It’s my BIRTHday =)

Life: Fair and Unfair

Woo hoo… yes, Today is my Birthday! This year, i can say it’s a very special birthday because1) Celebrated my birthday in New Monash Campus with whole bunch of friends whom always there to cheer me up, give me lots of advises and encouragements and give me a lot of helping hand to help me go through those down moments.2) First time.. got so many birthday wishes not only from my friends, but also from MY STUDENTS,  One friend from KT and my Long lost high school friends from Int. School.WOO HOO…3) Got a suprise present from Da Jie (Woo hoo..can’t wait..from Australia).4) My Mom and dad bought new handphone for me!! (Woo hoo..) My list will just go on.THank you everyone!!!!!!!p/s: Will post up the photos later. Need to get the photos from EZ.Anyway, sorry didn’t update the blog for ages because busy with assignments from UM and work from Monash.Hugs!!!