Ipoh White Coffee Bean, S. Jaya

Bon Appetite!

Ipoh White Coffee Bean at SS15 Subang Jaya was highly recommended by Uncle King and Aunty Tina. I got to know this wonderful ‘yam cha’ place from Uncle King and Aunty Tina when Sze sze came back from New Zealand for summer break.

The food well all i can said… errmm can be found in any kopi tiam. The only thing i love is icy white coffee (RM3.50 to RM4.50).

During my last sem (for biotechnology), i always visit this wonderful place. Isn’t nice to have an icy white coffee early morning?? Take a look at this picture (i still remember i took this picture one week before my environmental microbiology mid-term test)


The service.. i can say not bad. The waiters, waitress and chef are very nice, friendly people. Unfortunately, this wonderful coffee shop no longer in SS15. I will keep you guys update(because i heard from Uncle King that they plan to reopen this wonderful coffee shop in Sunway Pyramid – new phase)

Here are some pictures (took at Ipoh White Coffee Bean)



Ipoh White Coffee bean

Rating: star04_full.gifstar04_full.gifstar04_full.gifstar04_half.gifstar04_lack.gif


2 thoughts on “Ipoh White Coffee Bean, S. Jaya

  1. thanx 4 your support all this while… n your comments as well…. the progress of reopen is on!!!!! jus need more time ok….. take care!! chef harry Iwbsb

  2. Oh.. hi.. i neva expect someone will put a comment on this blog. Yup.. i heard from Uncle King. Wish you all the best. No worries. Hope everything is alright for ya. Cheers

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