New Year Resolution for 2007

C'est La Vie

Woo hoo..okok i know it’s a bit too late to put up this post (i have been busy settle my honours program in MUM : Now i officially out of this program. Reasons of why i left..Nuh i’ll keep it secret!).

Ok now, let me start my story.

What are my new year’s resolutions?

1) Need to learn how to face numerous challenges.

2) Hope i’ll be able to improve my writing, speaking, stress management and analytical skills.

3) Hope i enjoy my honours year (*finger cross*).

4) Hope i do well and able to continue my studies in somewhere (PRAY hard my wish comes true!).

5) Grow up! (Hopefully i can change my bad behaviour).

6) Hope my passion to help my little fella (turtles) still keep on glowing and growing (I miss them heaps!).

7) Hope i learn how to be a mature adult

8) Hope my family live in harmony, happy and most importantly HEALTHY!!

That’s all for today!

Note: Well sorry for the last minute changes, i have to announce that i no longer doing my honours in MUM due to several reasons (which support why i discontinue my program). Thank god my family members understand how i felt. Phew.. now i officially out of that program. Now i work as lab tutor in the campus (again!).


One thought on “New Year Resolution for 2007

  1. When will your project start? Because we’re going to start the Dungun project soon, and we’re looking for a competent Research Assistant. Interested? Or do you know anybody who might be?

    EiLeen : Ah…my project going to start soon. AH..always miss it. Anyway, i’ll pass this message around. Wonder my friend interested on or not. But pelf, i’ll definitely come and see you. Will let you know. Take care. Thank you!

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