My 3rd Week in UM

Life: Fair and Unfair

Oh well, life in UM isn’t that bad afterall (but i still have ..the thinking of going to overseas to further my studies! Sigh.. i really wish i can stop thinking about it.. and just let it be!).

So coursemates (especially girls) have been very lovely and helpful. Well i can say my course has quite a number of international students (iraq, iran and china). Every monday, the lady from iraq (her name is Hudah), she will pass us all the lecture notes and past year exam questions. She is our class monitor. She really funny. We two always discuss a lot of our volunteer experience. Sharing experience (especially my turtle conservation experience) with her is so fun or actually the whole class. Now my coursemates will tell me anything about turtles (even the ones from Monash). Hehe..anyway, that’s Hudah.

Then..the one from Iran (her name is Pupak). She is really lovely and caring. Oh and also when she speaks..really really motherly. Yeah she is like our mother which take care of me and Hudah. She will offer us her biscuits and ask us whether we are alright. Really good. She also monitor our studies (make sure we start our revision for the upcoming test..hehehe..).

As for the other lady (her name is Rani), she is from Malaysia (sama dengan saya). She..really funny and talkative (she is also my lab partner). It’s so funny.. that when she found out that i’m lab tutor in Monash (can imagine her reaction..when she look at me). also another partner to discuss about problems since both of us..are employed. So we two always complain about our work and studies. Hehe…

As for the guys in my course, well.. i think i’ll take another week to get to know them.

Well..that’s what i would like to share in this post. Oh ya.. and today my first practical in UM. I love their academic lab. Really good. I’ll try to put up some photos in the next post. Anyway, before i end this post, i would like to remind you all.. PLEASE SUPPORT my friend, Pelf Nyok (Blogathon).



2 thoughts on “My 3rd Week in UM

  1. Hey pelf, hehe.. yeah i’m addicted to Facebook.

    Hehe.. yes, i haven’t update my blog lately because of a lot of reasons. Sorry i didn’t post up any post regarding on environmental issue. I was tied up with assignments..assignments. Anyway, will do during november (one month break).

    Anyway, hehe.. =)

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