Monash Lab: Mr Lee, Our Kong Kong

Life: Fair and Unfair

Mr Lee, our beloved kong kong (grandpa) in the lab. The only person that would always sing in his office whenever me, pratiwi and helena jie jie there. The kong kong that always shared his joy, advice, story and experience (I still remember his trip to thailand and other places).

Mr lee, i’ll miss you so much especially your smile, jokes and laughter. Here i would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you very much for everything especially during my 3rd year project (ya.. the air pollution project) and  the time i need computer to do my assignments, reports and searched journals for my research. I wish you can work in Monash till i graduate.

Here, I wish you all the best and enjoy urself in Cameron highlands. The most important thing is to take care (like what you’ve said : Life is GOOd!!)

Note: (therefore)

Today, all of us (include seniors, lab demonstrators, lab technicians) organized a suprise party for him. He didn’t know that there will be so many of us participated in this party. Well, he was suprised and very happy that all of us there. Overall, the food was great and delicious especially Adeline’s blueberry cheese cake (Very yummy…)!! Thank you to Fenning, Angela and Adeline for organizing this wonderful and meaningful party.

Mr Lee's farewell party in campus

Farewell Party!!


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