Mini Gathering..

Life: Fair and Unfair

Last friday, our very close friend or jie mei, Ervinna came to Kuala Lumpur to pay us a visit. The last time i saw her was during Yik ling’s convocation. I still remembered that time when she saw me…she started crying. Hehe..not because i bullied her, ok. This was because we haven’t met each other for like 2 years. Oh my..time flies.

What i remember about this petite girl : smart, friendly, talkative and of course helpful. I still remembered she helped me lots during my 2nd year especially CHM2741.  During 3rd year, she and a couple of my coursemates went to Gippsland campus. That’s why we haven’t met each other for like..2 years. Now, she is a working lady. She work in Singapore.

Ok. So last friday, we (fanny, kiat yee, yik ling, wan feng and me..of course) met up Ervinna at Medan. During the lunch gathering, we talked about future plan, new campus and about our current work. I miss the good old times during undergraduate.

Here i wish EVERYONE all the best and MAY all the DREAMS COME TRUE! (that’s also apply to ME!) HUGS!!!!


That’s Ervinna, Aunty KY, Fanny, Me and Aunty YL (Miss you girls!). Photographer : Wan Feng


9th – Aunty Kiat Yee

12th – Mei Yee

16th – Syaf

29th – Mommy Meera


Week 10 :CHM1011

Life: Fair and Unfair

This week is the last week for me to work as lab demonstrator for chm1011 (Chemistry I), CHM1022 (Chemistry II) and Crop Science.

In other words, I’ll be officially unemployed next week besides marking reports for instru (i guess)!

This semester:

The highlights!

CHM1011 : It was fun. I will miss my 12 students. As for wednesday group, hehe.. that class was superb funny and noisy eventhough some of them are quite cheeky. I’ll miss all of you.

My tuesday class


My students : GUYS – Vincent, Abi aka Bujang and Husni. GIRLS – MJ, Eevon, MH, Amy, Angeline, YS and JX. (two missing : Jolene and Ahmad…because not feeling well on that day).

Eventhough the no. of students less than other class, mua haha..all of us very close to each other especially during gossips (about..hehe..). I miss you all. Well hope to meet you all soon icon_wink.gif.

Anyway, CHM1011 students.. miss you all and wish you all the best for your upcoming EXAM! HUGS !