ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!! Meh…, here i come =)

C'est La Vie

Not sure to be excited or “going to miss my home sweet home” feeling. Anyway, dear fella friends, bloggers, university mates, A levels mates and high schoolmates, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. I’ll be leaving to New Zealand on next thursday. Ya, i know it’s a Valentine’s day! hehe.. thank god, my parents are coming along with me. Without them, i think i’ll be totally lost (just say i’m a spoilt brad..i have to admit) and will definitely CRY. Ya..i cry very easily.

 I know some of you might ask why i keep on changing university for my postgraduate. Oh well.. let’s just say it’s my faith. I’m glad that my parents allow me to do that and they are proud of my decision after all the ups and downs had happened to me in the past 2 years. Well, dream come true. Well here i would like to say :

Papa, really thank you a lot for all your supports. Sorry that i caused so much problems and makes you feel so stress and under lots of pressure. Without you, i seriously almost going to collapse (emotionally and physically). Thank you for always be there for me. You had give me lots of moral, finacially and lots of supports. I seriously hope i can fulfill your and my dreams.

Mama, you too! You had been always there for me to listen to all my ups and downs stories (mostly nagging and complaints). Ma, i’ll take care of my health. Sorry to make you worry. Ah..(tears running down like heavy down pour).

My bro…my beloved bro, going to miss you so much. You had been a great brother. Ready to give me lots of hugs and supports. In this two years, i can see that you have grown up lots..woo hoo..big boy lo. jie jie, going to miss you so dearly. hehee… =) popo, the one that i’m pretty worry. oh well, i know you’ll be fine but seriously, i really hope that all the grandchildren will take care of you. POPO.. hugs. (to be honest, the only person that can make me cry a lot is dearest popo)!

To ALL MY RELATIVES in KL and PG, i really hope that we all still unite, help and care for each other especially Grandma. Thank you all the supports and man.. going to miss you heaps. (Ps..all my cousins, PLEASE COME TO NZ to VISIT ME YA..! Don’t let me sing “LONELY.. i’m MIssy..Lonely..down there…hehehe.. =) )




MJ: Ah…take care and don let someone bully you ya!! Wishing you ..may all your dreams come true!!! I’ll pray for you and your family.

YS: YS… YS…hope to see you in Australia. I really hope i can go to Australia for holiday or..*cough cough* for my other degress. mua ahaaa… most probably holiday. Take care and wish you all the best in your studies. jia you jia you!

YL: YL..all the best in your phD. Take care and remember ..bully Tse Yuen. mua ahaa..!

KY: KY..i’ll miss you heaps. BE STRONG and remember what i’ve told you. hugs…

JT: JT…..JT… hope to see you soon. hehe..and hope to meet you and JC and TN in NZ.. heheee

JC: JC.. my gossip partner. Thanks for all the supports. You and JT have always be there to give me lots of supports and always ready to listen to all my stories. Without you two, i don’t know ..where or which direction i’m going to.

SZE: SZE…………….i’m coming!! Really hope to meet up with you and Caleb. WAh hahaa…. can’t wait to see all my beloved babies. hehe… anyway, you take care. Really happy to meet up with you. Thanks for all the help. Ah.. i really lucky! =)

As for the rest…

Thank you very much for all the supports and help. Do keep in touch. Will see you all end of this year! hugs…


Whoever that want to come to NZ, please let me know. I’ll send you all my contacts and mailing address. SEE YOU!!

Before that, i would like to wish everyone: