NOt FeeLing.. Well =(

C'est La Vie

For the past few weeks (i think 2 weeks), my.. my health really bad. Flu, cough, whizzy, headache… i think just name it… i might have it. Haiyoh… make my life so hard and miserable. Hehee…really hope i can recover asap..(pray..).

Anyway, i guess my life start to get more and more interesting especially in uni. Hehee…, i got god sisters (elder and younger), god fathers, god grandfathers, god elder brothers. Now guess wat, i got one god lil bro, K.C. Wa hahhaa….He is very cute, thoughtful, talkative, caring, smart…and talented (my… i learn a lot of stuff from him..especially music and food..). Whenever we in campus (stay quite late until computer lab close), we will go out …hunting for food. Hehee…

Just yesterday, Helena (god sister), KC (god bro) and I went to have steamboat. Three of us just talked non stop, sweat non stop and eat non stop (wah hahhaa..). It was great…!!

As for today, hmmm.. my head and eye seems not in good condition (must be i slept very late for the past few days..sob sob~~). During Dr Omar’s class, i was like.. couldn’t stand..felt sleepy and heavy headache (ah…geramNya!!). Becuz of all these, i kacau April chan and Shing Ying chan. Hehe… i neva heard such a great joke in my life (hehe..about dr Robin). My.. i neva know that i’ll say ‘he is not a normal human being’. hehe.. (which april said the same thing in the gen lecture early in the mornin). Hehe.. April, hai… wat to do…Scientist mah..normal English language tak faham one.. they’ll tend to think those ScientifiCa Language (hehehe…eViL smiLe!)

Luckily today i came back home early..(thank god i didn’t attend Gen lect and tut)..Or else..i think i might just pengsan (sob sob..~~). Anyway, today take home message is Neva drive when u have MAjor Headache Or Mata CACat.

Take care ..n worLd PeaCe (sound like wat those Beauty Pegeant said during Q& A session)!! to be continued..~~

My lil brother’s – Will.I.AM (william…Happy Birthday!!)


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