I still remember the Earth Hour happened in Sydney, Australia last year. I found it ..really a great project to help the mother nature, EARTH.

What the Australian did was swithced off all the lights for an hour.. JUST 1 hour. By doing this, i can feel that it seriously helps to reduce the energy consumption. I forgot the percentage but it did helped anyway. So come on everybody, what are you waiting for. Let’s join in and help to reduce the energy consumption for this year and the year after (if can, every year is the best answer!).
So this year, the Earth Hour falls on:
DATE: 29th of March 2008
TIME: 8pm (at your local time)
Please switch off all the lights but the best is all the electrical gadgets (if possible).
Thank you for participation. Please help to spread this message to everyone!

Love to share this poem…

Life: Fair and Unfair
A poem received from Theodora (My lovely friend which i got to know her during my day in Dunedin, New Zealand).
According to Theodora:
” It’s very famous in china,the poet once was considered to be the most talented poet in that period but he killed himself 19 years ago on today. He layed on the railroad,like anna do in 托尔斯泰 novel because he is so idealism,the society cannot make him happy (this makes me think that he is unsatisfied of what he have. Am i correct?). He hated all the dark things in the society,so he is so painful to face the world
but his poetry are loved by many people, because they bring a feeling of pastoralism.”
Therefore, i would like to share this wonderful poem to you all.
After i read this poem, i felt that i should be like this and really wish i can tell everyone that i’m so LUCKY  (‘xin fu’). The 1st sentence pretty catchy because ever since i came back, i was pretty negative and kept on blaming on what had happened in these two years. But once i read this poem, i seriously need to knock my head on the wall and should wake up from my this negative dream. I should be like what the 1st sentence said. I really wish i have this attitude : “Every morning, i’ll tell everyone how lucky i am!!!” and with a big smile like sunshine. hehe.. anyway, enjoy and do drop some comment on this poem.

Dunedin (University and Chocolate Town), NZealand

Life: Fair and Unfair, My adventure holiday

The Clock Tower

Well hello..hello..and hello. Greetings from down under (uh.. not Australia. It’s New Zealand. Currently i’m in Dunedin, South Island of New Zealand). Well before i begin my long winded story, i would like to ask how’s everyone back home? Miss you all heaps and hope everything is alright, great or good for everyone.

Let me begin my story: Dunedin, the university city which is located in the southern most part of south island of New Zealand (well not exactly southern most). This city is consist of 80 ~ 90% of students from University of Otago and Otago Tech. So imagine, during summer holiday, the city is pretty quiet aka dead because almost all the students go back to their hometown, countries or go to north island to get part time job.  That is why it is known as the University City.  Do you know why i called this place as Chocolate City (think think..)? This is because Cadbury Factory is located in this city =PA lot of people that i have asked said that New Zealand is a beautiful place especially South Island and i also did asked whether Dunedin is a safe, clean place to stay, rest and relax. Well..the answer was yes.  Well probably i had very high expectation on this city and university. All turned out not true and fairly disappointed once i touched down on this “wonderful” place.Let me tell you the good and bad points about this city and University



  • Yup, it’s really a TRUE University City. So, it’s a good place for study especially for Undergraduate program.
  • Scenery : Fascinating (especially The Clock Tower, Octagon, Train Station, Dunedin Botanical Garden, Cadbury Factory, Town Hall and St David Lecture Theatre, University of Otago) as shown below.
  • As for the kiwis, they are pretty friendly and good manners (some).
  • Food: There are pretty a lot of Asian restaurants here (Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indian – all these restaurant can be found in George Street aka Shopping and Busy Street). As for malaysian food, hmm got one stall in Meridien Mall.
  • Shopping:  Grocery – I usually go to K-Mart, New World, Count Down. As for Asian food (rice, asian junk food, instant noodles) : New World and Korean Shops (pretty near to Botanical Garden).  Books: University Book Shop (just right next to NZ post office at  and Volume One (this shop very near to City College).


  • Nice place to do undergraduate especially for Health Science and Law. As for postgraduate, it is recommended to do research (not coursework).
  • I love the science labs (oh my..). Really well-equiped. Facilities are so much better and up-to-date technologies (pretty difficult to explain here).
  • LIBRARIES! I really love the libraries in University of Otago especially the central and science ones. Central library is the one that always shown in the University of Otago’s website. True enough.. it is really GORGEOUS, HUGE and MODERN *will show the photos later*. As for the science library, that’s my favourite library. All the books and journals that i’ve been looking for during my undergraduate, I FOUND THEM here. WAh hahaha..very happy!

Bad points about the University Town (especially the campus zone):

  • Broken glasses everywhere. Yes, it’s University of Otago students’ culture.
  • Burning wooden couches is also another huge event in Dunedin.

So never go out alone (warning to girls especially at nights). For me and my flatmates from Flat (unknown), we always stay at home.PLEASE BE ALERT OF THIS CASE!!!:Now i’m back in Malaysia for good due to unexpected and shocking event that i never thought it would happened on me. So please make sure that the subjects and courses that you chosed and they offered are REALLY offered this year. If not, seriously.. (just warning from me), please don’t be the next victim like me. Seriously, not only the shocking news affect me, it’s also affect my family (physically and emotionally).