XMas: Joy to the World..

C'est La Vie

Ho HO ho.. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !! Okok.. i know i’m in Christmas mood now (Can’t wait to put up my Christmas tree after my Aussie + Roo Trip (i guess you all know where i’m going). From the title, you know that i’m going to talk about CHRISTMAS!! hehe… yup, all the shopping mall in Kuala Lumpuar and Selangor have put up their very own Christmas decorations.  I always love to go IKEA, The Curve and Midvalley to see Christmas decorationtreeturtle.gif.

This year, decoration in Midvalley..  is CUTE, Sweet and YUMMY (hehee) !! Take a look at some of the pictures i took.


From the pictures, i guess you know why i said YUMMY (Canday canes, lollipops, gingerbread house, gingerbread man, candies (tonnes of them with different shapes and colours), cookies and so forth). Just name all the food which you can find during Christmas starturtle.gif.

If you guys want to know which shopping mall have the best decoration, i would say Midvalley (from my point of view). Actually all the shopping malls have their own unique Christmas decoration.

Hee.. now i’m counting days.. (can’t wait for Christmas!!). I wonder what’s my Christmas present for this year (hehe.. *cough cough*). WAh haha..i got my Christmas present from my parents and my brother. Hehe.. Cheers.

HO ho ho… Merry Christmas Everyone (in advance)!!



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