Kuala Selangor.. Here i Come!

Environment/Nature, My adventure holiday

WOo HOo.. tomorrow i’ll be going to Kuala Selangor. Yes, it’s time to leave busy town or city to a more quiet and peaceful place or town. WAh haha.. ! Yes i know.. i should have rest at home (due to my workload!). Anyway, i’ll be following my environmental management and also my field trip friend, Lavy (WAh haha or LAvenia.. i love to call her by this name..) to Kuala Selangor. Yup, Lavy will be driving! Hold on.. wait a minute, i should say i’ll be following all the BIO2011 or Ecology students, Meera and Dr Cathy.

That means i’ll be going to Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP) and join the BIO2011 Students to do their sampling work in the Mangrove (Tough..but hopefully i can overcome my fear..yeah the last time i went there, i had bad experience) and at the Secondary forest in KSNP. Woo hoo.. hopefully the silverleaf monkeys (both adults and juvenile) present or waiting for us. I just love the juvenile. Besides that, hopefully i get to see mudskipper, otter,and flidder crabs. OH.. another god’s creation: the sunset which is a must to see from the famous light house (Altingsburg Lighthouse) at Bukit Melawati!

On the last day (Sunday) of this trip, we will be going to primary lowland forest at Gombak to collect samples. Leech – might be a challenge for some people.

If you want to know my past experience in KSNP, you can view by clicking on this!!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day!


One thought on “Kuala Selangor.. Here i Come!

  1. I haven’t been to Kuala Selangor, so make sure you tell us how it went, OK? 🙂

    Eileen: Sure! I’ll put it up on the next post. How’s everything, pelf jie jie? Hope everything goes tremendously well! Jia you!! hugs =)

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