Alamanda, Putrajaya

My adventure holiday

Last sunday, as usual with my crazy ideas (again) , without think twice whether my dad will scold me with these silly ideas.. i just approached my dad and asked my dad whether we can have a family day in Alamanda, Putrajaya (somemore they had their merdeka rehearsel on that day…).

Guess wat.. after i asked.. i just realized that (oooohhh…ohh..oppss). But then thank god.. my dad also have the same idea with me. He also wanna bring my family to Putrajaya since after my Putrajaya trip with Kak Azlina. WAh haha… (my mom think that me and my dad got some problems… wat to do.. father and daughter..). My mom told my dad.. he better don get mad.. if her daughter (that’s me) dunno the way to Alamanda. Well.. guess my dad is superb good mood.. he straight away said..” Aiyah…, sure can find one. DOn worry…”

Around 9am, we left our house (yippee.. i can take some shots..). One thing i love about family trip esp to Putrajaya or Sepang, my mom will explained to me what place is? and told me last time it used to be.. wat plantation? How fertile the soil used to be?

My mom love to show me which part of the forest undergo deforestation or fragmented… cut and burn was done… That’s how i got to know some stuff about environment. Well… besides that, i would like to thanx to conservation of bioresources class.. it really make me think why, how, what and who…?

“Why still got these problems occur (still not afraid of HAze is it)? How can it be solve and stop? What are their purposesof using this method (cut and burn)? WHo suggested this ideas?” Sigh…

Anyway, we reached Alamanda around 10am (That is like kind of early).

This is Alamanda at Putrajaya (Nice?)

Alamanda, Putrajaya

Another picture of Alamanda