Love to share this poem…

Life: Fair and Unfair
A poem received from Theodora (My lovely friend which i got to know her during my day in Dunedin, New Zealand).
According to Theodora:
” It’s very famous in china,the poet once was considered to be the most talented poet in that period but he killed himself 19 years ago on today. He layed on the railroad,like anna do in 托尔斯泰 novel because he is so idealism,the society cannot make him happy (this makes me think that he is unsatisfied of what he have. Am i correct?). He hated all the dark things in the society,so he is so painful to face the world
but his poetry are loved by many people, because they bring a feeling of pastoralism.”
Therefore, i would like to share this wonderful poem to you all.
After i read this poem, i felt that i should be like this and really wish i can tell everyone that i’m so LUCKY  (‘xin fu’). The 1st sentence pretty catchy because ever since i came back, i was pretty negative and kept on blaming on what had happened in these two years. But once i read this poem, i seriously need to knock my head on the wall and should wake up from my this negative dream. I should be like what the 1st sentence said. I really wish i have this attitude : “Every morning, i’ll tell everyone how lucky i am!!!” and with a big smile like sunshine. hehe.. anyway, enjoy and do drop some comment on this poem.

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