On a Long, Long Break

C'est La Vie

Hi readers…

Sorry i have not been able to update this blog due to some … well obstacles (The usual excuse will be ” Aiyah.. i’m busy or I’m tired”. The real excuse.. i’ve been lazy to think and to type.)

There will be new post coming on the way. So do check this blog time to time. Will keep you all updates!


Eileen (signing off!)


Bidding Farewell is always the hardest thing to do.

Life: Fair and Unfair

It started with a great day with great weather (Saturday Morning: 9am) when i was on my way to accupunture clinic at Old Klang Road. While i was waiting for my turn to get massage or check by the Xin Sei, so i thought i can occupy my time with reading chinese newspaper which i hardly get the chance to even touch it.

Oriental Daily which was just right in front of me. Hmm.. on the main page, i saw familiar face which was a Black and White photo and with sad and unpleasant title. In my mind was like: “It can’t be. ok.. ok. Hmm.. probably not. ..then.., that looks like.. SHIT! Oh dear !! SHIT!!”. Shit and oh dear were the words that appeared in my mind. Seriously, i couldn’t believe what i saw in the newspaper. *One of My very first batch of Chemistry students whom i tutored them, Nick. Nick Tan. *

The only person i can think of after i saw the article was Hamdi (my very first batch of chemistry student).  I called Hamdi to ask him whether it is true *which i really hope it’s not him*. Reason i called him because i know he is really close with Nick.  Ah..it’s the most shitty news i’ve ever received. Yes, it’s Nick. Nick whom i know in my lab. Nick whom i’ve marked his chemistry reports. Nick whom i ‘ejek’ him during crop science lab last semester. Nick whom i’ve had dinner with him and the rest of the close friends before i left to New Zealand.

Ah.. here, i’m not going to type out the news because i still in the “can’t believe” situation.

Nick (if you can hear from all the lab demonstrators), All the demonstrators whom taught you before : want to SLAP you, want to ask you to wake up, want you call or at least write an email complain to us. Nick, how could you?

*there is a moment (eventhough i’m not close to you), in my heart.. i kept on think that i should have stay in Monash be lab demo so that at least i get to see you around campus and able to see you and the rest together happy.*

But then again, i know it’s late to say that. All i can do is respect and hate the decision you have made.

Today afternoon, after the funeral, i called Hamdi to make sure he is alright. This is one part of our conversation: I told Hamdi: ” Ah..Nick, so good. I think now he is an island..enjoying himself with turtles and other marine animals. Relax and rest .. oo.. can see smile and happy face” . Then Hamdi said: “Ya, with pretty ladies also”.

Message to Nick:
May you rest in peace. Remember now you have a new task is to be a guardian angel. *We’ll remember you, my friend*

Message to God:

God, protect this wonderful child. *Probably can ask him to be a chef because i heard a lot of his friends said he really can cook good food*.

Message to all my fellow friends and students:

Let us pray for Nick. Now we know he had gone to a better place.  *hugs*


Env.Prophecy: Beautiful!


This weekend, i’ll be off to PWTC to attend the talks/seminars at MIDE expo. So ok, what’s so special about it. Reason #1: It relates to my work at Wild Asia ; Reason #2: I’ve been crazy over marine conservation especially turtle and new ones *seahorse and * coral reef and Reason #3: I’ve always wanted to pick up scuba diving *still can’t because of $$.

Come back to my topic,  Today was my first day to attend the talks when i was in MIDE expo. So what happened was i was late for one of the talks organized by WWF Semporna. Well i was late for 10 minutes and this really thanks to KTM.

Anyway, thank god i didn’t miss the best part. During the talk given by Daniel (WWF Semporna Team Leader), he told us that he would love to share a prophecy which he’ll never forget. Seriously, i’ve to admit that I’ve never heard such a *WOW* prophecy in my entire life. I really have to admit this is *so far* the best prophecy I’ve ever heard.

Want to know why i’m so in love and would love to share this prophecy to everyone.

Read and understand:

Indian Creek Prophecy
“Only after :
the last tree that has been cut
the last fish that has been caught
the last river that has been poisoned
then will we realised that money cannot be eaten”

Don’t you think this is so true with our “tidak apa apa” attitude to the environment?


I wonder what will happen  to our mother nature in future. What i know is it won’t be fair to our children which they don’t get to SEE with their own eyes of how wonderful is forest, coral reefs, indigenous animals..and so forth.

Recent years, There are a lot of big hoo-haa about environmental issues in our country but not many actions have been taken. People pushing/finding faults and put the blame on each other like as if by this method can solve a lot of environmental issues.

What’s wrong to stand up and help to give tender, loving and care to the environment? What’s wrong to help the country to protect/conserve the national treasures? Why there are still people that love to take these for granted? Why can’t they use these extra time and energy to think how to solve rather pint point at each other?

I guess a lot of people still think that the environment in our country or in world still perfectly alright. I guess this is the time to slap everyone and ask everyone to wake up (how i wish there is a HUGE alarm clock to wake up everyone’s brains).

From the last sentence of the prophecy, Money can’t buy or do everything. National treasures given by the god cannot be buy/purchase/sell/rent.Guess we still haven’t realise the importance of all these natural resources which we have.

Message to everyone:

We, human being are here to conserve and protect and help to improve the environment condition in our country. We’re here not to destroy or reduce them.  Try to understand and think of ways to keep our environment in healthy condition.

A healthy environment benefits to all living creatures including US (symbiosis relationship).

*Thanks to team leader from WWF Semporna for giving this great opportunity to know and understand this prophecy and to MIDE Expo too because get to meet all the conservationist and eco- and licensed divers*

WA and AMP Radio Stations’ TREE PARTY!!!


Last weekend was the best weekend i’ve ever had!!! IT was a GREAT and AWESOME weekend and experience with the WA (Wild Asia) and AMP Radio DJ and Crew Members!! Yup, that day i was fortunate to be assigned as photographer (1st time) for this meaningful event. I was thrilled about it when i heard from one of my team mates, Su Li (one of the members for KKR..*nyek nyek nyek).  This fun event took place at Tanah Merah, Selangor (passed Formula 1 circuit, Sepang) for two days.

So on the 1st day (Saturday), Su li and i went to Chooi Lan’s house (hehe..team leader for this event). Wow her house was..awesome (esp. the gardens..oo i really love it). Anyway, continue with the story, we started our journey around 830am (hehe..Su li and I were a bit late because of hmm.. jam?? just kidding!). Journey to Tanah Merah, i have to admit:  it’s really Fun! I enjoy the ride everytime i go there and the scenery there as well.

The weather on Saturday was a bit not promising (haih..). Well a bit moody.. (dull), but this didn’t affect everyone’s tree-planting mood because everyone was so ready to plant a tree especially the announcers from all the AMP radio stations. (Woo hoo.. that’s more like it!). Well the event went well on Saturday. The weather actually weren’t that bad after all because …people like me didn’t sweat that much on that day! *he..he..he..*. This is the list of announcers from respective radio stations that came on 1st day of Tree Party!

1st day ( 7th June 2008 )

7th June 2008 (Saturday)

Sinar FM – Jamal Jamaludin and Najman and ERA – Linda , Ray & Aimee

(Description: They are the most noisiest group especially Ray from Era FM. Why? Take a look on the clips on ERA FM. They really really enjoyed the tree planting activities!! Hooray to ERA and Sinar. )

Awesome group!
Mix Fm – Jojo & Sham

(Description: Love these two announcers and the crew members. Hehe especially SHAM. I can say he is the most funniest and talkative.. oh oh.. and he planted quite a lot of seedlings. Wow.. i guess a lot of ladies keep on looking at him especially when he planted a seedling or dug a hole). Great job to MIX fm.

Sham and Jojo
THR Raaga – Revathy and THR Gegar – Rezlynn

(Description: Got the chance to talk to Revathy. She is really sweet. Rezlynn : She is such a sweet lady. I love to take these two announcers and the crew members’ photos. Having fun to talk to them as well. Cheers to all of you!!)

Rezylnn and Revathy

It’s group photo’s time! Can all the announcers and crew members come to the front to take photos? Wah.. this is the time when all the photographers (Wild Asia, newspaper, magazine and Sime Darby) busy especially the cameras and external flash.

Sinar FM, Mix fm, THR and Era FM

Sinar fm, MIX fm, THR and Era FM

Overall, i should say ” GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!”

Enjoy the rest of the photos here. Give a round of APPLAUSE to all their marvellous tree-planting efforts!!

WOO HOO………!!

They planted Pianggu (Lempoyang paya) They planted Pianggu (Lempoyang paya) They planted Jurai-jurai (Pokok gajah beranak) They planted Jurai-jurai

Announcers, Anu and crew members

World Environment Day’08 – Do Your Part!


Hello Everyone!!

So how’s everyone’s weekend? Hope it has been GREAT and Exciting (or pretty relax, chilling type)!

Have a look on my title for this month, see that? Yes, that’s right! The World Environment Day is back! Woo hoo…!! (I know, i’m pretty excited about it just because now i’m working with Wild Asia. Will tell you all the story about my life in recent months, weeks or days).

Tell me, when is the World Environment Day? Make a wild guess!! 1…2…3… Bingo! It falls on 5th of June (every year without fail).

The theme for this year is ” climate change with a focus on moving towards a low carbon economy and lifestyle.”

This year, this event hosted in WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND (Ahhhhhhhhhhhh………)!

As for the slogan (which i really love it) is “Kick the Habit” (the ‘carbon’ habit)”


Therefore, this year, Wild Asia and AMP Radio Deejays came out an Awesome Campaign :-

World Environment Day ( WED’08 ) 2008“PLANT A TREE FOR THE PLANET!”

Wild Asia and AMP Radio Deejays will be planting trees on the 7th and 8th of June as part of a campaign to plant more trees.


Why do we really care about planting trees?

Wild Asia believes that everyone (includes all the living creatures) need more natural areas in order to improve our mother nature’s condition. Reasons? It’s pretty simple. This is because it is the responsibility of everyone!

Therefore, one way is to encourage private land owners to use their land for conservation purposes. This is what Wild Asia is doing right now. Wild Asia hopes to see more wild and healthy lands in the future (not only for our future generation, but also for others as well -living and non living).


what are you waiting for? Or you really still waiting? ?

Oh come on! Start working on it!

Visit Wild Asia website or

check out “Wild Asia and AMP Radio Djs Plant-A-Tree For the Planet!”

Next, all you have to do is make a contribution by pledging then purchase seedling(s) from WILD ASIA. They (Wild Asia and AMP Radio Deejays) will plant for you. Just leave all the work to them!

That’s for sure!

Thank You! Terima Kasih! 谢谢!




I still remember the Earth Hour happened in Sydney, Australia last year. I found it ..really a great project to help the mother nature, EARTH.

What the Australian did was swithced off all the lights for an hour.. JUST 1 hour. By doing this, i can feel that it seriously helps to reduce the energy consumption. I forgot the percentage but it did helped anyway. So come on everybody, what are you waiting for. Let’s join in and help to reduce the energy consumption for this year and the year after (if can, every year is the best answer!).
So this year, the Earth Hour falls on:
DATE: 29th of March 2008
TIME: 8pm (at your local time)
Please switch off all the lights but the best is all the electrical gadgets (if possible).
Thank you for participation. Please help to spread this message to everyone!

Love to share this poem…

Life: Fair and Unfair
A poem received from Theodora (My lovely friend which i got to know her during my day in Dunedin, New Zealand).
According to Theodora:
” It’s very famous in china,the poet once was considered to be the most talented poet in that period but he killed himself 19 years ago on today. He layed on the railroad,like anna do in 托尔斯泰 novel because he is so idealism,the society cannot make him happy (this makes me think that he is unsatisfied of what he have. Am i correct?). He hated all the dark things in the society,so he is so painful to face the world
but his poetry are loved by many people, because they bring a feeling of pastoralism.”
Therefore, i would like to share this wonderful poem to you all.
After i read this poem, i felt that i should be like this and really wish i can tell everyone that i’m so LUCKY  (‘xin fu’). The 1st sentence pretty catchy because ever since i came back, i was pretty negative and kept on blaming on what had happened in these two years. But once i read this poem, i seriously need to knock my head on the wall and should wake up from my this negative dream. I should be like what the 1st sentence said. I really wish i have this attitude : “Every morning, i’ll tell everyone how lucky i am!!!” and with a big smile like sunshine. hehe.. anyway, enjoy and do drop some comment on this poem.

Dunedin (University and Chocolate Town), NZealand

Life: Fair and Unfair, My adventure holiday

The Clock Tower

Well hello..hello..and hello. Greetings from down under (uh.. not Australia. It’s New Zealand. Currently i’m in Dunedin, South Island of New Zealand). Well before i begin my long winded story, i would like to ask how’s everyone back home? Miss you all heaps and hope everything is alright, great or good for everyone.

Let me begin my story: Dunedin, the university city which is located in the southern most part of south island of New Zealand (well not exactly southern most). This city is consist of 80 ~ 90% of students from University of Otago and Otago Tech. So imagine, during summer holiday, the city is pretty quiet aka dead because almost all the students go back to their hometown, countries or go to north island to get part time job.  That is why it is known as the University City.  Do you know why i called this place as Chocolate City (think think..)? This is because Cadbury Factory is located in this city =PA lot of people that i have asked said that New Zealand is a beautiful place especially South Island and i also did asked whether Dunedin is a safe, clean place to stay, rest and relax. Well..the answer was yes.  Well probably i had very high expectation on this city and university. All turned out not true and fairly disappointed once i touched down on this “wonderful” place.Let me tell you the good and bad points about this city and University



  • Yup, it’s really a TRUE University City. So, it’s a good place for study especially for Undergraduate program.
  • Scenery : Fascinating (especially The Clock Tower, Octagon, Train Station, Dunedin Botanical Garden, Cadbury Factory, Town Hall and St David Lecture Theatre, University of Otago) as shown below.
  • As for the kiwis, they are pretty friendly and good manners (some).
  • Food: There are pretty a lot of Asian restaurants here (Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indian – all these restaurant can be found in George Street aka Shopping and Busy Street). As for malaysian food, hmm got one stall in Meridien Mall.
  • Shopping:  Grocery – I usually go to K-Mart, New World, Count Down. As for Asian food (rice, asian junk food, instant noodles) : New World and Korean Shops (pretty near to Botanical Garden).  Books: University Book Shop (just right next to NZ post office at  and Volume One (this shop very near to City College).


  • Nice place to do undergraduate especially for Health Science and Law. As for postgraduate, it is recommended to do research (not coursework).
  • I love the science labs (oh my..). Really well-equiped. Facilities are so much better and up-to-date technologies (pretty difficult to explain here).
  • LIBRARIES! I really love the libraries in University of Otago especially the central and science ones. Central library is the one that always shown in the University of Otago’s website. True enough.. it is really GORGEOUS, HUGE and MODERN *will show the photos later*. As for the science library, that’s my favourite library. All the books and journals that i’ve been looking for during my undergraduate, I FOUND THEM here. WAh hahaha..very happy!

Bad points about the University Town (especially the campus zone):

  • Broken glasses everywhere. Yes, it’s University of Otago students’ culture.
  • Burning wooden couches is also another huge event in Dunedin.

So never go out alone (warning to girls especially at nights). For me and my flatmates from Flat (unknown), we always stay at home.PLEASE BE ALERT OF THIS CASE!!!:Now i’m back in Malaysia for good due to unexpected and shocking event that i never thought it would happened on me. So please make sure that the subjects and courses that you chosed and they offered are REALLY offered this year. If not, seriously.. (just warning from me), please don’t be the next victim like me. Seriously, not only the shocking news affect me, it’s also affect my family (physically and emotionally).

ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!! Meh…Meh..land, here i come =)

C'est La Vie

Not sure to be excited or “going to miss my home sweet home” feeling. Anyway, dear fella friends, bloggers, university mates, A levels mates and high schoolmates, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. I’ll be leaving to New Zealand on next thursday. Ya, i know it’s a Valentine’s day! hehe.. thank god, my parents are coming along with me. Without them, i think i’ll be totally lost (just say i’m a spoilt brad..i have to admit) and will definitely CRY. Ya..i cry very easily.

 I know some of you might ask why i keep on changing university for my postgraduate. Oh well.. let’s just say it’s my faith. I’m glad that my parents allow me to do that and they are proud of my decision after all the ups and downs had happened to me in the past 2 years. Well, finally..my dream come true. Well here i would like to say :

Papa, really thank you a lot for all your supports. Sorry that i caused so much problems and makes you feel so stress and under lots of pressure. Without you, i seriously almost going to collapse (emotionally and physically). Thank you for always be there for me. You had give me lots of moral, finacially and lots of supports. I seriously hope i can fulfill your and my dreams.

Mama, you too! You had been always there for me to listen to all my ups and downs stories (mostly nagging and complaints). Ma, i’ll take care of my health. Sorry to make you worry. Ah..(tears running down like heavy down pour).

My bro…my beloved bro, going to miss you so much. You had been a great brother. Ready to give me lots of hugs and supports. In this two years, i can see that you have grown up lots..woo hoo..big boy lo. jie jie, going to miss you so dearly. hehee… =)

Grandma..my popo, the one that i’m pretty worry. oh well, i know you’ll be fine but seriously, i really hope that all the grandchildren will take care of you. POPO.. hugs. (to be honest, the only person that can make me cry a lot is you..my dearest popo)!

To ALL MY RELATIVES in KL and PG, i really hope that we all still unite, help and care for each other especially Grandma. Thank you all the supports and man.. going to miss you heaps. (Ps..all my cousins, PLEASE COME TO NZ to VISIT ME YA..! Don’t let me sing “LONELY.. i’m MIssy..Lonely..down there…hehehe.. =) )




MJ: Ah…take care and don let someone bully you ya!! Wishing you ..may all your dreams come true!!! I’ll pray for you and your family.

YS: YS… YS…hope to see you in Australia. I really hope i can go to Australia for holiday or..*cough cough* for my other degress. mua ahaaa… most probably holiday. Take care and wish you all the best in your studies. jia you jia you!

YL: YL..all the best in your phD. Take care and remember ..bully Tse Yuen. mua ahaa..!

KY: KY..i’ll miss you heaps. BE STRONG and remember what i’ve told you. hugs…

JT: JT…..JT… hope to see you soon. hehe..and hope to meet you and JC and TN in NZ.. heheee

JC: JC.. my gossip partner. Thanks for all the supports. You and JT have always be there to give me lots of supports and always ready to listen to all my stories. Without you two, i don’t know ..where or which direction i’m going to.

SZE: SZE…………….i’m coming!! Really hope to meet up with you and Caleb. WAh hahaa…. can’t wait to see all my beloved babies. hehe… anyway, you take care. Really happy to meet up with you. Thanks for all the help. Ah.. i really lucky! =)

As for the rest…

Thank you very much for all the supports and help. Do keep in touch. Will see you all end of this year! hugs…


Whoever that want to come to NZ, please let me know. I’ll send you all my contacts and mailing address. SEE YOU!!

Before that, i would like to wish everyone:



It’s my BIRTHday =)

Life: Fair and Unfair

Woo hoo… yes, Today is my Birthday! This year, i can say it’s a very special birthday because1) Celebrated my birthday in New Monash Campus with whole bunch of friends whom always there to cheer me up, give me lots of advises and encouragements and give me a lot of helping hand to help me go through those down moments.2) First time.. got so many birthday wishes not only from my friends, but also from MY STUDENTS,  One friend from KT and my Long lost high school friends from Int. School.WOO HOO…3) Got a suprise present from Da Jie (Woo hoo..can’t wait..from Australia).4) My Mom and dad bought new handphone for me!! (Woo hoo..) My list will just go on.THank you everyone!!!!!!!p/s: Will post up the photos later. Need to get the photos from EZ.Anyway, sorry didn’t update the blog for ages because busy with assignments from UM and work from Monash.Hugs!!!