Welcome 2 – double 0 – 7!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

Yup.. today is the last day of the year 2006. I can say 2006 is a great year for me (besides all the sad and hurt incidents which i’m NOT going to remember or carry to 2007). Let us welcome the Brand new year.. 2007…(with full of joy, love, smile, laughter, happy.. etc. Bring or Carry ALL THE POSITIVE or GOOD STUFF to our brand new year!!). Here would like to wish everyone…..


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My New Theme…Vermillion Christmas!

Life: Fair and Unfair

Woo Hoo.. Merry Christmas to Everyone that i know or i don’t know. Well that’s never too late to wish anyone (*whink*). Ok ok.. Well from my theme, you know that i really (REALLY) love Christmas. For me, i think Christmas is the best holiday season (eventhough i’m not Christian). I love Christmas because of..hmm let me think..(still thinking). Ok..i know the answers. That’s because of its beautiful decoration just like how i decorated my Christmas tree especially this year, how people greet and wish people, PRESENTS (hehehe..), FOOD (which i think it’s very unique). Besides that, Christmas day is my mom and dad Wedding Anniversary (Sweet and Lovely coupleturtles.gif) . This year is their 25th Wedding Anniversary (that’s why my dad brought my whole family to Australia for HOLIDAY!! WOO HOO..!!). So that’s part of the reasons, folks.


Here i would like present my 2006 Christmas tree treeturtle.gif:-


Yup.. this year, my Christmas tree is full of soft toys (Got a few of koalas, Kangaroos, Platypus, Echidna, Wombat, Kookaburra, Little Penguin which i bought from Philip Island Nature Park  or Penguin Parade (the smallest ones) : ALL THESE are NATIVE animals or the icons which can be found in AUSTRALIA).  and Greeting cards (for my family). My family were not allow to open their cards till Christmas Day (heee.. smallerblinkingbulb.gif )

So today (Christmas Day), my family members got to open and read their greeting cards. My parents love their cards (i’ll show later) especially their Anniversary greeting card, my aunt and brother as well.  Today my dad brought us to HOLIDAY VILLA  to celebrate Christmas. Well, the Christmas day’s buffet.. I can say it’s not bad (I still prefer the one i had in Orchard Hotel, Singapore). Overall..SATISFIED (especially the desserts).

Before i end my story or post,  i would like to wish everyone (again) A happy, Jolly  mxturtle.gif and may God bless you all and have a splendoured Happy New Year. Let’s all welcome 2007 with full of joy, love and care (especially to the unfortunate ones which include our belove environment). WOO HOO…!!! CHEERS mate!

XMas: Joy to the World..

C'est La Vie

Ho HO ho.. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !! Okok.. i know i’m in Christmas mood now (Can’t wait to put up my Christmas tree after my Aussie + Roo Trip (i guess you all know where i’m going). From the title, you know that i’m going to talk about CHRISTMAS!! hehe… yup, all the shopping mall in Kuala Lumpuar and Selangor have put up their very own Christmas decorations.  I always love to go IKEA, The Curve and Midvalley to see Christmas decorationtreeturtle.gif.

This year, decoration in Midvalley..  is CUTE, Sweet and YUMMY (hehee) !! Take a look at some of the pictures i took.


From the pictures, i guess you know why i said YUMMY (Canday canes, lollipops, gingerbread house, gingerbread man, candies (tonnes of them with different shapes and colours), cookies and so forth). Just name all the food which you can find during Christmas starturtle.gif.

If you guys want to know which shopping mall have the best decoration, i would say Midvalley (from my point of view). Actually all the shopping malls have their own unique Christmas decoration.

Hee.. now i’m counting days.. (can’t wait for Christmas!!). I wonder what’s my Christmas present for this year (hehe.. *cough cough*). WAh haha..i got my Christmas present from my parents and my brother. Hehe.. Cheers.

HO ho ho… Merry Christmas Everyone (in advance)!!



My adventure holiday

AQUARIA which located at KL Convention Centre, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA. Whoever that don’t know where is KL Convention Centre. Ok, it’s my pleasure to direct. KL Convention Centre is just RIGHT NEXT to KLCC or TWIN TOWER. (Whoever that don’t know where is KLCC or TWIN TOWER, PLEASE CHECK OUR TOURIST CENTRE or any website that tells you where is KLCC!!)

Before i begin my story, this is my 3rd time to AQUARIA. I know it’s crazy to go Aquaria for like so many times. Some people think i’m crazy to visit that place for like 3 times. Well, i have to admit.. if i’m given a chance to work, i’ll definitely choose Aquaria. The reasons are

 1) I love all types of  turtles (terrestrial to marine) that present in Aquaria, KLCC

2) I love all marine animals (I know Steve Irwin was killed by a STING RAY! That’s life. I still love Sting ray!)

3) I love the environment (Make me feel like this is what i want in life!)

4) I make feel calm and relax (Remind me of my REDANG trip)

Ya..my 3rd times to KLCC aquaria was with Ee ling (My best pal). We sort of planned to go there like.. one week (the reason it took us so long..to plan because of the weather). So on the 30th of November (around 10am), we left campus to Aquaria (I was so happy.. and she also!!). Both of us headed to Taman Jaya to take LRT to KLCC (Man.. time flies! I haven’t been to Aquaria for like 3 months *whink*). We reached there around 10:30am. The reason we went there early was to vaoid jam (Human Jam in Aquaria). Wah haha.. we were damn lucky. There wasn’t a lot of people there (PHEW!) at that time. The Operating hours starts from 11am to 8pm (including weekends, school and public holidays). Theme for this month or this holiday in AQUARIA : PIRATES OF THE HIGH SEAS!! All the staffs have to dress like something related to PIRATES (A HOY). Besides that, there were some decorations such as swords, treasure chest, canon and etc (take a look at the below picture)


Awesome, right?! (took this in The Living Oceans aka Underwater section)

AQUARIA is divided into a couple of sections (from rainforest to deep blue sea):

From Entrance 

1) Marine turtles (Green and Hawksbill hatchlings)  [3 tanks ] and River Terrapins aka Freshwater turtles (hatchlings) [1 tank, if i’m not mistaken] —> FROM SEATRU, KUSTEM and Department of Fisheries.


Green turtle (Hehe..!! Yo DUDE!!)

2) Genetically modified fishes (fluorescent or in layman term “GLOW IN THE DARK”

A) Jewels of the Jungle

3) Spiders (especially tarantula), FROGS (EEE… especially the huge one… forget to write down the name), LIZARDS (i dislike or i have phobia), Gekko, insects, beetles and etc.

B) AMAZON and MALAYSIAN Flooded Forest

4) Malaysian Flooded Forest have soft shell turtles, LOTS of Fishes and what else. Oh ya.. River and Painted Terrapins. It’s hard to differentiate between river and painted terrapins (Probably i need to work in CTrec.. wah haha PELF, employ me..!!). I only know (well it’s very obvious) how to differentiate between River and painted MALE terrapins during breeding season.


Meet TURTLE (i wonder what turtle is this?)

C) The Coast

5) In the Coast, you’ll find a lot of marine turtles (YUP, it seems like you will see hawksbill and green turtles EVERYWHERE!!)


 (This is HAWKSBILL Turtle as you can see the carapace (shell) is differnt from other turtle)

D) THE LIVING OCEANS (MY favourite section)

Yup, this is my Favourite section. You can see different types of aquatic animals such as STING RAY , Moray Eels, Nurse Sharks, Black Tip Sharks, Groupers, Parrotfish, Tang (blue) and etc and CORALS. Not to forget, the shipwreck that present in the living oceans. The length of the underwater tunnel is 90 metres.


Giant Sting RAY ( i wonder what ray is this? hmm..it’s HUGE)


Meet Bruce the Shark (keke… sound familiar? Relate to clown fish *whink*)

One of the reason why i love to visit Aquaria KLCC is the service. Whenever you are curious about the underwater creatures (for example, the types of sharks), there are someone to assist you. The guy i asked (can’t remember his name).. He is very friendly.

After the living oceans section, there are AQUATHEATRE (a section for you to watch shark feeding : MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. Time : 3pm-4pm). I think i only seen once (The divers are very friendly. They waved to the kids).

After all these exciting journey from rainforest to deep blue sea, there is a gift shop in AQUARIA. The name of the shop is ATLANTIS Gift Shop. There are t-shirts (for adults and kids), magnet, collectable coins (from royal mint), key chains, bookmarks, and etc. For me, the price is ok (depends on what you want to buy as souvenir). I bought key chain (soft toy) and coins.

Overall, i can say i really love this place. it’s a great place to know about our rainforests, freshwater and marine environment, marine creatures and to learn how and ways to conserve our Environment. So what are you guys waiting for, DO visit our very own AQUARIA. OH ya, for student, please bring your STUDENT CARD.


Student (with STUDENT CARD) = RM20.00

Adults (Malaysian) = RM28.00

Adults (Non-Malaysian) = RM38.00

Child (Malaysian/ 3-12 years old) = RM22

Child (Non-Malaysia / 3-12 years old) = RM26

Child (below 3 years old) = FREE

Senior citizen (60 years old & above) = RM18

Do VISIT our very Own AQUARIA. Cheers, mate!!

(All the informations from pamphlet (Aquaria, KLCC) and official website for Aquaria KLCC http://www.klaquaria.com/maina.html)

Happy Birthday to my SE, W550i

Life: Fair and Unfair

Time flies….! I still remember that time how i persuaded my dad that i really want to change my handphone in KLCC (YA.. my AP nokia phone went crazy). HAPPY BIRTHRDAY to my w550i or i should say Happy 1st Anniversary.. to obtain this phone. HEHEHE….*whink* !

 Here i would like to show some of my snapshots (from W550i) : –

My Fingers (Negative mode)


My handsome brother and I (B&W mode)