Blogathon..Please support my friend, Pelf Nyok

Life: Fair and Unfair

A quick note or ANNOUNCEMENT from me :

I’ve received this reminder from my friend, Pelf Nyok.

This is what she wrote:

” This is a gentle reminder that the Blogathon will start at 0600 PST (which is 2100 Malaysian time, +0800 GMT), which is less 9 hours away!
I’d be very delighted if you’d drop by The Giving Hands and be my cheerleader and leave me lots of comments (not spammy one, please..) and sponsorships, pretty pleasee..? You could also help by blogging about the Blogathon, and what we are attempting to do in the 24-crazy-hours.. Or better still, you could send some of your readers over to The Giving Hands, LOL.. I am attaching a “Blogathon Cheerleader” button and I’d be very very happy if you’d paste it on your blog :))

I will be representing Eden Handicap Service Centre, I know, I know I’ve been mentioning this for like, a thousand times but please bear with me, OK? Eden Handicap is a Malaysian charity but that doesn’t mean that they do not accept foreign donations! Do check out Eden Handicap’s Donation Page for more information.. So to give you an idea of what I will be blogging about:

  1. The Malaysian charity — Eden Handicap Service Centre, and the people behind the organization
  2. My personal experiences with people with disabilities — I have a disabled aunt
  3. A couple of interviews with bloggers (volunteers) with disabilities
  4. Disabilities-related issues and what the public can do about it

The main idea of the themed-posting is to create and spread awareness on issues pertaining to disabilities in the society.. If you’re reading this and would like to contribute an article or two about disabilities, please feel free to email them to me, I’d be very glad to include them in the Blogathon..

Till then, see ya guys! :))



So Guys and Girls, please give her or others that join this blogathon a Lot of Supports! Please help to spread this news to any of friend or friends’ friends.


Thank you very much!

Really appreciate all the helps! Thanks!

Those that want to give her support or be cheerleader..for this event, you can always put this icon in your blog.





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