Study life in Monash

Life: Fair and Unfair

After read Carol’s and Aprils’ blog, i totally agreed with what they wrote. After attending Gen 3031 (the same lecturer teach gen3041 for this new sem), i still can remember the 1st day i attend his GEn3031 class. Totally lost… didn’t even understand what was he trying to say …. Model ABC, petal, carpel… or wateva gene.. ( eventhough he tried his very best). At least, this sem.. i think is so much better than last semester (but still… sometimes get lost.. lost the direction…April, totally agree with using highway, flyover or U-turn..wateva way he used during his lecture). But to be honest, he changed a lot.. he had improved.

This 3rd year… honestly speaking.. it was ok… except for genetic (really hope this sem would be better…**finger cross **). Overall i can say i find it better..esp MBB class… i love the way how the lecturer give example for each lecture. My… i really salut him. As for bus stats (thank god i take it), really help me to refresh my mathematic..which i learned in F5 (statistics..hehehe..). In this new sem, i really do wish i can put more effort.

Yeah… in fact, now i practice and try to follow this habit…read the lecture notes before the lecture start and try to revise it after every class least during the weekend. Besides that, at least this sem… i’m not depress, easily got mad, less confident or feel disappointed (ah..thank god i learn how to handle) towards certain stuffs which never happened in my whole study life (on the last two semesters)..(thank god..!) eventhough i looked happy (as usual).

Anyway, this week i went to White Coffee Bean twice (my my..). I went there thought i can meet up with Uncle king and Aunty Tina. But then… instead of meet them, i met the young chef (couldn’t remember his name)…….(quite good looking). Anyway, the food in the shop was not bad. The coffee was the main attractive… it was good. So i guess this sem, i might visit that shop..quite often (somemore near my house..kekekee). Anyway, good nite. Think need to recharge my battery. Huggz!!

This new semester’s resolution:
1) Revise.. REvise
2) Work Hard…( wah haha.. )
3) at least must involve in a project (wah haha… pray hard)
4) Know how to handle friendship well
5) Be happy, don worry ( as usual)
6) Be confident…
7) EXERCISE…(trying to make it as habit)

hmmm that’s it..WAh hahahaaaa…


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