Haze = Air Quality BAD


Once again, Malaysia’s air is under attack. Guess everyone know what’s the factor that caused this EVENT to be happen? Ever since last week, the air is heavily polluted due to open burning from our beloved  neighboring country , Indonesia and our beloved peat swamps in Cyberjaya. [I guess i have chose a perfect topic for my terrestrial’s essay: ” The impact of shifting (slash and burn) agriculture on Tropical Rainforest” which can fit into this issue.]

Still never understand that why people (Human being ; scientific name : Homo sapiens) want to disturb/destroy/ cut down more trees that belongs to the tropical forests (both Primary and Secondary).

Do we know that cutting more trees means more killing actiivities are done at the same time and destroy all the innocent living creatures habitats and disturb the carbon and water cycles? No i don’t think.

As usual, i love to wonder and ask why. So, still wondering, is this the only way for those who want or desperate to set up a agro-plantation such as oil palm estates simply by  wipe out the piece of rainforests ? Can’t they re-nurture the unused or abandoned piece of ex-estates?

Think carefully! Beside slash and burn method, there are definitely still got many alternatives since our technology is so ADVANCE.

Another important steps before slash and burn, there is thing call CONSULTATION. Did you all did that before any action taken. There must be a consultant (out there) that willingly to provide consulting service such as Environmental Advisors, NGOs or any agronomist??

Now see what happen?! Not only their own country’s environment is badly affected, all the neighboring countries’ environment are badly affected as well.

So what happen to our Country?? (keep on guessing and take a look at my topic). HAZE.. which never fail to visit Malaysia every year. Now, residents from Selangor (Klang valley especialyl), many of us, our health are badly affected especially for elderly, kids, pregnant women and those that have difficulty in breathing like asthmatic patients.

Morning sun (Having hard time to to breath at that time)

Take a look.. How bad is the visibility.. ( Still remember when i took this picture.. got smoky smell.. i can feel that my chest.. feel irritated and hard to breath)

From the pictures… our haze.. (well i have no comment on that) level..sigh… Not only human being, animals and plants are all affected as well (OMG…). Here i would like to mention the types of sickness..

a) Flu
b) Cough
c) Asthma*
d) Irritate eye, nose and throat
e) Irritate upper respiratory tract
f) Mood swing (very easily get bad mood..anger, dull, sad..)
g) Fatigue – another words : tired easily
h) Dizziness
i) Headache
j) Migraine
k) Nausea

and the list can go on…. (*Notes for asthmatic patients : PLEASE BRING INHALER ALONG with you!)

In order to reduce contacts with HAZE, here are a few suggestions:
2) Drink more water
3) Wear masks (if can, re-used type)
4) Eat more fruits and Vegetables

To all the smart-a** that still with the “tidak apa-apa” attitude that love to do all those silly, illegal activities to create more HAZE and reduce the air quality, i have two word to tell you all : STOP IT!!

FINE! Don’t listen. Oh well,  in order to become a good citizen with at least a make more sense thinking, here are the ways to help and stop those idiots from harming our beloved air.

Ways to reduce haze and improve air quality:

a) PLEASE STOP all the OPEN BURNING (Stop them immediately since representative from Department of Environment said that they will be fined on spot by the officer.

b) Please off the car engine while waiting – messages to all the drivers especially parents that wait for their kids.

c) Stop smoking : which can  help to improve smoker’s health condition and to the air as well.

d) Make use of our public transportation (Really hope that Subang especially USJ area IMPROVE their public transportation System *still praying very hard on this point*. Please more Bus or the best is KTM/LRT in USJ).

Take care and hope the haze will be gone soon.


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