Bidding Farewell is always the hardest thing to do.

Life: Fair and Unfair

It started with a great day with great weather (Saturday Morning: 9am) when i was on my way to accupunture clinic at Old Klang Road. While i was waiting for my turn to get massage or check by the Xin Sei, so i thought i can occupy my time with reading chinese newspaper which i hardly get the chance to even touch it.

Oriental Daily which was just right in front of me. Hmm.. on the main page, i saw familiar face which was a Black and White photo and with sad and unpleasant title. In my mind was like: “It can’t be. ok.. ok. Hmm.. probably not. ..then.., that looks like.. SHIT! Oh dear !! SHIT!!”. Shit and oh dear were the words that appeared in my mind. Seriously, i couldn’t believe what i saw in the newspaper. *One of My very first batch of Chemistry students whom i tutored them, Nick. Nick Tan. *

The only person i can think of after i saw the article was Hamdi (my very first batch of chemistry student).  I called Hamdi to ask him whether it is true *which i really hope it’s not him*. Reason i called him because i know he is really close with Nick.’s the most shitty news i’ve ever received. Yes, it’s Nick. Nick whom i know in my lab. Nick whom i’ve marked his chemistry reports. Nick whom i ‘ejek’ him during crop science lab last semester. Nick whom i’ve had dinner with him and the rest of the close friends before i left to New Zealand.

Ah.. here, i’m not going to type out the news because i still in the “can’t believe” situation.

Nick (if you can hear from all the lab demonstrators), All the demonstrators whom taught you before : want to SLAP you, want to ask you to wake up, want you call or at least write an email complain to us. Nick, how could you?

*there is a moment (eventhough i’m not close to you), in my heart.. i kept on think that i should have stay in Monash be lab demo so that at least i get to see you around campus and able to see you and the rest together happy.*

But then again, i know it’s late to say that. All i can do is respect and hate the decision you have made.

Today afternoon, after the funeral, i called Hamdi to make sure he is alright. This is one part of our conversation: I told Hamdi: ” Ah..Nick, so good. I think now he is an island..enjoying himself with turtles and other marine animals. Relax and rest .. oo.. can see smile and happy face” . Then Hamdi said: “Ya, with pretty ladies also”.

Message to Nick:
May you rest in peace. Remember now you have a new task is to be a guardian angel. *We’ll remember you, my friend*

Message to God:

God, protect this wonderful child. *Probably can ask him to be a chef because i heard a lot of his friends said he really can cook good food*.

Message to all my fellow friends and students:

Let us pray for Nick. Now we know he had gone to a better place.  *hugs*



2 thoughts on “Bidding Farewell is always the hardest thing to do.

  1. Yes, was very painful news.. I still have a hard time accepting the fact. Only pray that he is in a happier and better place now.. finding peace at last. May God bless his soul.
    p/s: yeah, he’s quite good a cook. he enjoys good food too haha.. at one point he was making me fat coz i was eating like him.. and he ate any time of the day 😛 that’s him.. enjoying life 🙂

  2. Yeah. I got to know this from all of you (photos in facebook, blogs about him). Trully, i was touched by all the messages about nick from all of you.

    Yup, all we can do is to pray for him, his family members and friends.

    May i know who is this? kekee.. pai seh (malunya).

    But i do hope, whoever that need someone to listen, i’m always here. Can always drop me message here which i’m willing to reply, ya?

    Cheers, mate =)

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