whether to take honours or postgraduate. Well… after all the brain storming aka headache and worries, i finally had an answer. That is…. *drum rolling*……*QIANG*… that is to stay in KL and continue my lab tutor work (again!). I know lots of people will ask me why i choose to stay here rather than go there. Well..there are couple of reasons. The first and second reasons are..i’m worry about financial and my family. I think i’m still like a kid. I’ll definitely miss my family especially my grandma. That’s why it took me quite a while (about 3 months) to make my decision.

Here i would like say thanks to everyone especially my close friends and lecturer who were always there to give me moral support.  Yup.. so everybody.. EILEEN STILL IN KL. WAh haha… so now i can plan my turtle trip la.. my penang trip la..and so on (think my list can go on and on and on…). Anyway.. thanks everyone and wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers, mates!

*p/s: God..please help me and show me guidance during my one semester or year here and hope everything goes well. Thank you!!

XMas: Joy to the World..

C'est La Vie

Ho HO ho.. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !! Okok.. i know i’m in Christmas mood now (Can’t wait to put up my Christmas tree after my Aussie + Roo Trip (i guess you all know where i’m going). From the title, you know that i’m going to talk about CHRISTMAS!! hehe… yup, all the shopping mall in Kuala Lumpuar and Selangor have put up their very own Christmas decorations.  I always love to go IKEA, The Curve and Midvalley to see Christmas decorationtreeturtle.gif.

This year, decoration in Midvalley..  is CUTE, Sweet and YUMMY (hehee) !! Take a look at some of the pictures i took.


From the pictures, i guess you know why i said YUMMY (Canday canes, lollipops, gingerbread house, gingerbread man, candies (tonnes of them with different shapes and colours), cookies and so forth). Just name all the food which you can find during Christmas starturtle.gif.

If you guys want to know which shopping mall have the best decoration, i would say Midvalley (from my point of view). Actually all the shopping malls have their own unique Christmas decoration.

Hee.. now i’m counting days.. (can’t wait for Christmas!!). I wonder what’s my Christmas present for this year (hehe.. *cough cough*). WAh haha..i got my Christmas present from my parents and my brother. Hehe.. Cheers.

HO ho ho… Merry Christmas Everyone (in advance)!!


What’s my next plan??

C'est La Vie

Before i confirmed that i graduate complete my double degree, me and my friend (MJ) well i guess we just infected by some sort of “can’t wait to graduate” disease. Two of us were counting how many days left and say goodbye to Monash Malaysia. Both of us or i should say all of us can’t wait to leave Monash Msia. Reasons..unsure (probaly i’ll reveal later).

After 13th of July 2006 which was the results day, Mj and I .. oh Well..  two of us.. confirmed.. we are officially GRADUATE!! It was supposed to be a HAPPY DAY for the two of us (We two finally can say Bye Bye to Wah haa.. our beloving campus) and also the rest of our coursemates which are our juniors. Our group (well.. we have a name for this group is called 51 group. Why 51? We need to get 50 marks to we pass the subject. On the safe side, it’s better for us to get 51.. Get it?? heee…) is to pass all the subjects.

I guess..after completed the degree is the WORST nightmare.. and it’s not the happiest moment or day afterall. Now i’m having some slight problems in my mind and have sleepless nights (Jeezz..).

What’s my next plan? (Here are a list of questions that keep on pops up in my mind!)

a) Shall i continue my studies or come out cari kerja?

b) If i continue study, what type of field suit me or i’m interested in?

c) Am i qualify for honours? Or should i take Masters straight away…??

d) If i’m qualify, should i study in Malaysia or oversea?

e) What if i’m not qualify?????

And my list.. can keep going.. till.. (serious.. countless). Sigh.. Almost every night, i’ve been searching for projects and for almost everyday, i go to campus seeking for advices from my lecturers, coursemates and seniors. Sigh.. really wish to leave this complicated place or city and go hide myself in T’gganu or any east coast islands. I really miss my redang trip. ALthough i’m facing some problems (which i should consider minor), i should i’m very lucky to complete my course (ooo.. double deg.. hehe) and very proud of myself.

I would like to CONGRATES all my coursemates (from my batch and my juniors) who complated their degree (Ya.. same time with me.. which mean i have competitors to look for job or apply honours.. j/k). Wish you all the best!! Cheers!

The Memoirs of Redang

My “jie mei men” (Took this picture in front of Laguna, Redang Island)

My env Mgmt Friends..

 My environmental management’s friends.

NOw.. i just want to stop thinking. I feel very tiring and fed up thinking of these THINGY. Anyway, Adios!!

My SE, W550i

C'est La Vie

My 3rd aunty just changed her handphone ( K700 Sony ericsson) because her old handphone gave her lots of problems. Ever since that moment, i sort of fall in love to that brand instead of Nokia. Besides that, because ppl around me such as my coursemates, cousins and bla bla bla changed their nokia phone to Sony ericsson phone. From that moment onwards, i became lagi crazy ( i mean more crazy and crave for it) on chaning my handphone. I guess god must had listen to my prayers. SO coincident, my old phone (Nokia 3100) gave me a lot of problems such as sometimes it can switch off by itself or hang..and bla bla ..*lame excuses*. SErious.. after all these problems i had gone thru kinda,  it reminds me i have to choose my new handphone wisely by doing tonnes of research (not finidng journals ah..) until i’m 100% sure that Oh MY.. this is my handphone.

IT took me approximately one month…to make up my mind by my BRILLIANT research such as i asked my aunt, cousins and friends who owned SE and their personal experience and opinions (WOw.. seems like i did a GREAT job on it!). The conclusion is they said it’s good and the features is good as compared to NOKIA (well in fact , it’s true.. especially the sound quality.. *ketionk!*). So i browse through SE website.. The first handhpone i aimed was Z520i. I love clam shell handphone.. (thanx to samsung). But then, the memory capacity kinda disturbed me.. so that’s show i’m not satisfied with the features. After a couple of week, a brand new walkman handphone introduced to the market (besides w800i). That is w550i. Wa hhahah… let me tell you what so special about this handpone model. First,  it has good sound system especially stereo widening, 1.2 mp camera, 256mb built in memory eventhough it cannot be expand (i don really care because 256mb consider enough for me..). After all these hard work.. now i have to plan when is the best time to announce to the whole world my family.

The moment had arrived………………………

On the 3rd of Dec, my dad brought my whole family to KLCC. My dad asked me what i want for my XMas present (and also for my good grades present). Then i asked my dad for permission whether i can change my handphone (since it’s a bit cacated..*evil smile*). At first, my dad didn’t really like the idea because he always have the idea that i keep on my handphone (tot i changed every year.. jeezz). Then i told him those problems i’ve encountered. WAh haha…. (due to all my lame excuses) Finally, my dad agreed and we made a deal.. my dad will pay RM1000 and i’ll pay the rest. Wee… that’s it. From this moment, from nokia to Sony Ericsson.. I fianlly got my dream handphone (which i’ve waited for quite awhile).

My Precious SE w550i


Another picture of w550i


Examples of photos taken by w550i

dsc00032.JPG dsc00036.JPG

The Curve (Xmas deco)

dsc00027.JPG dsc00031.JPG

My Family and my parents–> taken in ah Poh ee at The Curve


C'est La Vie

icon_mad.gif GRrr… Hazy Haze again in Malaysia especially in KLang Valley. Before i began my story, let me showed you a haze picture which i took from outside my house (which is my garden).

11th August 2005 (noon)


Look at this!!!

I took this picture which is my area (USJ 4) in the afternoon (around 1pm, yesterday). Too bad i didn’t hav any old picture to compare (next time , k? when the haze is gone..)Anyway, it was horrible. I couldn’t even see the tree clearly (the very last one) and guess wat.. there was an unpleasant smell (very smoky smell) which i tried not to inhale because i have asthma (sigh..). I miss the clear blue sky. During haze period, the colour of the sky was dull, smoky..eeee !! These colour make my life unhappy and dull (and feeling SICK too!!). Sigh, when will the clear blue sky with white cotton or fluffy clouds and bright, cheerful sun come back?

Yesterday, i went to Taipan to buy McD (as my dinner). Gosh.. it was so hazy, dusty and dark. Every car need to switch on the rear light. Another thing, the lamp post in front of my house was on at 8am..till the next day (8am.. normally it will automatically switch off..). SEe.. how bad was it..?!!

Took these two pictures from my room. The view outside my room – the before and after effect of haze.

Before (noon)

After (noon)

12th August 2005 (Today)

Well today suppose to be a holiday for most all of the schools and unis. Too bad, Monash University Malaysia DID NOT close as what had stated on the website that our campus has air conditioned lecture theatres, student loudge and tutorial rooms. Oh well.. had to go back to campus for practical and lectures. I took this picture at 10:40am (as stated from my car’s clock). SEe how bad is the haze in Sunway Area (Well.. at least better than yesterday). Anyway, it’s still haze. So today when i reached campus, lots of ppl wear mask. I heard from my dad that some companies included his gave out mask to their staff.. oh ya.. Monash also.. gave masks to their staffs and students (this one.. not so sure.. just heard from my friend).Oh well, what can i say…!! The only advice is “Drink more water and wear mask”

More haze pictures ..

12th August , around 11am (On the way to Sunway)



  Can anybody see Sunway Pyramid from these two lovely pictures frust.gif??