Happy Valentine’s day!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

February 14th, what so special about this day or date. Well for most of the people especially couple, it’s a Valentine’s day which mean couples will be busy preparing, giving or shower each other with lots of love and to show their love and romance to each other(But excusez moi, so does that mean everyday is a valentine’s day for my mom? Ooo la la..). Anyway, every year, my family will not even bother about this day because i had mentioned before both my parents love each other everyday.

Another reason my family does not celebrate this special day is everything such as food package especially dinner (set for two), bouquet of flowers and cakes will be superb expensive. I still remember a few days before valentine, some of my friends complaint about the price. Some of my friend who are smart and quite calculative, he/she will celebrate valentine later. One of my friend in A levels used to tell me that a bouquet of flowers may cost around Rm300 or more than that and the set dinner will cost  RM100++ and above. For me, i will definitely say Oh MY god or stupid. I’ll rather spend these money on my watch, camera or travel.

Anyway this year (since i got my part time paid), my brother and i decided to give a suprise valentine’s gift to my parents. We went to Sunway Pyramid to buy them a wonderful gift. That is Be Mine (From Baskin Robins). Well i know it’s not cheap for such a small cake but who cares.  This cake is made of cookies n cream ice cream.


WEll…. Here i would like to take this opportunity to wish EVERYONE:


Note: I would recommend NOT to buy this cake. It’s really not nice and not worth to buy. I would rather spend on the ICE CREAM (not ice cream cake!).


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