Muliati, all the best!

Life: Fair and Unfair

This semester, two of my favourite lab technicians will be leaving Monash. Muliati, my partner of crime in the lab(both of us laughed with all the silly jokes and chit chat that we made, sing and dance in the lab), my twin sister ( wah haha…mommy..aZz… and the one that alwiz ready there to listen to my problems. Muliati, i still remember… it tooks us like a few minutes or seconds to know each other… I still remember the next moment, we both started laughing, tell each other jokes.. (my.. i’ll miss all the laughters that we used to share). Ah.. the biggest thing i miss is the hugz and cares from you. Muliati, here i would like to wish you all the best. I’ll miss you so much, Kak Muliati. Wish you all the best!!


Kak Azlina aka Mommy, Helena Jie jie and Muliati

I cannot imagine how genetic labs look like after she leave. What i know the lab won’t be as fun as last time ANYMORE!!

So, on Wednesday, we had a farewell dinner for Muliati at Kak Azlina’s house (Thanks, kak Azlina). Her house’s decoration was very beautiful and pleasant. The best part was i finally got to meet my dear Harif or Daniel. He is so adorable! At first, he was a shy. Then i think it only took him 20 to 30 minutes to warm up, he started playing with us (So comel hehe…). We all have to say lots of thanks to Mommy aka Kak Azlina because she had been busy preparing dinner for us. I remembered Kak Azlina told me that her husband love mee hoon goreng. That is why she cooked mee hoon goreng. I have to say that the noodles (mee hoon) she made was delicious. Thanks a lot to Kak Azlina and her family.


Kak Azlina’s family


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