Woo Hoo.. got a part time job! (For a week)

Life: Fair and Unfair

Yes, a one week part time job! Well.. i’m quite suprised that that particular company that i sent my resume asked me (on monday) whether i’m free this week. They currently need someone to help them to enter data (collected from their surveys – the whole Malaysia). At first, i thought this job is like the easiest job i’ve ever done which apparently NOT (especially the superb ugly and messy handwriting).

On the first day, my… oh my..! It took me i guess a couple of hours to finish ONE pile of survey forms from Sandakan. My… i should take a couple of pictures about their handwriting (surveyor).  Oh my..their handwriting is like..what the?!Some i need to ask people what word is that…or what number is that? Some of them love to use their own symbols or signs which i have to ask a couple of people to help me (translate or guess what is that). 

 Oh ya…i forget to introduce my project manager : Mr Gary. Well at first, i was quite afraid of him because he look very strict. After today, i can said he is superb nice manager. He come to our area to make sure we are ok with our work and also whether we have our lunch. OH ya the one that asked me whether i would like to take up this job is Ms Leong. She is really nice. She come a couple of times to see me and a couple of contract staffs who are also friendly and helpful (Yin Wah and Siao Xin) to see whether we are fine or happy with our work. Guess what, one thing special about this company is the people there is superb nice, friendly and love to chit chat. It’s like a big family. Everyone help each other.

Besides that, this company really give lots of freedom. For example, On the 2nd day of work (today), wah haha… i brought my mp3 player to the office. At first, i thought we couldn’t listen to music in office. Apparently, we are allow to listen to music. So today… i brought and man.. i really can’t live without music. Man, i’ll miss this company especially the people when i leave the company. Thank god..i got to work there for a very short period of time which i don’t mind.

*Will show you guys the pictures! Oh ya..Ms Leong said i can take picture in the office and keep them as souvenir ! wah hah so nice of her =)

*Guess the company’s name. I guess only Environmental Management students know about this company. Those who can’t guess, well … i’ll let you know that answer later. Cheers!!


THe answer is ENSR at Damansara Utama. I miss all my Lao Shi..or Shi Fu!


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