Happy Valentine’s DAy!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

Happy…HAPPY Valentine’s day inlove.gif to Everyone that i know and i don’t know . Wow time really flies.. superb fast (just like the speed of light…!) hehe.. anyway, i still remember last year, my brother and i bought a Valentine’s cake from Baskin Robin’s for my parents heart.gif. Well.. as for this year, due to my car brokedown in NPE (Yes, that’s right! Brokedown in NPE highway), therefore, i can’t go out to buy cake or flowers for my parents. But i heard from my dad that he want to bring us out for dinner. WAh haha.. Yippee!!

Message to couples and singles:

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY flowers_turtle.gif!!

 and.. GONG XI FA CAI..oink oink!!

Lots of love and hugs!


Well, my dad brought us to Victoria Station , Taipan. Overall:

1) Service : Poor ..*sweat!*

2) Food Quality : Poor.. (Not worth!)

3) Price : BLek.. (Not worth. The cost for Vday set is RM100)

In the end, i bought Tau Foo Fa for my parents to cheer them up (My initial plan to buy them “CHOCOLATe INDULGENCE” from Secret REcipe. Highly recommended by EiLeen! Anyway.. all of us enjoy our V DAY!! Muaks to Papa and Mama .. and of course to my brother.


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