Monash: Bon Voyage !

Life: Fair and Unfair

My..time flies! I still remembered a couple of us (JC, Me, Elaine …almost all the lab demonstrators) were busy with postgraduate application (as for me, i was busy with my honours application). Most of us hope to further our studies in either Australia or Singapore. Well…that was last semester (around August to October). Then around end of November till mid of December 2006, most of us got our replies from the respective universities that we applied to.  Well all of us were so excited about it especially me and JC. Wah haha…girl, still remember our reaction? *whink whink*. Anyway, here I would like to CONGRATULATE to all these wonderful people that i’ve met and got to know them well in this short period of time. GOoD JOB! Keep up the good work! (in february), it’s time to say Good Bye, Bon Voyage and Good Luck to all these wonderful friends especially to JC. Now i guess most of the juniors that applied to Australia (Monash Clayton and Gippsland) are on their way to Australia. Wish you all the very best. Wah haa.. don’t forget me ..this *cough cough* wonderful *cough cough* cute *cough cough* demonstrator. WAh haha.. i hope to see or have a gathering with you all in Australia (I really hope i can go there around July). Anyway, GOOD LUCK!! Hugs!!

Here would like to wish you all:

GONG HEI FATT CHOI!! Happy Chinese New Year!! *oink oink* (GUess you guys know wat year is this?)

Too Daa!! Cheers =)


Picture 1. Just love this picture. Miss you all ( Mommy Meera, JC aka my crazy or xiao and gossip partner, Elaine my tutor or jie jie and Tim also another gossip and xiao partner)


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