WA and AMP Radio Stations’ TREE PARTY!!!


Last weekend was the best weekend i’ve ever had!!! IT was a GREAT and AWESOME weekend and experience with the WA (Wild Asia) and AMP Radio DJ and Crew Members!! Yup, that day i was fortunate to be assigned as photographer (1st time) for this meaningful event. I was thrilled about it when i heard from one of my team mates, Su Li (one of the members for KKR..*nyek nyek nyek).  This fun event took place at Tanah Merah, Selangor (passed Formula 1 circuit, Sepang) for two days.

So on the 1st day (Saturday), Su li and i went to Chooi Lan’s house (hehe..team leader for this event). Wow her house was..awesome (esp. the gardens..oo i really love it). Anyway, continue with the story, we started our journey around 830am (hehe..Su li and I were a bit late because of hmm.. jam?? just kidding!). Journey to Tanah Merah, i have to admit:  it’s really Fun! I enjoy the ride everytime i go there and the scenery there as well.

The weather on Saturday was a bit not promising (haih..). Well a bit moody.. (dull), but this didn’t affect everyone’s tree-planting mood because everyone was so ready to plant a tree especially the announcers from all the AMP radio stations. (Woo hoo.. that’s more like it!). Well the event went well on Saturday. The weather actually weren’t that bad after all because …people like me didn’t sweat that much on that day! *he..he..he..*. This is the list of announcers from respective radio stations that came on 1st day of Tree Party!

1st day ( 7th June 2008 )

7th June 2008 (Saturday)

Sinar FM – Jamal Jamaludin and Najman and ERA – Linda , Ray & Aimee

(Description: They are the most noisiest group especially Ray from Era FM. Why? Take a look on the clips on ERA FM. They really really enjoyed the tree planting activities!! Hooray to ERA and Sinar. )

Awesome group!
Mix Fm – Jojo & Sham

(Description: Love these two announcers and the crew members. Hehe especially SHAM. I can say he is the most funniest and talkative.. oh oh.. and he planted quite a lot of seedlings. Wow.. i guess a lot of ladies keep on looking at him especially when he planted a seedling or dug a hole). Great job to MIX fm.

Sham and Jojo
THR Raaga – Revathy and THR Gegar – Rezlynn

(Description: Got the chance to talk to Revathy. She is really sweet. Rezlynn : She is such a sweet lady. I love to take these two announcers and the crew members’ photos. Having fun to talk to them as well. Cheers to all of you!!)

Rezylnn and Revathy

It’s group photo’s time! Can all the announcers and crew members come to the front to take photos? Wah.. this is the time when all the photographers (Wild Asia, newspaper, magazine and Sime Darby) busy especially the cameras and external flash.

Sinar FM, Mix fm, THR and Era FM

Sinar fm, MIX fm, THR and Era FM

Overall, i should say ” GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!”

Enjoy the rest of the photos here. Give a round of APPLAUSE to all their marvellous tree-planting efforts!!

WOO HOO………!!

They planted Pianggu (Lempoyang paya) They planted Pianggu (Lempoyang paya) They planted Jurai-jurai (Pokok gajah beranak) They planted Jurai-jurai

Announcers, Anu and crew members


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