Turtle Emoticons..


I’ve found these adorable turtle emoticons from http://schildieproductions.net/

These are the examples of Emoticons and Avatar created by Anni and Connie:

flowers_turtle2.gif   treeturtle.gif   feelingturtle.gif   icon_cool.gif

Anni and Connie, Thanks for all the wonderful, brilliant and adorable emoticons. Thanks a lot for all the wonderful art work. VEry Creative. Both of you really attract a lot of people especially to turtle lovers. thanks a lot!!


GoodBye… Steve Irwin “Crocodile Hunter”

Environment/Nature, Life: Fair and Unfair

I was shocked when i heard from my brother that Steve Irwin “Crocodile Hunter” which happen to be one of my idol or super hero for environment (especially after i watched the documentary about marine turtles in Northeast Australia which is QUEENSLAND) pass away. I couldn’t believe that he pass away (until now i still couldn’t believe he leave all of us..) icon_cry.gif

I quickly went online to search news about him. It’s very sad.. that he pass away around 11am (Australian time). It’s sad to know that he was killed by STING RAY’s bard. Of all the animals, he was killed by STING RAY in GBR (Great Barrier Reef, Queensland). All of us were very sad about this shocking news. May Steve Irwin rest in Peace sad.gif

This is the news about steve irwin’s death.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Irwin