Series, Song and MTv of the weeK

Melody Songs: Listen and Enjoy!

Wah haha… these few nites ..(midnites)… i’ve been follow a new TVB series. The Academy.. (about police academy… so nice…). Ron Ng Cheuk Hei.., Yeung Yi and one of the Triump in the skies’s actors….and some of the new actors and actresses. Hehe… not bad… but the theme songs.. hmmmm need some improvement. Hehe…I need to thanx to my special friend, Yik Ling. Hehee..thank you.. or else i won’t get to enjoy the series. Hehee…. hugz hugz !! Luv ya…!!

Ah… beside that… i also got one very nice, touchy MTV (Tong Hua – Michael WOng). Before i watched this MTV, i listened to the song and wat i heard from my friends, it is very nice and touchy. My… the music already so nice. When i watched the MTV, really make me wanna cry or started to have tears (tissue.. PLEASE…!!). My.. very good. If any of you watch MTV and listen to the song, u’ll agree with wat i’ve said. The next moment, u feel like hug a person and say i Love you. My…… It’s a great MTV.

My… From the MTV and a lot of series had shown us.. Don’t or NEVer ever.. take any person that close to you or you close to them(PARENts and friends) for granted. U’ll nevA know what will Happen. But somehow, in real life, some ppl ( ah hmmm no comments) take their friends for granted which i think a lot of us.. or ppl around me and myself had face this problem. Some friends of mine which i used to be close with me…, i found them a bit fake and..really take things especially FRIENdShip for granted. NeVa realised..or Even asKed (how do you do or how’s everything?). My.. is it hard to Open their mouth or show conCern?

From wat i know… Just a Simple SMILE on ya face, or ask simple how are you question… will really make a big different. A smile on ya face.. will cheer the person u smile to and also To URself. A simple conCern does make that person feel that u Care about them. Ppl, … hope you’ll understand wat i meant (yeah..i hope).

that’s about it.. for the day!! Hugz hugz… and God Bless!!


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