Good and bad news for my end of summer holiday..trip

My adventure holiday

At the beginning of February, Ee ling (one of my eco-tour mate) smsed me whether i’ve notice an article about river terrapin (tuntung in Malay) in the Star NEwspaper (31st Jan 2006) and have any interest to join the volunteer program. Usually when i go back to Penang, i hardly read newspaper. After received this news, i quickly went down to grab a newspaper. Thank it. At first, i paid not many interest on this project becuz Ee ling said she will write an email to ask.

Days after days, weeks after weeks(guess the following week), Ee ling said no reply from Ctrec(Centre for turtle research & conservation). So she asked me called seatru or Ctrec to ask whether they receive the email. I’ve tried to call several times, but alwiz didn’t manage to call thru. Tried to search by google, didn’t manage to get any contacts beside kustem and Prof Chan’s contacts. Prof Chan is the head of this project and also turtle conservation program. Thank god.. one of the Master student (RA) for this project has a blog. Her name is Pelf (very friendly and sweet gal.. and she quite talk a lot). I left a couple of messages about the trip to dungun and program (Pray hard can get reply from her asap).

EVen though, have tried several on the phone, my sixth sense tell me not to give up. So one of the evening (can’t remember which day) around 6:30pm, I managed.. man.. I really did make it. One of the RA from seatru (Sea Turtle Research Unit) picked up the phone. Her name is Yun Yun. At first, i was quite shy to talk to her (first time mah.. ask about the program). But then after talk for like 10 minutes.. i asked her whether is it ok for me to talk with her in Chinese. Both of us very happy about it.. and manage to ask lots of stuff and also she gave me her hp no becuz she said it’s quite hard to receive or accept any phone calls in dungun (bad reception!!) and only 019 can be used.

ONce i got the information, i quickly called Ee ling about the good news and we also set the date to go and stay there. That time.. i was realyl really really happy and excited about the project becuz it’s my first time join in volunteer project (beside Ma daerah.. which didn’t count .. becuz more to really on vacation than.. really hands on on the project). But my happiness and excitement only last for two days… on feb 12th morning, pelf and yun yun smsed to me said that the project site was flooded and everybody was evacuated. THe Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) forecasted that it will pour until the end of the week. Tat time, my mood was very bad and really worry about the terrapin and its eggs and keep on have “oh Shit!! WHy like that one? ” on my mind. OH well.. maybe it’s fated that i can’t join in the project this year. OH well.. wat to do.

THen i quickly smsed to Ee ling about the bad news. SHe said she will try to look for other project..(kinda last minute). So.. now waiting for the good news.. hopefully can join the tuntung project (CTReC) or other turtle project. Pray hard for it..!!


PAINTED TERRAPIN (Pengkalan Balak, Malacca)



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