Monash: Ahn Nyong, New Semester!!

Life: Fair and Unfair

The first day in University in new semester, man i really long time didn’t meet all my coursemates. Most of them changed their hairstyle and the way the dress up. As for me, still the same old Eileen aka the cute lil gal. Before the class start(one week before the class start), you can hear juniors asking seniors for the notes, textbooks…and of course the most important ingredient that they desperado needed it and really can help them to score damn good (KIASU!!). As senior in the course, we all know what is that special weapon or ingredient which need to win the battle or make the soup or dishes taste better. Guess… (you know wat?!). Ok ok.. the answer is REPORTS. A few juniors approached me and asked me whether i still hav my notes with me? Unfortunately, i have to tell them that i already given away ( YEAH… 3rd year already what you all expect, JUNIOR?!)

Really…. only the 1st day, i can feel peer pressure and stress around me especially from a group of kiasu smart students who always like to compare their marks or ask those weak students their marks (Chill.. people. These are people’s privacy. My Goodness). Oh my.. not only juniors asking our report. People from our batch ( i have to admit that i, myself also did that!! Proud to do that too.. because everyone doing that. Why can’t i??). Anyway, I can see everyone busy asking around. The lab used to be superb empty or quiet during the long break. But now, you can see that the lab is starting to be the busiest place like wet market. As for the book shop, the kiasu students will line up or ask the bookshop owner and assistant when the book recommended by the lecturer will arrive. Sigh.. people give them a break. Chiilll..) Sad to say that you can see the notice board in every floor especially 1st floor ( i guess) got plenty of notices up. For example, book for sale, notes for sale, LAB REPORT for sale and room to rent and bla bla bla…

As for me, still enjoying my holiday (REALLY don’t want to see myself in stress condition…which indeed i need that to help me maintain or reduce my blood pressure. Unfortunately, i have to tell the whole world that i’m a high blood pressure patient at YOUNG age.). Anyway, this semester, i feel that i’m a bit free (thanx to my elective and COme on, it’s only 1st week) either i have too long break in between or my class end superb early. Sometimes i do ask myself whether i really enjoy my uni life? In conclusion,  yes in a way… and no in the other way (due to some politics or conflicts within friends which i hate the most because this will mean i lost a couple of them as my friends). Well i have to stop here. Cheerio, dude!! I’ll try continue my university’s life story here.

to be continued…. =)



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