Kuala Selangor.. Here i Come!

Environment/Nature, My adventure holiday

WOo HOo.. tomorrow i’ll be going to Kuala Selangor. Yes, it’s time to leave busy town or city to a more quiet and peaceful place or town. WAh haha.. ! Yes i know.. i should have rest at home (due to my workload!). Anyway, i’ll be following my environmental management and also my field trip friend, Lavy (WAh haha or LAvenia.. i love to call her by this name..) to Kuala Selangor. Yup, Lavy will be driving! Hold on.. wait a minute, i should say i’ll be following all the BIO2011 or Ecology students, Meera and Dr Cathy.

That means i’ll be going to Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP) and join the BIO2011 Students to do their sampling work in the Mangrove (Tough..but hopefully i can overcome my fear..yeah the last time i went there, i had bad experience) and at the Secondary forest in KSNP. Woo hoo.. hopefully the silverleaf monkeys (both adults and juvenile) present or waiting for us. I just love the juvenile. Besides that, hopefully i get to see mudskipper, otter,and flidder crabs. OH.. another god’s creation: the sunset which is a must to see from the famous light house (Altingsburg Lighthouse) at Bukit Melawati!

On the last day (Sunday) of this trip, we will be going to primary lowland forest at Gombak to collect samples. Leech – might be a challenge for some people.

If you want to know my past experience in KSNP, you can view by clicking on this!!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day!


Something missing..in my life

C'est La Vie

After i went to the Raptor Watch (10th and 11th of March 2007) at Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson (my 2nd time), i think i’ve left out a lot of my adventurous, nature activities or i shall say i lost in touch with my activities. I can say ever since end of last year, i’ve lost in touch with all the activities which i used to join during my undergraduate time. I miss all the beautiful or i should say WONDERFUL beaches at Terengganu especially the one in Kertih and Redang Island. I miss all my turtle volunteer camps at kertih, Terengganu and Pengkalan Balak, Malacca. I miss the turtles (hatchlings and adults) and terrapins as well. All my Taman Negara where i still remember the wild boars’ tracks and orang asli community, fireflies at Kuala Selangor or KSNP (Kuala Selangor Nature Park). AHHHH…I MISS ALL THESE WONDERFUL ACTIVITIES!! JEEZ.. what is wrong with me???!! (Eileen.. WAKE UP!)

I’ve been thinking ..lately i’ve been very lazy on everything ( you name it.. sure can get correct answer! Mua haha..). Lazy to join activities (i should blame myself), lazy to brush up my photography skills (another blame), lazy to think about my future plan (or i think i’m sort of giving up!), lazy to go out or hang out with my friends which i used to go out with them quite often (probably $$  not enough or quite tight), lazy to exercise (WAh haha.. that one since long time ago), lazy to BLog.. (see my blog very empty).. and my list can just go on. Man, I should slap myself for being so SO So SO Lazy..!

Ah… i think it’s time for me to catch up with all my activities. Hope i can join more MSN weekly or monthly activities, or at least join the turtle volunteer program before (if and only if) i go to Australia in June or July (man.. at that time, i’ll DEFINITELY miss all my activities in Malaysia!). Well.. i always have think that there are PLENTY of Time..(man, i think it’s my huge mistake!).

Oh well.. really hope that i make full use of my precious time…especially these few months. I can feel that the time passing by very fast just like speed of light (uh.. i think that’s way too fast!). Anyway, i got a few photos that i took from Raptor Watch 2007. Enjoy and hope to hear any comments from anyone!

Hugs and cheers, mate!


Picture 1. I guess is Oriental Honey Buzzard (OHB) (I think all the raptor look like OHB…AH..!)


Picture 2. My nature-lover friend, Ee Ling. She is the one that really show me how beautiful nature or wilderness is. Thank you, Ee ling!


Picture 3. Just reminded me when i was young at the beach. Love to play with the waves (or trying to save myself from the waves! hehe..).


Raptor Watch is a must to attend event (on 1st or 2nd weekend of MARCH) especially birders..or those who love raptors or birds and nature-lover. It’s a great event to learn or gain knowledge and to RELAX (most importantly) because of our hectic and heavy workload (should i say STRESS!). I’ve learned a lot from this event. For example or the best examples are:

1) how to identify raptor such as OHB (Oriental Honey Buzzard), Black Baza, Goshawks and so on from the expert especially the speaker whom i forget his name (which i’ll put his name up later!).

2) You’ll definitely improve your photography skill from the experts (Their cameras and lenses.. WOW.. Salut them!) and communication skills also (Got to meet my another turtle Lao SHi, Min Min from Pengkalan Balak , Malacca and Halmiee from Ma’Daerah , Kertih). I miss them so much.

So guys and girls, what are you waiting for? Join the RAPTOR WATCH!

Want to know more information about Raptor Watch, please visit The Raptor Watch’s website : www.raptorwatch.org