Another sad story (May it R.I.P.)


a01.gifnother sad (that really make me angry and sad) news about freshwater terrapins… Sigh and  icon_cry.gif . This time is the rare freshwater terrapin. Guess what type of freshwater terrapin? Anyone? I don’t think anybody take note of that. The answer is the Asian Giant Softshell Freshwater Tortoise(Pelochelys cantorii) . This carcass was found in the state marine park unit dock (two days ago) in Terengganu.

I have to admit that Terengganu is a wonderful state in Malaysia. Do you know why? This is because you can find different types of turtles (marine and freshwater.. not so sure about terrestrial) and nice beaches such as Pulau Redang.  After a few visits, really make me want to go there to stay or do my conservation project (probably in the future).. Anyway, if you would like to know more information about the news, please visit pelf’s blog (Postgrad doing her Master project on turtle. She is my xi fu. Really envy her lots. )

    b01.gifefore you proceed or visit pelf’s blog, i would like to ask : Have you read that news about the freshwater terrapin? If not, please take a look —-> Click Here

What a shame icon_mad.gif! Seriously.. what a shame or pity that a lot of us especially not to mention (cough cough), do not notice or realise how important these animals to us or ecosystem.  A lot of people ignore or not aware of these kind of issues (Especially on environment).

I would like to say that We should be bless that each country (especially the tropics) have different types of animals (from terrestrial to marine). A couple of friends of mine asked me why i’m so into environment or concern about the environment especially on turtles. Well.. i guess this shows that not a lot of people know that environment is very important to us. There are some people still can’t accept the fact (especially ah hmmm.. uncle and aunty) that study any field that relate to environment will help to solve a lot of environment problems such as HAZE , water pollution , land degradation, land slides, a particular animal population decrease or extinct and so on…. What i know that they only know study any course that relate to environment..will end up work in NGO or work as volunteer (means tak ada  gaji or work for FREE!! Jeezz… icon_mad.gif).

What a shame! serious.. what a shame ! I really pray to god that I really hope that in the future (hopefully soon), there are more conservation works or projects on any type of wild life.  A message to the community: “Please take good care of our mother nature or wilderness! They also need LOVE AND CARE!!”.

    May it REST IN PEACE…. !! (Hope they find the causes.. in order to bring justice for that poor fellasad.gif)
    Sigh.. i guess this sad story is like another never ending sad story (but i really hope i can end one day..hopefully as soon as possible). Why did i said it’s a never ending sad story? Well..i received another sad news about this tortoise. End of January 2007, another Asian Giant Softshell Freshwater Tortoise(Pelochelys cantorii) carcass found in Terengganu (around the same area). Sigh.. what a pity! Oh well, now really hope the government take serious action about all these cases.

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