My Weekend…

My adventure holiday

Last weekend, my friend, Ee Ling planned a trip to Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP). It’s a short trip (2 days , 1 night). this trip only available for me (eileen) and Ee ling. hehe…what to do?! (the reason is only me and ee ling planned this trip .. sort of last minute). Overall, it’s was a great TRIP!!. Eventhough there was only two of us, we spent great time together. Before the journey started, we called KSNP to ask about the accomodation, all FULLY booked. My.. sure got lots of people in KSNP over the weekend. I heard from Ee ling that her friends from Kuala Gula would be there also. Great… i got to know new friends. WAh hahaa…

Early in the morning, we took bus from PUDU. It was funny… both of us dind’t know which bus to take. The man in PUDU told us the bus is red colour with SELANGOR. Waited for 15 minutes… the bus finally came. The bus ride to Kuala Selangor was super duper long… But it was fun.

We reached KSNP around 2 :30pm (approximately). We thought of trying our luck… see whether we can get accomodation in KSNP (again).. but too bad all fully booked. Both of us stayed in Hotel Melawati (not bad… RM40 per nite. It’s air conditioning room.) which is near Maybank. After that, we had our lunch.

Around 3:30pm, we two walked into the secondary forest of KSNP. It was great… we got to spot a few birds… (couldn’t remember the name… got to check my Kuala Selangor guidebook). Got to learn how to listen to different kinds of birds. On the way entered the Secondary forest, i saw lots of Silverleaf monkeys a.k.a Punk-Head Monkey. I think i’m too engrossed with their hairstyle.. i forgot to take picturers (haih…wat a pity!).

Then, we went into the mangrove forest ( hehee…. through the bridge). We saw lots of crustaceans (esp the one with one red claw) and mudskippers. We also got to spot 2 blue crabs. Ah. heheh… isn’t it beautiful? After walking around the forests, we two stopped at one of the watch tower.

AFter that, we went to Bukit Melawati, where the light tower located. My… the view from there was WOnderful. At first, we planned to watch sun set, hai… we missed the timing. But then both of us really enjoyed the view. On the way to B. Melawati, we saw lots of Silverleaf monkeys ( wonder y… hardly see Marcaque monkeys around even in KSNP).

WAh haha… my motif to go to Kuala Selangor is to see fireflies. Hehee.. at night, we followed Ee Ling’s friends to Kampung Tuan to watch fire flies. Due to rain, so the amount of fireflies was less compared to any day. But i’m very satisfied and happy with this trip. My… really Thanks a lot to Ee ling. Around midnite (after fireflies trip), we went to explore secondary forest. It was a bit spooky.. But then we got to spot some fire flies. We didn’t get to see any animals or insects (i guess most of them have gone to their Zzzzz…..Shhhhh…).

From the trip, i got to know a few new friends.. from Kuala Gula. Most of them spoke Mandarin and Hokkien. So it’s quite easy for me to communicate with them. VEry friendly , funny and caring….

It was a great weekend… Really.. trully enjoyed it. Honestly speaking, i don’t mind go back there again. Happy Easter Break.. !!

Here are some pictures

101-0155_img.JPG 101-0152_img.JPG 101-0166_img.JPG 


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