C'est La Vie

icon_mad.gif GRrr… Hazy Haze again in Malaysia especially in KLang Valley. Before i began my story, let me showed you a haze picture which i took from outside my house (which is my garden).

11th August 2005 (noon)


Look at this!!!

I took this picture which is my area (USJ 4) in the afternoon (around 1pm, yesterday). Too bad i didn’t hav any old picture to compare (next time , k? when the haze is gone..)Anyway, it was horrible. I couldn’t even see the tree clearly (the very last one) and guess wat.. there was an unpleasant smell (very smoky smell) which i tried not to inhale because i have asthma (sigh..). I miss the clear blue sky. During haze period, the colour of the sky was dull, smoky..eeee !! These colour make my life unhappy and dull (and feeling SICK too!!). Sigh, when will the clear blue sky with white cotton or fluffy clouds and bright, cheerful sun come back?

Yesterday, i went to Taipan to buy McD (as my dinner). Gosh.. it was so hazy, dusty and dark. Every car need to switch on the rear light. Another thing, the lamp post in front of my house was on at 8am..till the next day (8am.. normally it will automatically switch off..). SEe.. how bad was it..?!!

Took these two pictures from my room. The view outside my room – the before and after effect of haze.

Before (noon)

After (noon)

12th August 2005 (Today)

Well today suppose to be a holiday for most all of the schools and unis. Too bad, Monash University Malaysia DID NOT close as what had stated on the website that our campus has air conditioned lecture theatres, student loudge and tutorial rooms. Oh well.. had to go back to campus for practical and lectures. I took this picture at 10:40am (as stated from my car’s clock). SEe how bad is the haze in Sunway Area (Well.. at least better than yesterday). Anyway, it’s still haze. So today when i reached campus, lots of ppl wear mask. I heard from my dad that some companies included his gave out mask to their staff.. oh ya.. Monash also.. gave masks to their staffs and students (this one.. not so sure.. just heard from my friend).Oh well, what can i say…!! The only advice is “Drink more water and wear mask”

More haze pictures ..

12th August , around 11am (On the way to Sunway)



  Can anybody see Sunway Pyramid from these two lovely pictures frust.gif??


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