BTH2800 Field Trip

My adventure holiday

This is my 2nd time to United Plantation. I still remember the different types of oil palms, the factors that affect the oil plants’ growth and so forth. We left campus around 8am. United plantation located at Teluk Intan, Perak. It took us roughly around 2 to 3 hours to reach our destiny. Along the road, we could see lots and lots of oil palm trees. 


Oil Palm Tree

We had breakfast which was prepared by the UP bakery and officers right after we reached UP. The bread was fantastic. After breakfast, Dr Gurmit Singh explained the different types of oil palm , how to differentiate between male and female oil palm tree and what type of oil palm produce the best or highest amount of oil. Besides that, he also showed us the different types of coconuts and bananas. After all the explanation given by Dr Gurmit Singh, we went to tissue culture laboratory. I have to say the laboratory is so much better than the labs in my campus. Before we entered the tissue culture lab, we need to take off our shoes (to prevent contamination).

UP lab

UP tissue culture Laboratory.

After visited the laboratory, we went to oil palm plantation. I can said it’s fun for myself. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoy. For instant, some juniors couldn’t stand the heat under the hot sun macam puteri lilin. After visited all the oil palm plantation, we went to UP bakery. Oh my god, the cakes and breads were delicious and fantastic. I bought two cakes and breads (The results were DELICIOUS and highly recommended by EILEEN).

Anyway, after UP trip, we went to Sekinchan to visit the padi field. Wow!! The padi field was so beautiful. The scenery just make people feel very relax and calm. Besides that, all i can say is the scenery is nice and gorgeous. That is why, i just love to take this beautiful scenery. Oh, my padi field (how i wish!!). We stayed there for an hour. Dr Surjit and Dr Joe busy explained the pest, soil and part of padi. Dr Surjit also mentioned about how the farmers manage the field. He said the chinese (keke..sorry to say have to be racist) know how to handle the field better than other racist.

padi field

Padi Field in Sekinchan

Overall, the trip was fun. Each lecturer told us about their experience on their own field: Dr Joe told us about the soil and padi field, Dr Omar told us about pest, bacteria and other types of microorganisms and Dr Surjit told us about padi field and oil palm. Hooray to all the lecturers!!