My New Theme…Vermillion Christmas!

Life: Fair and Unfair

Woo Hoo.. Merry Christmas to Everyone that i know or i don’t know. Well that’s never too late to wish anyone (*whink*). Ok ok.. Well from my theme, you know that i really (REALLY) love Christmas. For me, i think Christmas is the best holiday season (eventhough i’m not Christian). I love Christmas because of..hmm let me think..(still thinking). Ok..i know the answers. That’s because of its beautiful decoration just like how i decorated my Christmas tree especially this year, how people greet and wish people, PRESENTS (hehehe..), FOOD (which i think it’s very unique). Besides that, Christmas day is my mom and dad Wedding Anniversary (Sweet and Lovely coupleturtles.gif) . This year is their 25th Wedding Anniversary (that’s why my dad brought my whole family to Australia for HOLIDAY!! WOO HOO..!!). So that’s part of the reasons, folks.


Here i would like present my 2006 Christmas tree treeturtle.gif:-


Yup.. this year, my Christmas tree is full of soft toys (Got a few of koalas, Kangaroos, Platypus, Echidna, Wombat, Kookaburra, Little Penguin which i bought from Philip Island Nature Park  or Penguin Parade (the smallest ones) : ALL THESE are NATIVE animals or the icons which can be found in AUSTRALIA).  and Greeting cards (for my family). My family were not allow to open their cards till Christmas Day (heee.. smallerblinkingbulb.gif )

So today (Christmas Day), my family members got to open and read their greeting cards. My parents love their cards (i’ll show later) especially their Anniversary greeting card, my aunt and brother as well.  Today my dad brought us to HOLIDAY VILLA  to celebrate Christmas. Well, the Christmas day’s buffet.. I can say it’s not bad (I still prefer the one i had in Orchard Hotel, Singapore). Overall..SATISFIED (especially the desserts).

Before i end my story or post,  i would like to wish everyone (again) A happy, Jolly  mxturtle.gif and may God bless you all and have a splendoured Happy New Year. Let’s all welcome 2007 with full of joy, love and care (especially to the unfortunate ones which include our belove environment). WOO HOO…!!! CHEERS mate!


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