What’s my next plan??

C'est La Vie

Before i confirmed that i graduate complete my double degree, me and my friend (MJ) well i guess we just infected by some sort of “can’t wait to graduate” disease. Two of us were counting how many days left and say goodbye to Monash Malaysia. Both of us or i should say all of us can’t wait to leave Monash Msia. Reasons..unsure (probaly i’ll reveal later).

After 13th of July 2006 which was the results day, Mj and I .. oh Well..  two of us.. confirmed.. we are officially GRADUATE!! It was supposed to be a HAPPY DAY for the two of us (We two finally can say Bye Bye to Wah haa.. our beloving campus) and also the rest of our coursemates which are our juniors. Our group (well.. we have a name for this group is called 51 group. Why 51? We need to get 50 marks to we pass the subject. On the safe side, it’s better for us to get 51.. Get it?? heee…) is to pass all the subjects.

I guess..after completed the degree is the WORST nightmare.. and it’s not the happiest moment or day afterall. Now i’m having some slight problems in my mind and have sleepless nights (Jeezz..).

What’s my next plan? (Here are a list of questions that keep on pops up in my mind!)

a) Shall i continue my studies or come out cari kerja?

b) If i continue study, what type of field suit me or i’m interested in?

c) Am i qualify for honours? Or should i take Masters straight away…??

d) If i’m qualify, should i study in Malaysia or oversea?

e) What if i’m not qualify?????

And my list.. can keep going.. till.. (serious.. countless). Sigh.. Almost every night, i’ve been searching for projects and for almost everyday, i go to campus seeking for advices from my lecturers, coursemates and seniors. Sigh.. really wish to leave this complicated place or city and go hide myself in T’gganu or any east coast islands. I really miss my redang trip. ALthough i’m facing some problems (which i should consider minor), i should i’m very lucky to complete my course (ooo.. double deg.. hehe) and very proud of myself.

I would like to CONGRATES all my coursemates (from my batch and my juniors) who complated their degree (Ya.. same time with me.. which mean i have competitors to look for job or apply honours.. j/k). Wish you all the best!! Cheers!

The Memoirs of Redang

My “jie mei men” (Took this picture in front of Laguna, Redang Island)

My env Mgmt Friends..

 My environmental management’s friends.

NOw.. i just want to stop thinking. I feel very tiring and fed up thinking of these THINGY. Anyway, Adios!!