Monash: After holiday…

Life: Fair and Unfair

Well… one week break just over… i’ve been asking myself what had i done during this holiday beside went to KSNP. REsearch…?? Finish up my Assignment??… Well i can say i wasted a lot of time. Hehee…

The week after the one week break… i wasn’t feeling well… flu, sore throat and asthma (my…. wat a time.. when i wanna do my assignment). These three sickness (ah….)… can really drive me crazy. Most of the time… i will just cough (non stop).., no appetite (Voila…), and alwiz feel sleepin and my brain not functioning well after took medicine (sigh…). Ah… wat a week…

Friday (yesterday), eventhough i was sick, i really enjoyed spending my practical lab time with wan feng and tiwi. My oh my… u should see… all of us just chit chatting instead of doing lab (Cheers to genetic lab…). All of us so blur with all the procedures.. (wat’s the next step ah? Correct or not?… usual question in genetic lab). This is our genetic lab.

Me and tiwi… thank god, we brought our mp3 player… or else…life in genetic lab is very boring. After the 3 hours lab, wan feng, tiwi and me went to cafeteria to have our lunch. Three of us… after had our lunch.. we started asking each other what’s the latest gossip. My.. ladies ladies… just like to gossip (chit chat). Before our conversation end, wan feng (or tiwi) sang… the cockroach song (La Cucaracha). My… thanx to both of them… now the song stuck in my mind. On the way going back to lab (Both of them got aquatic practical), tiwi..kept on dancing and singing that song.

After that, i went to helena’s office (as usual) to see whether she need any help. heee… (no mood to do my MBB essay). Around 3:30pm, coffee break time… now i got another new coffee partner for coffee break. The friend that i just knew this semester… K.C. We went to the white coffee bean (the usual place i hang out or do my readings). Wah haha….. Both of us just talked and talked…. my… for like an hour plus.

Well…. that’s my friday…for this week. (my…. still have to finish up my MBB essay..CANOLA here i come…). TAke care and Enjoy ur Weekend!!

Message to April
(9th April):
Happy 21st Birthday, Gal!! heee…. Big girl liao lo… =)

This month:
Yong – 7th April
April (Wah kawaine friend) – 9th April
My grandma (love ya!!) – 9th April
William (My Lil Bro) – 19th April
P.C (My AISG close friend) – 20th April


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