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y01.gifesterday, after finish environmental microbiology class (with Dr Omar), i straight away went to Computer lab (as usual) becuz scared the lab goin to be full (man, it’s only 1st week…). After checked , sent and replied email and also…tried to update my blog. Something popped up in my mind…WATCH MOVIE!! Man, i think my old movie disease come back. During holiday, i had a whole list of movies and some series that i need to catch up with. One of the movie is Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events which i had been waiting for so long (after million dollar baby and constantine). My… straight away went to cinemaonline to book tickets. WAh hahaa….the movie started at 2:40pm at GSC Midvalley (which mean had to rush there to collect ticket). For a good movie, i don’t mind going to midvalley to watch (sound systems much better than any cinema).

After movie, I can said that i love that movie…. especially the opening speech… ( i wonder who’s that? is it Jude Law?). My my….. at first, i tot i came to wrong cinema (thanx to nickelodeon…becuz very scared got spongebob appeared on the screen)…and tiwi asked me whether she is in the correct cinema or not. Thank god… it’s NOT! Overall, the movie was great. I love Sunny so much and also Count Olaf. Jim Carry really impressed me… with his talents (Applause…EnCore!!) If i hav the chance to watch it again, i don mind…(kekekee…).

Well… that’s what i did before the real hectic week start. Everyone that i know, enjoy ur 1st week of UNI!! CHEE..RRR…SS!!

Rating for Movie:

star04_full.gifstar04_full.gifstar04_full.gifstar04_full.gif star04_lack.gif


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