Bidding Farewell is always the hardest thing to do.

Life: Fair and Unfair

It started with a great day with great weather (Saturday Morning: 9am) when i was on my way to accupunture clinic at Old Klang Road. While i was waiting for my turn to get massage or check by the Xin Sei, so i thought i can occupy my time with reading chinese newspaper which i hardly get the chance to even touch it.

Oriental Daily which was just right in front of me. Hmm.. on the main page, i saw familiar face which was a Black and White photo and with sad and unpleasant title. In my mind was like: “It can’t be. ok.. ok. Hmm.. probably not. ..then.., that looks like.. SHIT! Oh dear !! SHIT!!”. Shit and oh dear were the words that appeared in my mind. Seriously, i couldn’t believe what i saw in the newspaper. *One of My very first batch of Chemistry students whom i tutored them, Nick. Nick Tan. *

The only person i can think of after i saw the article was Hamdi (my very first batch of chemistry student).  I called Hamdi to ask him whether it is true *which i really hope it’s not him*. Reason i called him because i know he is really close with Nick.’s the most shitty news i’ve ever received. Yes, it’s Nick. Nick whom i know in my lab. Nick whom i’ve marked his chemistry reports. Nick whom i ‘ejek’ him during crop science lab last semester. Nick whom i’ve had dinner with him and the rest of the close friends before i left to New Zealand.

Ah.. here, i’m not going to type out the news because i still in the “can’t believe” situation.

Nick (if you can hear from all the lab demonstrators), All the demonstrators whom taught you before : want to SLAP you, want to ask you to wake up, want you call or at least write an email complain to us. Nick, how could you?

*there is a moment (eventhough i’m not close to you), in my heart.. i kept on think that i should have stay in Monash be lab demo so that at least i get to see you around campus and able to see you and the rest together happy.*

But then again, i know it’s late to say that. All i can do is respect and hate the decision you have made.

Today afternoon, after the funeral, i called Hamdi to make sure he is alright. This is one part of our conversation: I told Hamdi: ” Ah..Nick, so good. I think now he is an island..enjoying himself with turtles and other marine animals. Relax and rest .. oo.. can see smile and happy face” . Then Hamdi said: “Ya, with pretty ladies also”.

Message to Nick:
May you rest in peace. Remember now you have a new task is to be a guardian angel. *We’ll remember you, my friend*

Message to God:

God, protect this wonderful child. *Probably can ask him to be a chef because i heard a lot of his friends said he really can cook good food*.

Message to all my fellow friends and students:

Let us pray for Nick. Now we know he had gone to a better place.  *hugs*



Env.Prophecy: Beautiful!


This weekend, i’ll be off to PWTC to attend the talks/seminars at MIDE expo. So ok, what’s so special about it. Reason #1: It relates to my work at Wild Asia ; Reason #2: I’ve been crazy over marine conservation especially turtle and new ones *seahorse and * coral reef and Reason #3: I’ve always wanted to pick up scuba diving *still can’t because of $$.

Come back to my topic,  Today was my first day to attend the talks when i was in MIDE expo. So what happened was i was late for one of the talks organized by WWF Semporna. Well i was late for 10 minutes and this really thanks to KTM.

Anyway, thank god i didn’t miss the best part. During the talk given by Daniel (WWF Semporna Team Leader), he told us that he would love to share a prophecy which he’ll never forget. Seriously, i’ve to admit that I’ve never heard such a *WOW* prophecy in my entire life. I really have to admit this is *so far* the best prophecy I’ve ever heard.

Want to know why i’m so in love and would love to share this prophecy to everyone.

Read and understand:

Indian Creek Prophecy
“Only after :
the last tree that has been cut
the last fish that has been caught
the last river that has been poisoned
then will we realised that money cannot be eaten”

Don’t you think this is so true with our “tidak apa apa” attitude to the environment?


I wonder what will happen  to our mother nature in future. What i know is it won’t be fair to our children which they don’t get to SEE with their own eyes of how wonderful is forest, coral reefs, indigenous animals..and so forth.

Recent years, There are a lot of big hoo-haa about environmental issues in our country but not many actions have been taken. People pushing/finding faults and put the blame on each other like as if by this method can solve a lot of environmental issues.

What’s wrong to stand up and help to give tender, loving and care to the environment? What’s wrong to help the country to protect/conserve the national treasures? Why there are still people that love to take these for granted? Why can’t they use these extra time and energy to think how to solve rather pint point at each other?

I guess a lot of people still think that the environment in our country or in world still perfectly alright. I guess this is the time to slap everyone and ask everyone to wake up (how i wish there is a HUGE alarm clock to wake up everyone’s brains).

From the last sentence of the prophecy, Money can’t buy or do everything. National treasures given by the god cannot be buy/purchase/sell/rent.Guess we still haven’t realise the importance of all these natural resources which we have.

Message to everyone:

We, human being are here to conserve and protect and help to improve the environment condition in our country. We’re here not to destroy or reduce them.  Try to understand and think of ways to keep our environment in healthy condition.

A healthy environment benefits to all living creatures including US (symbiosis relationship).

*Thanks to team leader from WWF Semporna for giving this great opportunity to know and understand this prophecy and to MIDE Expo too because get to meet all the conservationist and eco- and licensed divers*