My SE, W550i

C'est La Vie

My 3rd aunty just changed her handphone ( K700 Sony ericsson) because her old handphone gave her lots of problems. Ever since that moment, i sort of fall in love to that brand instead of Nokia. Besides that, because ppl around me such as my coursemates, cousins and bla bla bla changed their nokia phone to Sony ericsson phone. From that moment onwards, i became lagi crazy ( i mean more crazy and crave for it) on chaning my handphone. I guess god must had listen to my prayers. SO coincident, my old phone (Nokia 3100) gave me a lot of problems such as sometimes it can switch off by itself or hang..and bla bla ..*lame excuses*. SErious.. after all these problems i had gone thru kinda,  it reminds me i have to choose my new handphone wisely by doing tonnes of research (not finidng journals ah..) until i’m 100% sure that Oh MY.. this is my handphone.

IT took me approximately one month…to make up my mind by my BRILLIANT research such as i asked my aunt, cousins and friends who owned SE and their personal experience and opinions (WOw.. seems like i did a GREAT job on it!). The conclusion is they said it’s good and the features is good as compared to NOKIA (well in fact , it’s true.. especially the sound quality.. *ketionk!*). So i browse through SE website.. The first handhpone i aimed was Z520i. I love clam shell handphone.. (thanx to samsung). But then, the memory capacity kinda disturbed me.. so that’s show i’m not satisfied with the features. After a couple of week, a brand new walkman handphone introduced to the market (besides w800i). That is w550i. Wa hhahah… let me tell you what so special about this handpone model. First,  it has good sound system especially stereo widening, 1.2 mp camera, 256mb built in memory eventhough it cannot be expand (i don really care because 256mb consider enough for me..). After all these hard work.. now i have to plan when is the best time to announce to the whole world my family.

The moment had arrived………………………

On the 3rd of Dec, my dad brought my whole family to KLCC. My dad asked me what i want for my XMas present (and also for my good grades present). Then i asked my dad for permission whether i can change my handphone (since it’s a bit cacated..*evil smile*). At first, my dad didn’t really like the idea because he always have the idea that i keep on my handphone (tot i changed every year.. jeezz). Then i told him those problems i’ve encountered. WAh haha…. (due to all my lame excuses) Finally, my dad agreed and we made a deal.. my dad will pay RM1000 and i’ll pay the rest. Wee… that’s it. From this moment, from nokia to Sony Ericsson.. I fianlly got my dream handphone (which i’ve waited for quite awhile).

My Precious SE w550i


Another picture of w550i


Examples of photos taken by w550i

dsc00032.JPG dsc00036.JPG

The Curve (Xmas deco)

dsc00027.JPG dsc00031.JPG

My Family and my parents–> taken in ah Poh ee at The Curve


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