Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

It’s the time of the year…! Well  me and my mom (mother and daughter) had  been quite busy for well a month (Chinese New Year preparation) to prepare tonnes of CNY stuff (from baking cookies and cakes to cleaning house).


This year my mom baked three types of cakes : Orange and lemon cake, Chocolate cake with chocolate rice and chips on top and lastly.. my favourite among all.. FRUIT CAKE. All the cakes are NON-HALAL. My mom also baked 5 types of cookies for this year (Pineapple tarts, Almond cookies, Cashew Nuts Cookies, Oatmeals Cookies and Pineapple cookies).

Chinese New Year’s Decoration:

Well.. this year, me and my brother busy decorate the house with all the Chinese new year decoration (lots of banners, flowers (in pots and flower vase), God of Wealth, 3 pairs of Golden Boars, 2 Bags of Mandarin Oranges and so many more. As for my dad, he sent all the cars for washing.

Today we did the last minute tidy and clean up the house.

Overall, it was fun eventhough all of us were very tired.

Chinese New Year’s Message:

This year is the year of Golden Boar. So here i would like to wish everyone :

May all your dreams come true. May the year of Golden Boar brings lots of Fortune, Wealth, Good Health, Joy , Happiness and Properity!!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

            GOng Xi Fa Cai!!

                             Wan Shi Ru Yi!!!


Picture 1. Aren’t they cute? wah haha…


Picture 2. I just love my garden.. especially “Kat Chai Xu” and the pots


Picture 3. Decorations.. at my living hall (SHow of my creativity skill..s..!)



Happy Valentine’s DAy!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

Happy…HAPPY Valentine’s day inlove.gif to Everyone that i know and i don’t know . Wow time really flies.. superb fast (just like the speed of light…!) hehe.. anyway, i still remember last year, my brother and i bought a Valentine’s cake from Baskin Robin’s for my parents heart.gif. Well.. as for this year, due to my car brokedown in NPE (Yes, that’s right! Brokedown in NPE highway), therefore, i can’t go out to buy cake or flowers for my parents. But i heard from my dad that he want to bring us out for dinner. WAh haha.. Yippee!!

Message to couples and singles:

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY flowers_turtle.gif!!

 and.. GONG XI FA CAI..oink oink!!

Lots of love and hugs!


Well, my dad brought us to Victoria Station , Taipan. Overall:

1) Service : Poor ..*sweat!*

2) Food Quality : Poor.. (Not worth!)

3) Price : BLek.. (Not worth. The cost for Vday set is RM100)

In the end, i bought Tau Foo Fa for my parents to cheer them up (My initial plan to buy them “CHOCOLATe INDULGENCE” from Secret REcipe. Highly recommended by EiLeen! Anyway.. all of us enjoy our V DAY!! Muaks to Papa and Mama .. and of course to my brother.

Woo Hoo.. got a part time job! (For a week)

Life: Fair and Unfair

Yes, a one week part time job! Well.. i’m quite suprised that that particular company that i sent my resume asked me (on monday) whether i’m free this week. They currently need someone to help them to enter data (collected from their surveys – the whole Malaysia). At first, i thought this job is like the easiest job i’ve ever done which apparently NOT (especially the superb ugly and messy handwriting).

On the first day, my… oh my..! It took me i guess a couple of hours to finish ONE pile of survey forms from Sandakan. My… i should take a couple of pictures about their handwriting (surveyor).  Oh my..their handwriting is like..what the?!Some i need to ask people what word is that…or what number is that? Some of them love to use their own symbols or signs which i have to ask a couple of people to help me (translate or guess what is that). 

 Oh ya…i forget to introduce my project manager : Mr Gary. Well at first, i was quite afraid of him because he look very strict. After today, i can said he is superb nice manager. He come to our area to make sure we are ok with our work and also whether we have our lunch. OH ya the one that asked me whether i would like to take up this job is Ms Leong. She is really nice. She come a couple of times to see me and a couple of contract staffs who are also friendly and helpful (Yin Wah and Siao Xin) to see whether we are fine or happy with our work. Guess what, one thing special about this company is the people there is superb nice, friendly and love to chit chat. It’s like a big family. Everyone help each other.

Besides that, this company really give lots of freedom. For example, On the 2nd day of work (today), wah haha… i brought my mp3 player to the office. At first, i thought we couldn’t listen to music in office. Apparently, we are allow to listen to music. So today… i brought and man.. i really can’t live without music. Man, i’ll miss this company especially the people when i leave the company. Thank god..i got to work there for a very short period of time which i don’t mind.

*Will show you guys the pictures! Oh ya..Ms Leong said i can take picture in the office and keep them as souvenir ! wah hah so nice of her =)

*Guess the company’s name. I guess only Environmental Management students know about this company. Those who can’t guess, well … i’ll let you know that answer later. Cheers!!


THe answer is ENSR at Damansara Utama. I miss all my Lao Shi..or Shi Fu!

Monash: Bon Voyage !

Life: Fair and Unfair

My..time flies! I still remembered a couple of us (JC, Me, Elaine …almost all the lab demonstrators) were busy with postgraduate application (as for me, i was busy with my honours application). Most of us hope to further our studies in either Australia or Singapore. Well…that was last semester (around August to October). Then around end of November till mid of December 2006, most of us got our replies from the respective universities that we applied to.  Well all of us were so excited about it especially me and JC. Wah haha…girl, still remember our reaction? *whink whink*. Anyway, here I would like to CONGRATULATE to all these wonderful people that i’ve met and got to know them well in this short period of time. GOoD JOB! Keep up the good work!

Well..now (in february), it’s time to say Good Bye, Bon Voyage and Good Luck to all these wonderful friends especially to JC. Now i guess most of the juniors that applied to Australia (Monash Clayton and Gippsland) are on their way to Australia. Wish you all the very best. Wah haa.. don’t forget me ..this *cough cough* wonderful *cough cough* cute *cough cough* demonstrator. WAh haha.. i hope to see or have a gathering with you all in Australia (I really hope i can go there around July). Anyway, GOOD LUCK!! Hugs!!

Here would like to wish you all:

GONG HEI FATT CHOI!! Happy Chinese New Year!! *oink oink* (GUess you guys know wat year is this?)

Too Daa!! Cheers =)


Picture 1. Just love this picture. Miss you all ( Mommy Meera, JC aka my crazy or xiao and gossip partner, Elaine my tutor or jie jie and Tim also another gossip and xiao partner)