Superwoman (Mandarin VErsion)

Melody Songs: Listen and Enjoy!

Love this song so much. Don’t know why i prefer the mandarin version.. (mua hahahaa…….)! Enjoy!

曹格 Superwoman
Early in the morning, I put breakfast at your table
一夜都没睡但我 不曾如此清醒
我早餐准备了你 爱吃的东西
这次换我等你被咖啡 的香味叫醒

想要找回每天早晨 对我微笑著的你
还能够 做些什麼代替我的歉意
总是望著我 小心翼翼顺著我呼吸
而我竟然理所当然 让你精疲力尽

You were my superwoman
安静的在身边 无条件给我 梦寐以求的温柔
But I am only human
我怎麼不懂你多寂寞 残忍的犯了错
不能失去你 Ooh—Babe—

You fought your way through the rush hour
Try to make it home just for me
月光下静静靠著彼此 只求夜长一点
有多久没有好好看你 只是认定了我
无论在什麼时候回头 都有你的笑容

是我忽略了你也会有 想要哭的感觉
换我忍耐换我等待 不要真的弃权

不能想像更不能原谅这样让爱化成 灰烬
If you feel it in your heart and you understand me. STOP right where you are, everybody sing along with me.


Happy Mother’s Day!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

Here i would like to Wish all the Mommy …especially MY dearest MOmmy

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy, i love you always. Me and Didi very lucky to have you, my dearest mommy. You always there to support and guide me.. especially when i’m so lost or cannot make up my mind or decide what i should do or don’t. I would like to take this opportunity to say ” I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!!” Muakz icon_biggrin2.gif


Ma’Daerah Trip , Kertih (T’gganu)

My adventure holiday

My wish really came true……..

This was my 2nd time visit Ma’Daerah Turtle Sanctuary in Kertih , Terengganu. I was so crazy about turtle especially marine and freshwater turtles this year (thanks to my wonderful malacca trip). The whole SCM3011 class were there for 3 days 2 nites (29th April till 1st May 2006). All of us left campus around 9am. The whole journey.. a couple of us didn’t sleep (Si babi hutan and Si penyu). We reached Ma’daerah around 3:30pm. The first thing i wanna see from Ma’daerah was the beach. My.. really remind me of my first trip (2004). Dr Cathy was so happy about the beach and so excited about swimming in the sea because the sea water was so clean and crystal clear.


WeLcome to Ma’Daerah’s Beach (on the 1st day)!!

On the first night (29th April 2006), there was one female adult landed on the beach for nesting (We were DAMN lucky cuz it’s not the peak nesting season!!). Anyway, all of us was so excited.. and this time (learned from my lessons) , i’ve managed to take a short video clip (well.. the background was very dark.. but still managed to see turtle’s eggs). My roomates for this trip were Wei yeng, Charlotte, Jac and Dareen (Si biri-biri) and also MahenDora (Si babi hutan). When we had no activities to do in the afternoon, all of us either chit chatting, play cards or told silly jokes or riddles. We also did a few of creative post when we took our beach’s photo (kekeke…).

1) L (Si Penyu). O (Jac). V (W. Yeng). E (Si biri-biri) with love sign (Si SoTong).

L.O.V.E … WEe…

2) Album Cover (hehe.. Si babi Hutan) – It’s really a candid shot. Neva know it turn out that well. Bravo to Si Penyu.

MJ’s picture (Sorry MJ, I have to say u look good!)

Anyway, beside took tonnes of pictures, we also managed to see a lot of turtles’ tracks (got two U-turn) and one part of the carapace (Prob from the dead turtle).Unfortunately, on the first day, one of the turtle being killed. The possible reason was got entangled by fishing net (GRrrr…….GEram betul).

img_0333_resize.JPG img_0334_01.JPG
Which one is : Turtle Track (Guess ?!?!)

Part of the carapace (turtle shell)…sigh 😦

On the 2nd day (around 3pm), a couple of makcik (prob fishermen’s wives) came to Ma’Daerah to show us some of T’gganu kraf tangan and also snacks. The kraf tangan very nice and beautiful (creative..) and the snacks (keropok and keropok lekor) were very DeLicious. All of us had the keropok till we forgot about the afternoon tea (from the catering).


T’gganu Kraf Tangan… (Nice Huh?!)

Anyway, there was no adult turtle came up for nesting. On that night, i wasn’t feeling that well and happy due to some reasons and also dind’t get enough sleep on the first day. Well.. i have to say WE ALL ARE SO LUCKY TO SEE TURTLE .. and i’m very proud of it…!! AT last, EVERYONE love the turtle trip and very excited to see turtle landing..keke..!! Thank you, Dr Cathy and Meera!! Without you guys, i don’t think the trip will be successful!!

Special Note:

Just want to inform you all –> PLEASE PROTECT OUR TURTLES (marine, freshwater and terrestrial) !! STOP BUYING any turtles’ products esp EGGS and SHELL (hawksbill)!!

To fishermen and villagers: PLease DO NOT throw the old or “ghost” nets into the sea or river (Turtle will get entangle and cause suffocation).