Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ^o^

Bon Appetite!, C'est La Vie

Happy Mooncake (Mid Autumn) Festival, EVERYONE!

Yes, this year, my mom decided to made mooncake (Woo hoo..homemade mooncake).

I can say i’m really lucky to have a mom that love to cook or create a lot of delicious dishes and bake a lot of nice, yummilicious cakes , cookies and mooncake. (MOM, i love you!)

Anyway, here are the photos:


Photo 1: Traditional mooncake (lotus ; red bean; pandan pastes)


Photo 2: Shanghai Mooncakes (Lotus ; red bean pastes). So far, my friends said this is really delicious. As for me, i prefer this ALSO!


Photo 3: My goldie the goldfish lantern. Yes..these are my mom’s creations.


Photo 4: My Paper Lanterns and Goldie the Goldfish (right at the end)



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