Monash: Lab DEMONstrator

Life: Fair and Unfair

YES ( i know it may sound like i’m joking, but i’m not and i know it’s hard to imagine that i’m a lab demonstrator, but Come on.. face the fact), now i’m lab demonstrator for chm1011, chm1022 and bth2802 (officially). I guess any of you that trying the very best to understand or crack these wondeful codes, I have to say forget about it. It’s just unit code. CHM stand for chemistry and as for bth.. i’m not that sure, but wat i know it relate to biotechnology (BTH2802 :Agriculture biotechnology). Anyway, so far i quite enjoy this job because

1) get to understand or is it like to be a tutor or lab demo

2) get to know new friends (esp leng chais.. mua hahaha)

3) get to mark students’ reports (wah haa.. evil giving them superb low marks. Well they deserve iticon_evil.gif)

4) get to know how to handle classes

5) get to know it’s not easy to be a lecturer or lab demo

But the most important is i get the chance to improve my communication or interactive skill with students, lecturers and lab technicians. I still remember my very first lab (bth2802). I was so shyblush.gif (till i sweat a lot) but thank god, a few juniors (that i got to knew them from water chm and aquatic class) to entertained and cheer me up (thanks guys..!). ANother the most important point was got to know a lot of juniors (Most of them are funny and talkative. They can just gossip non stop… i heard a few (those superb funny one). ). Anyway, overall.. i would like to say.. i really enjoy all my labs (esp chm1022 and bth2802). Cheers to you all icon_wink.gif. Good luck in your exam. Cheerio!!


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