Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

It’s the time of the year…! Well  me and my mom (mother and daughter) had  been quite busy for well a month (Chinese New Year preparation) to prepare tonnes of CNY stuff (from baking cookies and cakes to cleaning house).


This year my mom baked three types of cakes : Orange and lemon cake, Chocolate cake with chocolate rice and chips on top and lastly.. my favourite among all.. FRUIT CAKE. All the cakes are NON-HALAL. My mom also baked 5 types of cookies for this year (Pineapple tarts, Almond cookies, Cashew Nuts Cookies, Oatmeals Cookies and Pineapple cookies).

Chinese New Year’s Decoration:

Well.. this year, me and my brother busy decorate the house with all the Chinese new year decoration (lots of banners, flowers (in pots and flower vase), God of Wealth, 3 pairs of Golden Boars, 2 Bags of Mandarin Oranges and so many more. As for my dad, he sent all the cars for washing.

Today we did the last minute tidy and clean up the house.

Overall, it was fun eventhough all of us were very tired.

Chinese New Year’s Message:

This year is the year of Golden Boar. So here i would like to wish everyone :

May all your dreams come true. May the year of Golden Boar brings lots of Fortune, Wealth, Good Health, Joy , Happiness and Properity!!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

            GOng Xi Fa Cai!!

                             Wan Shi Ru Yi!!!


Picture 1. Aren’t they cute? wah haha…


Picture 2. I just love my garden.. especially “Kat Chai Xu” and the pots


Picture 3. Decorations.. at my living hall (SHow of my creativity skill..s..!)



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